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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLUCTUATING

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Discipleship2, 36:towards me, are steady but not so brilliantly fluctuating, the lines between the group members areDiscipleship2, 686:influence of the solar plexus and the wavering, fluctuating light of the heart center. [687] Then,Hercules, 134:of equilibrium, the secure retreat which the fluctuating shadows of earthly upheavals andIntellect, 98:of external circumstances, the slave of fluctuating opinion. The continuity of the inner life couldIntellect, 98:inner life could not accommodate itself to so fluctuating a unity." "Above all, it is detachmentMagic, 38:neither purely animal nor entirely divine, but fluctuating between the two stages, thus making theMagic, 376:and is absorbed in form life. Duality, with a fluctuating shift backward and forward between theMeditation, 6:through violent emotion and vibration, or a fluctuating restlessness, is continuously out ofPatanjali, 340:Christ in the New Testament) is the changing, fluctuating sheaths or bodies. When they arePsychology2, 524:nature, plus a tendency to react, in a fluctuating and unintelligent manner to stimuli coming fromRays, 696:a permanent and (if I may use such a term) a non-fluctuating and unchanging member of the fifth
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