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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCAL

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Education, 109:do not work without Their chosen physical plane focal points. I would ask you again to regardExternalisation, 4:that the energy which flows through these focal points of the Divine Will will have a dual effectExternalisation, 76:could make you - unimportant as you are - a focal point for their efforts or an agent for theExternalisation, 82:to these, you become negative and destructive focal points in your environment. If you trulyExternalisation, 91:temporary - though apparently permanent - focal point of reactionary energy. Externalisation, 105:Treaty is only the symbol and the practical focal point. The second fact is that in spite of warExternalisation, 121:the earth as the priest-kings and they acted as focal points of attractive energy, drawing toExternalisation, 128:these reactions and tendencies, they constitute focal points for those Lives and [129] EnergiesExternalisation, 130:and organizations there are those who are the focal points of authority and the designers of theExternalisation, 130:goes by the name of humanity there are similar focal points or those who plan, direct and produceExternalisation, 130:working upon the physical plane. These focal points are used to bring about two major changes inExternalisation, 134:are carried forward and made possible through focal points of energy who are the world dictators,Externalisation, 139:spirit of aggression and to rid the world of the focal points for material influence and power,Externalisation, 158:Activities. These Three are, the Manu, the focal point of the first Ray of Will or Power; theExternalisation, 163:buddhic or intuitional plane. The mental plane. Focal point - The head center Planetary center -Externalisation, 163:plane. The astral or emotional plane. Focal point - The heart center Planetary center - ShamballaExternalisation, 164:will. The mental plane. The physical plane. Focal point - The throat center Planetary center -Externalisation, 202:living will show how truly Germany is today the focal point of the world situation. In that unhappyExternalisation, 276:It will take the united efforts of all the three focal points of divine expression on our planet toExternalisation, 316:who can work in the various countries as focal points in the great network of light which isExternalisation, 353:Thus you will be able to present a tiny focal point through which the spiritual Forces can work.Externalisation, 367:using the aggression of Japan as the initial focal point and expressing itself later in full forceExternalisation, 382:the otherwise futile individual to become a focal point of constructive influence. He will thenExternalisation, 516:assistance. We stand in a world of endeavor as focal points for love. Our objective is the helpingExternalisation, 522:have taken a still higher initiation and are focal points of powerful Ashrams; Their task ofFire, xiii:to give practical information anent those focal points of energy which are found in the ethericFire, 66:of the planet. Fire spirits, latent in all focal points of heat, who are themselves the essence ofFire, 69:or form wherein Spirit functions has, for its focal point on each plane, an atom composed of matterFire, 82:and built into a specific form. It forms, a focal point for certain radiatory emanations, whichFire, 116:middle principle. Upon it are found those focal points of energy we call the permanent atoms. Fire, 130:no longer a source of attraction, nor a focal magnetic point. It becomes non-magnetic, and theFire, 143:spheroidal path (which circles around a central focal point in an ever ascending spiral) twoFire, 165:the cosmic astral, forming corresponding cosmic focal points, and on the fourth cosmic ethericFire, 180:or the Christ and His adherents are the focal point. The center of which the Mahachohan and hisFire, 182:the lesser triangle of our chain, constitute the focal point of energy viewed from our planetaryFire, 202:purposes of present manifestation, have their focal point on the astral plane and are thereforeFire, 202:action of the solar plexus - that great focal point in the center of the body which is theFire, 271:originates on the monadic level, has his main focal point on the fifth level, the mental, but isFire, 271:the three worlds of his endeavor), has His main focal point on the second plane of the system, theFire, 272:on a still higher cosmic level, has his main focal point on the cosmic mental plane but isFire, 352:bodies) through seven centers which are the focal points of force, and of its intelligent dispersalFire, 365:axe specially linked and vitalized, and are the focal point of peculiar attention on the part ofFire, 366:and the bringing of the life units under the focal power of a Lord of a Ray, can be brought aboutFire, 375:the Pleiades, The system of which our sun is the focal point, making, as we will have noted, aFire, 378:Neptune, Saturn - the latter, Saturn, being the focal point for the transmission of cosmic manas toFire, 388:when viewed in Their seven groups, They form: Focal points for the force or influence emanatingFire, 412:Who represent the three other Logoi, and so make focal points for all the logoic forces within ourFire, 412:each chain such representatives are found, six focal points embraced by the seventh, the planetaryFire, 415:upon it. Each Heavenly Man of a scheme is a focal point