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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCAL

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Healing, 144:the dense physical vehicle. There are many focal points of force within the body, but we shall dealHealing, 172:of all the lower energies, and is finally a focal point for the direction and distribution of theseHealing, 175:conscious control over the astral body and its focal point of entry into the physical organism, theHealing, 175:the entire etheric body into one central focal point of distribution - under direct control of theHealing, 194:its relation to the centers (regarding these as focal points for incoming energies from some sourceHealing, 281:an accumulation of knowledge anent energy, its focal points and distribution in the etheric body,Healing, 286:should also be known, so as to provide a focal point of interest, and a magnetic area should beHealing, 287:Creates a thought of healing power. That created focal point of concentrated attention becomes theHealing, 429:and the energy is registered by the focal point of consciousness in the head without anyHealing, 447:no longer a source of attraction, nor a focal magnetic point. It becomes non-magnetic, and theHealing, 472:forces of death itself may enter anew, having no focal point behind the door" in order "moreHealing, 618:affecting areas but not affecting any localized focal point. A gland is such a localized focalHealing, 618:focal point. A gland is such a localized focal point. Healing, 620:the seven centers, or the seven planetary focal points of energy, which condition the bodilyHercules, 189:New Zealand and South Africa there will be focal points of the energy, but what will really happenInitiation, 29:and they came in with Sanat Kumara to form focal points of planetary force for the helping of theInitiation, 33:and unknown, yet forming each in his own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of theInitiation, 56:Lodge of Masters The Master Jesus, who is the focal point of the energy that flows through theInitiation, 104:on the physical plane, Sanat Kumara, who is the focal point for his life and energy. He holds theInitiation, 131:By the wielding of the Rod of Power the magnetic focal points of those great organizations whichInitiation, 201:there is to be known concerning energy and its focal points, he will coordinate his life so thatInitiation, 219:three exoteric and three esoteric, who are the focal points for the distribution of the force ofIntellect, 105:or the [105] drawing to a common center or focal point;" it connotes the gathering together of ourIntellect, 229:a beginner's meditation. It has several focal points in it where a recollection process and aIntellect, 261:the particular characteristics for which these focal points - scattered throughout the human body -Magic, 49:it does through the medium of the blood, and the focal point for this distribution is the heart. ItMagic, 49:the medium of the entire nervous system and the focal point of that activity is the brain. This isMagic, 50:of the soul in that it has within it seven focal points, wherein the condensation, if it must be soMagic, 50:is intensified. These correspond to the seven focal points in the solar system, wherein the SolarMagic, 139:force, regarding the personal self simply as a focal point for action and transmutation. ItMagic, 160:the astral body of the disciple, which is the focal point for all astral energy employed by theMagic, 194:energy is sevenfold in nature and utilizes seven focal points in the etheric body as its agents. Magic, 246:his forces in the vital body and becomes a focal point for the transmission of divine energy andMagic, 253:magician. The energy which flows through this focal point acts through three distributing agents,Magic, 322:wise. We must remember that every aspirant is a focal point of energy and should be, in his place,Magic, 322:energy and should be, in his place, a conscious focal point. In the midst of the whirl and storm heMagic, 323:of the aspirant so that he may indeed be a focal point of spiritual energy. It should beMagic, 323:being, a planet, a solar system - all centers or focal points of energy in some greater Life. IfMagic, 350:the Masters and who are being trained to be focal points of contact are put through a very drasticMagic, 362:and pass into pralaya, finding their focal point in the throat center. Thus you will have the threeMagic, 394:the center of a group; he finds himself to be a focal point for other lives, and is an influentialMagic, 419:of the new slowly emerging [419] group. These focal points through which the Hierarchy is nowMagic, 438:affects paramountly the soul and it becomes the focal point of spiritual energies. This is theMagic, 459:until They find the one most suited to be the focal point of information on the physical plane, orMagic, 566:certain localities in this energy body various focal points of force, of which the most importantMagic, 566:the seven centers. There are, however, many such focal points. When this clothing has been assumedMeditation, 26:(outlining the personality triangle). But the focal point is gradually shifting more and more intoMeditation, 167:Lord of Love and Power, the first Kumara, is the focal point for all three departments. He [168] isMeditation, 168:the higher and the lower, all finding their focal point through the same Initiator, and all, at theMeditation, 168:him and his goal. He rises by means of various focal points of force. These focal points may be hisMeditation, 