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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLUIDIC

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Astrology, 185:and significantly the Cross of the mutable, fluidic, restless mind and it is on this Cross that theAstrology, 220:second initiation in which the control of the fluidic astral plane is demonstrated. Cancer, beingBethlehem, 144:already seen that water is the symbol of the fluidic emotional desire-nature in which manDiscipleship1, 261:soul with deep consecration, devoted love and fluidic intent. By fluidic, I mean the willingness toDiscipleship1, 261:devoted love and fluidic intent. By fluidic, I mean the willingness to do what the soul requires,Discipleship2, 721:because your physical plane life is now as fluidic as your mind has been., and you know, brother ofDiscipleship2, 723:because meditation over-stimulates your fluidic and active mind; this, in due course, results in aFire, 29:came and swept away the progenitors of the fluidic spawn. The separating Fifth built in the rupaFire, 60:he wisely says "Back to the Earth." It is the fluidic emanation of this prana which acts upon theFire, 191:This would necessarily be so, owing to the fluidic nature of the astral body. Man on the physicalGlamour, 71:kind and definitely human-made forms which - fluidic, enveloping and pulsating with dynamic life -Healing, 172:his personal desires are of importance, and fluidic because astrally polarized. Through it theHercules, 25:or an emotional reaction. This emotional, fluidic nature, with its sensitivity and its power toHercules, 151:when he had thought he had got rid of it. He is fluidic, and he had thought he was balanced. TheHercules, 192:superhuman. We are now only emotional, watery, fluidic creatures that are as yet unilluminated,Intellect, 216:or are possessed of an unorganized mind, fluidic, versatile and unstable, we start in to practiceMagic, 215:which brings to an end the restlessness and fluidic tempestuousness which have hithertoMagic, 447:with astral or desire matter and these forms are fluidic and changeable, and are powerful onlyMagic, 454:the impulse of divine thought, are at first fluidic and nebulous, are shifting in outline and areMagic, 489:the selfish personal life, and is oft-times so fluidic that it seems to defy direct action. Magic, 490:and watchfulness; it is not a negative and fluidic tolerance. Secondly, by a daily guarding of theMeditation, 160:The emotional body likewise, being more fluidic, is more easily impressed. I cannot enlarge uponPsychology2, 10:by the fleshly form, the desire nature and the fluidic mind. He is a prey temporarily to thePsychology2, 83:forms. 6. Idealism Responding Sensitivity Fluidic electrified forms. 7. Organization CoordinatingPsychology2, 516:will; it is, as yet, unintelligent, inchoate, fluidic and easily imposed upon by the directed willPsychology2, 544:focused activity (in the place of the previous fluidic and spasmodic efforts) that one finds aPsychology2, 549:of transference, only concern the initiate. The fluidic and changeable condition produced by theTelepathy, 14:emotional, unintelligent, astral and fluidic in its expression. This is changing rapidly and
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