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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLUX

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Astrology, 345:these four energies is to produce that constant flux and periodic change in time and space whichAstrology, 383:mankind now finds itself. All is in a state of flux and change; as man unfolds his consciousness,Atom, 65:in which we live. Everything is in a state of flux; the old order changeth, and a period ofDiscipleship1, 68:These forces, this mind-stuff, is constantly in flux and in motion. This produces thatDiscipleship1, 750:(from the worldly angle) in a state of violent flux. All that he cherishes and holds dear in theDiscipleship2, 742:out. An Ashram is ever in a state of constant flux and movement. Disciples are passing out of it toFire, 13:of Varuna. They grew and multiplied. In constant flux they swayed. Each ebb of cosmic motionFire, 678:and energy that they are in a condition of flux and change all the time. The matter of all planesFire, 1020:astral plane; but all is as yet in a state of flux, and the lives are only held in place throughFire, 1030:Everything in the solar system is in a state of flux, as is everything in the universe, and theFire, 1112:form the petals and [1112] which are in constant flux produce apparently "key symbols" within theHealing, 426:and thus in unison produce the eternal flux, the cyclic ebb and flow of life in manifestation.Intellect, 21:our educational systems are in a state of flux and [22] of change. A general feeling that much hasMagic, 202:of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movement and find their place in anMagic, 241:energy, and the outer symbol of the universal flux and flow. These thoughts are suggestive but notMagic, 275:which we are immersed. It is in constant ebb and flux, and is the stream of life, constituted ofMeditation, 95:by many geometrical forms, all in a state of flux or circulation, you may get some idea of what IMeditation, 233:In this fourth round usually four rays are in flux at any one given time; by this I seek to impressPsychology1, 151:all the forces and energies are in constant flux and mutation; all of them sweep in greatPsychology2, 56:of matter is mutable and in a state of continual flux. When, at the third initiation, union of thePsychology2, 542:forces of the body are in a state of abnormal flux and mutation, it will be obvious what danger
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