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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLOWING

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Astrology, 16:and often most inaccurate. It is the force flowing through the planets and not the force of theAstrology, 47:We have, therefore, a direct stream of energy flowing through: The logoic twelve-petalled egoicAstrology, 52:[52] Through the effect of the energy flowing from the zodiacal signs the man is prepared for theAstrology, 82:of those who are the Water-bearers, and then the flowing of the stream of life will fill hisAstrology, 235:the yogis of India in connection with the energy flowing through the centers - in this case theAstrology, 296:of importance at this point, because influences flowing through and from them bring the entireAstrology, 398:tests are applied to prove that the energy is flowing freely and without impediment and obstructionAstrology, 447:is today stimulated by the Shamballa force now flowing into the center of humanity. This inflowAstrology, 457:with four of them. The effect of the force flowing through the Darjeeling center is not soAstrology, 463:magnetic energies are the three types of energy, flowing from the "superior triangle." Receptive,Astrology, 464:make together twelve arms and it is the energy flowing through the twelve arms and their place inAstrology, 478:centers and his heart center form a triangle of flowing energies. In this connection, I wouldAstrology, 525:soul which is the second ray of love. The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of the first RayAstrology, 561:of the relation of the four streams of energy, flowing unitedly upon and through any form of divineAstrology, 564:Gemini, for instance, is subjected to the forces flowing through the Cross as whole, unless he is aAstrology, 694:planetary schools are responsible for the energy flowing through the 'four castes' in all parts ofAtom, 153:The life subjective may be one; the energy flowing between them may be one; but in the physicalAtom, 155:of our solar Logos, and the influences that are flowing towards him, attracting him towards them,Destiny, 18:major cyclic Approaches to humanity. The energy flowing through the Hierarchy at this time - theDestiny, 18:of love - is seeking to blend with that which is flowing out of Shamballa and is needed in order toDestiny, 94:centers through which spiritual energy is today flowing, but it must be remembered that the themeDestiny, 99:- The Significance of Certain Cities The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of the first Ray inDiscipleship1, 41:why is this so, my brothers? Because the force flowing in might prove too strong for the individualDiscipleship1, 286:against itself. The energy of the man [286] is flowing in two directions. What is needed is theDiscipleship1, 439:enough to handle adequately the forces which are flowing through them to the world. Therefore helpDiscipleship1, 568:you prone to this beautiful yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form. So, my brother andDiscipleship1, 641:for you have two streams of second ray energy flowing through you and also two streams of seventhDiscipleship2, 229:desires. Visualize money as a great stream of flowing golden substance, passing out of the controlDiscipleship2, 573:sound the OM as the soul. Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with theDiscipleship2, 604:the third initiation, they will register energy flowing in from the Monad - again through threeDiscipleship2, 642:the way of inspiration, and therefore ask for flowing life. I choose the way of integrating, andDiscipleship2, 744:you. See it take form as a stream of down-flowing energy - the energy of love, of strength and ofEducation, 26:symbolically as a direct stream of living energy flowing from the center to the [27] periphery, andEducation, 53:for the love petals to unfold. The energy flowing from the outer tier of petals has had a tripleFire, 71:to their origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction - form a caduceus withFire, 122:the higher esoteric correspondence to the prana flowing through the lower reflection, the ethericFire, 324:than keep them in line with the electrical force flowing from the fourth cosmic ether down to theFire, 358:and the type of electrical fire which is flowing through it. The "Seven Brothers," or the sevenFire, 359:men, for instance, know The quality of the force flowing through their particular scheme; TheFire, 413:of the Logos in this incarnation on the Earth is flowing through three centers and beginning toFire, 623:cosmic mental plane (being therefore the force flowing through the mental unit of the Logos), andFire, 626:body of the Logos, whilst the force aspect as flowing through the etheric body of the Logos isFire, 661:reasons for this, one being that the force flowing through the vehicle of the great deva, theFire, 665:somewhat the nature and extent of the forces flowing through our system. Show the close connectionFire, 694:do kingdoms according to the nature of the force flowing through them. In the animal kingdom thatFire, 704:Kumara, is potently responsive to the energy flowing through the fifth Hierarchy. As the student ofFire, 754:of the effects, while the result of the force flowing through will produce profound reactions ofFire, 757:into action, unconsciously helped by the force flowing in. This is literally a form of higherFire, 757:This is effected via the chela's Ego, the force flowing through his astral permanent atom; and itFire, 858:of psychic