for the force and power and vibratory lifeFire, 416:as the seven centers in a human being are the focal points for the influence of a correspondingFire, 437:[437] These Ray influences work through their focal points in all cases (macrocosmic andFire, 437:at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point with two noticeable differences: [438]Fire, 468:four Maharajahs (the Lords of Karma) and are the focal points for karmic influence in connectionFire, 527:C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire Every atom is a focal point of force, the force of substanceFire, 532:is, therefore, a close analogy between these focal points of force of the group - human orFire, 537:the Logos. These centers are recognized also as focal points of active force, manifesting to theFire, 544:of fire, containing within its periphery three focal points of energy, the permanent atoms. TheyFire, 545:and active intelligence. [545] Each of these focal points has its own internal economy, as seen inFire, 617:In his case, the fourth subplane is the focal point of positive force. On that plane are locatedFire, 634:the centers in man. The etheric centers, or the focal points of force of a Heavenly Man are on theFire, 723:the five Kumaras and through Them (using Them as focal points for force) with the Mahachohan'sFire, 728:bodies and incarnate among men. They act as focal points for the energy of the planetary Logos onFire, 728:or the three Buddhas of Activity, act as similar focal points for the energy which animates theFire, 752:to the planetary Logos of Their Ray as "focal points" for His force, so that thereby He mightFire, 754:far-reaching effect when utilized. They act as a focal point for the force of the Lord Buddha andFire, 755:operating as an aspect of the Logos, and as a focal point for the consciousness and energy of theFire, 759:Hilarion will also come forth, and become a focal point of buddhic energy in the vastFire, 812:etheric body, and the work of the spleen as a focal point for pranic emanations, then soundFire, 871:of triple force, whereas the Mahachohan is the focal point for five types of energy, each in itsFire, 917:that there is a body of vitality which acts as a focal point in every organized form, and only whenFire, 939:their place within the causal periphery, and are focal points of egoic energy. They are the veryFire, 941:devas connected with those relatively permanent focal points - the permanent atoms within theFire, 1000:meditation and conscious purpose, formed a focal point of energy upon the mental plane, increasesFire, 1001:process is proceeding under rule and order, the focal point of energy on the lower mental planeFire, 1004:and the eye, allied for triple service. The focal point of energy that the man, the magician, hasFire, 1046:study him as demonstrating in the form of: Three focal points of energy or force. Three fires, eachFire, 1057:tide of intermingling currents, with numerous focal points of energy demonstrating here and there,Fire, 1060:as a blazing fire of light, and the stars as focal points of flame from which radiate streams ofFire, 1065:life escapes to find its greater magnetic focal point. Through this process (which is foundFire, 1067:words which will direct it to that particular focal point in the mineral kingdom which stands inFire, 1070:and a study of the involved analogy what focal points of magnetic energy may be regarded asFire, 1070:in every kingdom of nature there are certain focal points of energy which, as the aeons graduallyFire, 1093:- a network of fiery rivers of living energy, focal points of intensified brilliancy and everywhereFire, 1101:from the "Jewel in the Lotus" itself, the focal point of energy in the Upper Triad. This concernsFire, 1112:and which uses the "Jewel in the Lotus" as its focal point. In this summation, we have dealt withFire, 1114:in the inner circle of petals, which is the focal point [1115] of force for the Monad, consideredFire, 1116:of the "Jewel" at the Heart, which is itself the focal point for the life of the planetary Logos,Fire, 1124:of the healing capacity; the man will become a focal point for egoic energy and a server of hisFire, 1125:source of the mahatic principle; it is the focal point where is generated that type of energy whichFire, 1133:space. The permanent atom may be viewed as the focal point of manifestation on any particularFire, 1155:physical matter are recognized as being simply focal points of energy located in the etheric body,Fire, 1158:as he is truly - a network of fire with flaming focal points, transmitting and circulating fieryFire, 1164:the body macrocosmic has myriads of energy focal points or feeders which have their place, theirFire, 1186:interplay. Energies (Tabulation VII) Source Focal Point Medium Type of Energy Nature of Fire SOLARGlamour, 198:one is speaking of an individual or of that focal point of light which is formed by the mentalHealing, 36:force of more potent energies. The major focal point of energy to be found in human beings is thatHealing, 49:body. These are essentially the seven major focal points of force, and each of them is expressiveHealing, 50:found in every astral body seven corresponding focal points through which energy can enter, rayingHealing, 79:or aspects of the equipment. Through certain focal points or centers the life force cannotHealing, 141:body. In it are to be found the seven centers as focal points of reception and of distribution;
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