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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLUCTUATIONS

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Astrology, 491:is focused (spiritually or materially) and the fluctuations of the pairs of opposites are muchDiscipleship1, 98:expectancy on the part of the teacher. When the fluctuations of contact are ended and the pupil isDiscipleship1, 289:and the group work which counts and lasts; the fluctuations and reactions of any personality canDiscipleship1, 289:of the Plan somewhere, somehow, some day. The fluctuations and indecisions and questionings of yourExternalisation, 535:imperviousness which holds, in spite of all fluctuations in the three worlds of human evolution andFire, 591:through these stable products, of subduing the fluctuations of the astral body. This law of theHercules, 33:of strong and potent impulses, and of violent fluctuations and exaggerated efforts; often a sign ofIntellect, 135:uncontrolled irrational fancies, and emotional fluctuations. In such a soil the seeds of egoismMagic, 63:(if I might so express it) at will, the fluctuations of the form life will not touch him. He thenMeditation, 278:linked with the probationer, and shews all the fluctuations of his nature. Being composed ofPatanjali, 27:man to restrain the modifications or [27] the fluctuations of the mind and to control the lowerRays, 663:as it is esoterically called, and in spite of fluctuations and the many vicissitudes of the Path,
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