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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSED

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Autobiography, 167:the attaining and preservation of an intense, focused point of attention. It is almost like theBethlehem, 99:and wherein our consciousness is predominantly focused. The average man or woman is predominantly aBethlehem, 114:earthly parents. Whole ages and countries are focused in them... In desiring a highly developedBethlehem, 116:immaterial. That the tests may first be focused in one aspect of our lower nature or another isBethlehem, 139:the interaction of the two the human problem is focused. Man himself makes this clear. In speakingBethlehem, 151:we feel that in Christ the light of the ages is focused, and the light of God is centered. HisBethlehem, 155:human nature, and it was upon this integrated, focused and consecrated personality that theDestiny, 37:the bulk of human beings are still materially focused, the forces which work on the side of matterDestiny, 39:Today Pure religion, undefiled and spiritually focused, is the higher expression of the sixth rayDestiny, 61:nation and which will demonstrate itself and be focused in a great and spiritual Light which willDestiny, 122:by these sincere, but deluded, people and - focused as they are upon the astral plane andDestiny, 132:(which is their line of least resistance) and focused upon physical living, for, again, energyDestiny, 138:the Hierarchy, brings to bear upon humanity the focused [139] life of love and it is this basicDiscipleship1, XI:of their own souls and are, therefore, mentally focused and attuned, are eligible for the trainingDiscipleship1, 20:the Logos - as it affects the human kingdom - is focused through the inner subjective group ofDiscipleship1, 26:roads and its consciousness is being rapidly focused on the mental plane. A death blow must beDiscipleship1, 53:their own disciples. Through the specifically focused activity of the Masters Morya and Kut HumiDiscipleship1, 54:Peculiar powers [54] could be studied and focused, intensified light and power could be so clearlyDiscipleship1, 56:impair their work for their attention becomes focused on the undesirable physical situation;Discipleship1, 89:be called "directed process" goes on in a more focused manner and in the area directly around theDiscipleship1, 90:intention to one or other of the centers. This focused thought produces inevitable effects withinDiscipleship1, 90:of the pineal gland. The energy is now focused and not diffused. The dispatch of this focusedDiscipleship1, 90:focused and not diffused. The dispatch of this focused energy by means of a pictorial process (notDiscipleship1, 92:in conflict with the demands of time and space, focused in the personality or the lower man. YouDiscipleship1, 99:living so that the whole of life becomes one focused active service. I would ask you to study theDiscipleship1, 104:and sit in perfect silence with your attention focused upon the Lord of Love - which is the soul.Discipleship1, 108:you lived so much in the consciousness which is focused in the mind that your brother's problemsDiscipleship1, 120:of the world, withdraws its gaze. Both eyes are focused on the tumultuous group of seekers afterDiscipleship1, 123:Next, the realization that "both eyes are focused on the world of human pain" is steadily becomingDiscipleship1, 125:which the two major rays are predominantly focused, reminding you that the task is to relate twoDiscipleship1, 126:third ray brain. Second, your personality ray is focused in your astral body. The rays - three,Discipleship1, 126:I will put it in this form. Your egoic energy, focused in your mind, is at the service of yourDiscipleship1, 134:the vital body. Your personality force is focused in the astral body. Read what I said to I. B. S.Discipleship1, 134:and also because your soul, anchored and focused in your etheric body, can - if you so choose -Discipleship1, 135:all the inner and subtler forces which are focused in your etheric body so that you can occultlyDiscipleship1, 135:will be your activity. If your consciousness is focused in spiritual being, your spontaneous,Discipleship1, 154:those more potent people whose lives can be "focused in radiance" and whose response and effortDiscipleship1, 169:forward with confidence and intensity. Months of focused and intense action lie ahead of you and,Discipleship1, 171:attention to the fact that your soul energy is focused in your physical equipment, thus bringingDiscipleship1, 171:energy (which is of the second ray) is focused in your fourth ray mind. This leaves your astralDiscipleship1, 172:forces with the energy of the personality, focused in the mind nature. This means an alignedDiscipleship1, 172:this, then swing back into the mind nature and, focused there, proceed with the work ofDiscipleship1, 175:center of consciousness will become increasingly focused. I am pointing this out to you as I feelDiscipleship1, 185:contact you. It is the subjective, consciously focused radiation to which I here call attention.Discipleship1, 220:offset this and lead to a condition of focused stability. This will probably also better yourDiscipleship1, 221:the fact that first ray energy in your case is focused in your personality and in two of itsDiscipleship1, 222:them. This is the effect of first ray force when focused upon the physical plane. It provides bothDiscipleship1, 227:for the energy of the spiritual Hierarchy, focused for you through the Master Morya, and steppedDiscipleship1, 236:an over-emphatic personality, with its attention focused on the personality and on its doings,Discipleship1, 236:personality and on its doings, instead of being focused upon the inspiring soul. The result of thisDiscipleship1, 237:in that direction. With an aspirant as tried and focused as yourself, I need no easy words withDiscipleship1, 257:set in motion by your sixth ray personality, focused and made more powerful by a sixth ray astralDiscipleship1, 257:is always predominantly allied with or focused in one of its three aspects. I will endeavor to showDiscipleship1, 257:the vital or etheric body. Personality force is focused in the astral body. A little reflectionDiscipleship1, 279:there is a point of force and of illumination, a focused center through which the illumined mindDiscipleship1, 318:done. Do this meditation with the consciousness focused in your fifth ray mind but with yourDiscipleship1, 319:on this matter. Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain. Discipleship1, 339:to do. The energy of your personality ray is focused in the astral body. Your problem is to swingDiscipleship1, 339:to withdraw into the mind. You usually get focused too high in the region of buddhic realizationDiscipleship1, 339:exercise of the intuitive faculty) or you are focused too low, in the realm of astral perception. IDiscipleship1, 352:You need more skill in action, a more firmly focused will to understand; thus you will bring moreDiscipleship1, 364:has been needlessly slow. Given a right and more focused attitude, you could leap forward intoDiscipleship1, 369:plain. And yet at every hour, his thought was focused in the Middle Chamber of the waiting artisansDiscipleship1, 373:first ray. Your personality ray, the third, is focused in your astral body, adding to its power,Discipleship1, 379:alone as your first ray powerful personality (focused naturally in your first ray astral body)Discipleship1, 388:the past. There is needed the incentive of a focused will that plays its dynamic energy through theDiscipleship1, 404:on the following facts. Soul energy is, for you, focused in the astral body. Personality force isDiscipleship1, 404:focused in the astral body. Personality force is focused in the mental body. We will leave the workDiscipleship1, 405:to live unselfishly. Your one way out is to be focused constantly in the soul, remembering that, asDiscipleship1, 407:has in it the quality of piercing, and this focused work you have carried forward long enough. YourDiscipleship1, 430:your mental body. Your personality force is focused in your astral body. This year, my brother,Discipleship1, 467:your astral body. Your personality ray is focused in your seventh ray brain. If you will think outDiscipleship1, 470:group meditation the work is more specific and focused. The factor which will produce increasingDiscipleship1, 481:undeterred, but all your forces are interiorly focused; the tide of life and the [482] play ofDiscipleship1, 490:is basically upon the line of directed power and focused will. This you should most carefully bearDiscipleship1, 490:or loves, through the very intensity of the focused energy. What can prevent this in your case willDiscipleship1, 491:in all directions and radiating [491] out from a focused center, and this as a result of rightDiscipleship1, 502:that quality in you or drive you back into a focused attention to the little self whichDiscipleship1, 503:man also. It is the preservation of the rightly focused and rightly oriented consciousness which weDiscipleship1, 509:detachment and if you could arrive at a stable, focused mind that the whole of life would simplifyDiscipleship1, 515:subject [515] to external impression and less focused as a soul on the subtler planes. There hasDiscipleship1, 541:in the group, your life is not yet dynamically focused on service or on doing your share in meetingDiscipleship1, 568:a more direct contact with your soul through a focused alignment and the understanding andDiscipleship1, 591:a more stabilized, a more serene and yet a more focused service of the mind. Forget not that theDiscipleship1, 617:effort along any line of endeavor. A clear, focused mind, a loving heart, and a cultivatedDiscipleship1, 636:because of this astral impasse, your soul is focused in the astral body. It can get no further intoDiscipleship1, 636:which surrounds you. Your personality energy is focused in the mental body. This brings theDiscipleship1, 642:from you tensity, dynamic one-pointedness and focused attention. I would, therefore, suggest thatDiscipleship1, 668:Ponder on this. [668] Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain. This gives youDiscipleship1, 691:relationship and are not sufficiently focused upon the group-soul and upon the Master, the centerDiscipleship1, 696:Plan) begins to take form. By the power of his focused and directed thought, he attracts to himDiscipleship1, 700:the other energies and the personality - focused now in the mind and responsive to soul impressionDiscipleship1, 701:force which arises from their being, as yet, focused in the personality life, even whilst aspiringDiscipleship1, 705:purely on mental levels. There the disciple is focused in his lower mind, but consciously orientedDiscipleship1, 709:apprehension. The effort to understand has been focused upon the disciple and his problems ofDiscipleship1, 719:In it, people with the Lemurian consciousness, focused on the past and concerned with the physicalDiscipleship1, 719:consciousness, emotional in content and focused on the present, are everywhere to be found; andDiscipleship1, 719:Aryan in their state of awareness, mentally focused and occupied with the future, are likewiseDiscipleship1, 723:- through work in the Ashram of a Master and not focused upon the physical plane - they areDiscipleship1, 733:But they are not the reality when astrally focused. Disciples need to bear in mind always that they
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