energy of the true kind. The energy flowing from the Ego is but little felt in the earlyFire, 883:are closely connected through the type of force flowing through them with one of the three higherFire, 952:purified and vitalized by the force of the life flowing from etheric levels, and when all HisFire, 964:awaken, man is largely subjected to force flowing through the four minor etheric centers; later theFire, 1116:Mind The Sacrifice Petals The energies or forces flowing through, and thus producing activity inFire, 1151:of fire." They are distinguished by the energy flowing through them, by the magnetic quality ofFire, 1179:planetary schools are responsible for the energy flowing through the foremost exponents of the fFire, 1204:We have, therefore, a direct flow of energy flowing through: [1205] The logoic twelve-petalledHealing, 39:from one center to another is undesirable, flowing from the centers below the diaphragm to thoseHealing, 62:of the advanced man of the period. Soul force, flowing in through the processes ofHealing, 87:apparatus which will be responsive to the forces flowing through. If the centers are asleep, andHealing, 155:in activity by the full expression of the energy flowing through the throat center, through theHealing, 238:heart center. In the one case, the life energy flowing through the heart is employed past all humanHealing, 264:was taken by the Jews because it was "a land flowing with milk and honey," and the claim was madeHealing, 285:area or organ, or of balancing the energies flowing between two centers and thus producing anHealing, 556:emanations from the patient which have been flowing towards him; this because if such a flowHealing, 617:precipitations of the seven types of energy flowing through the seven etheric centers. They controlInitiation, 124:identified himself with the past of the one life flowing through all planetary schemes andIntellect, 193:unity so that the soul may be alone with nothing flowing into her but sheer divinity, flowing hereIntellect, 193:nothing flowing into her but sheer divinity, flowing here into itself." "When a man's mind has lostMagic, 50:in it, but it is simply a body of freely flowing force, that force being a blend or unification ofMagic, 62:life he begins to realize that there is ever a flowing in, a vitalizing and a stimulating which isMagic, 62:and a stimulating which is followed by a flowing out as sure and as inevitable as the immutableMagic, 190:to bring about the rearrangement of the forces flowing through these vortices, and to learn toMagic, 214:eye. It has a destructive aspect and the energy flowing through the third eye can have aMagic, 243:forthgoing into incarnation and its return or flowing back into the center from whence it came.Magic, 245:wherein the physical body is conscious of the flowing away from it of vital energy and isMagic, 321:it the "love of God". It is indeed that free flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractive force whichMagic, 397:and are beginning to experiment with the energy flowing through them and to gather aroundMagic, 461:static in the creative process; energy which is flowing forth in the pulsation of the one Life, andMagic, 577:law a disciple can not only utilize the current flowing through the centers of his own body, butMagic, 582:outer world through which the embodied Energy, flowing through the recreated sheaths, can serve theMagic, 589:the deep river of purity and truth is flowing strong. One evidence of the success of the worldMagic, 608:to the new tide of spiritual force which is flowing in. They carry the weight of humanity on theirProblems, 99:distinctly material basis, emphasizing the "land flowing with milk and honey"; this was notPsychology1, 75:reveals the form, but the present indicates the flowing in of energy. That which is on its wayPsychology1, 262:which a new and energizing spiritual force is flowing, and these are the planetary correspondencesPsychology2, 42:It is the point of meeting for all the energies flowing through the higher spiritual triad and thePsychology2, 131:as seems best to them, knowing that the life flowing through the individual server must find itsPsychology2, 133:less spasmodic and the effects of the new forces flowing into the personality, to be later usedPsychology2, 134:aspiration to serve, and of the force which is flowing through him. This stage will in some casesPsychology2, 137:is oriented towards soul guidance) the force, flowing through the server will galvanize his ethericPsychology2, 373:pairs of rays there is a line of special energy flowing which warrants the attention of disciplesPsychology2, 479:expression in this particular incarnation is flowing. Investigate the physical condition with care,Psychology2, 537:of opportunity to use (or to misuse) the energy flowing through the sacral center. Mystics arePsychology2, 537:are not creative in this sense. The energy flowing through the thyroid gland is not used inPsychology2, 537:and thyroid difficulty. There is much energy flowing through and to the thyroid gland and, as yet,Psychology2, 540:of all the centers) and through the consequent flowing in of astral forces of every kind - thusPsychology2, 542:the present world upheaval and chaos. The forces flowing through the masses of average intelligentPsychology2, 581:not take place if the "drift" of the forces, flowing into the human mechanism was in the directionPsychology2, 595:breathing exercises definitely moves the forces flowing through the "nadis" and reorganizes them -
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