168:by means of various focal points of force. These focal points may be his Higher Self, they may beMeditation, 171:in the three worlds, to the group egoic and its focal point, a Master; from the ruler of the groupMeditation, 184:the center for our system, so the heart is the focal point for the microcosmic heat; similarly, asMeditation, 198:on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point for that power, and - passing it throughMeditation, 199:comes - They will be able to use these groups as focal points for Their activities. Their work nowMeditation, 199:for Their activities. Their work now has its focal point primarily on the mental plane and somewhatMeditation, 200:of certain movements they will cause the focal point of the downpouring force to be the sick memberMeditation, 201:business after having placed in their midst as a focal point of illumination one or two men whoMeditation, 201:is already organized. The priest will be the focal point, and, after due ceremony and rhythm on theMeditation, 202:of alignment, the teacher this time being the focal line of information from the departmentMeditation, 267:the group of which some particular Master is the focal point. He contacts it at times and at rareMeditation, 315:between the students and the Master and as a focal point for His force to flow through to them. HeMeditation, 315:it up with the higher consciousness, and as the focal point of their endeavor will be the rapidMeditation, 332:personality sway them. The emotional body is the focal point for the personality. It acts as theMeditation, 332:shifts higher, and the mental body becomes the focal point. Later the causal body becomes theMeditation, 354:three exoteric and three esoteric, Who are the focal points for the distribution of the force ofPatanjali, 312:with its three higher centers, its lower energy focal points and that great middle center, thePsychology1, 73:three, five and seven. They will thus constitute focal [74] points for the inflow of these fourPsychology1, 74:for that They will be, is also subjectively the focal point for a triple inflow of energy from thePsychology1, 115:Thus they can, as a group entity, form a focal point for the transmission of spiritual force to aPsychology1, 152:somewhat the statement that every planet is a focal point through which forces and energiesPsychology1, 152:A solar system consists of a sun as the central focal point, with its series of attendant planets,Psychology2, 176:affiliated. The vibration of the Master as the focal point of the group. His ray vibration, asPsychology2, 188:They are an experiment in founding or starting focal points in the human family through whichPsychology2, 217:indicated) a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity - as a wholePsychology2, 274:throughout the world) ensuring to us a positive focal point for the transmission of spiritualPsychology2, 305:in the essential sense, nor are they brilliant focal points of light. 2. The stage of the firstPsychology2, 306:in all the centers are awake, but the central focal point of each center is quiescent. It glowsPsychology2, 314:atoms are not really atoms at all, but simply focal points of energy, which are of sufficient powerPsychology2, 315:space, or of manifestation. In thinking of the focal points of soul energy upon the mental, astralPsychology2, 354:he is first of all "the man at the center," a focal point of immobile power. He is conscious of hisPsychology2, 395:out the divine Idea, the points of force and focal points of energy which act as power and lightPsychology2, 399:in that They are so constituted that They are focal points through which a new presented attributePsychology2, 399:spiritual Sun", and these energies find their focal point through the medium of some [400]Psychology2, 412:of energy streams; these work through seven focal points or centers of force in the etheric body.Psychology2, 436:man himself, in one or other of these various focal points of realization or awareness:Psychology2, 533:the endocrine and lymphatic systems) are certain focal points through which energy pours into thePsychology2, 550:of the lower center or centers by the higher focal points of energy and their rhythmic interplay.Psychology2, 616:of the one most affected by them - the leader or focal point of the group. These same problems mayPsychology2, 630:Christ and His Disciples), and constitutes the focal point of their struggle. I use this wordPsychology2, 664:their light and inspiration from this central focal point. The members of this government may bePsychology2, 684:planet of ours, the Earth, is at this time the focal point of much attention on the part of theRays, 46:initiation is undergone, it is the soul as a "focal point for descending light and for ascendingRays, 171:supersedes the lower attractions and the lesser focal points of interest. When these, in theirRays, 182:the initiate works, and these seven central focal points, these seven jewels, so-called, are theRays, 219:of united tension or the attaining of such a focal point of planned and focused intent that theRays, 269:not only as a planetary unit but as a cosmic focal point. The Buddha of Activity, responsible forRays, 344:center of his little world and work to become a focal point for a group. His task now is toRays, 383:to one of seven types of ray energy and are focal points in the Hierarchy of the seven rays. TheRays, 395:synthesis - a synthesis which originates in that focal point of attractive dynamic energy, known to
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