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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSED

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Education, 31:the physical man and the astral body is focused in the solar plexus. Speaking in symbolical terms,Education, 67:student is intelligently polarized and mentally focused; it is only useful when the student canEducation, A Trea:group; thus the work of that group was focused and their redeeming activity intensified. [68] AllEducation, 112:it becomes separate in interpretation and focused in partisanship and personalities, and thusExternalisation, 4:the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focused at this time on human affairs, and that some ofExternalisation, 10:which is entered into with a fully conscious focused attitude and in which the medium, knowinglyExternalisation, 39:forces of Hermes and the will of Christ will be focused, and through which They will be enabled toExternalisation, 76:of their peculiar type of energy - the energy of focused and directed hate, of separation, of fearExternalisation, 86:Logos. The first or will energy is, as you know, focused in Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (asExternalisation, 86:of the planetary Logos. The love force is focused through the two great spiritual Lords of theExternalisation, 88:I would point out here that the fourth energy, focused in the Jewish problem, is definitelyExternalisation, 103:under inspiration from the Hierarchy, via the focused minds of group members who are definitely enExternalisation, 119:slowly out of the first. Matter and spirit, focused in the human family and expressing their basicExternalisation, 119:practically nil. The life of humanity was then focused within the physical body, thus fortifyingExternalisation, 123:and in destroying those who were wrongly focused or oriented and, therefore, dedicated to the lifeExternalisation, 127:populace in any country lives and it has become focused, expressive and creative by the force ofExternalisation, 135:impressionable, foolish, cunning, powerful, focused on some goal or ambition, with clear vision andExternalisation, 144:of their import and purpose and is usually so focused in his emotional, aspirational, astral natureExternalisation, 144:plane and with the power of a controlled mind - focused on their intent and meaning - behind theExternalisation, 151:of the work that they are doing. The focused aspiration and the unselfish struggle to serve whichExternalisation, 155:inflow of the Shamballa force through [155] the focused demand of the aspirants and world disciplesExternalisation, 159:are found as embodied Presences and where Their focused energy serves to provide great reservoirsExternalisation, 162:Father, the first Aspect of Divinity. He then focused in Himself the two major divine attributesExternalisation, 169:as well as to the group. They can then be focused for his use in the ajna center. In many ways,Externalisation, 173:of massed thought is omnipotent. The potency of focused and directed mental activity isExternalisation, 173:unless the act of invocation is backed by the focused will. The [174] directed determination of theExternalisation, 203:the attention of men in every land is now focused on these problems, and solution is inevitableExternalisation, 227:in group formation whenever feasible. It is the focused power of your unemotional thought whichExternalisation, 227:love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focused in consciousness through the Christ, and theExternalisation, 227:through the Christ, and the Hierarchy, focused in consciousness through the Buddha. Owing to theExternalisation, 230:existent divisions between the Forces of Light (focused through the allied nations) and the ForcesExternalisation, 230:allied nations) and the Forces of Aggression (focused through Germany). They embody a true, butExternalisation, 231:people will back their judgment with a focused will to bring in the era wherein these values willExternalisation, 231:of Allies who today stand with their purpose focused in Great Britain, driven there by the trend ofExternalisation, 249:will suffice, however, and if used by you with focused intention and with the attitude of aExternalisation, 249:you will say these three stanzas with a focused affirmative will, a great potency may be releasedExternalisation, 256:to copy or aid the forces of aggression, focused at this time through the aggressor race. Externalisation, 261:Are there enough people in the world today whose focused and illumined thought can be organized andExternalisation, 262:human selfishness, cruelty and error, and focused through the medium of one unhappy race and theExternalisation, 267:- the attention of the whole world was focused on the theme of liberty, and the symbolism of theExternalisation, 267:of the enemies of human freedom, simply focused the danger with which humanity was confronted, andExternalisation, 270:it must be through the massed intent of the many focused minds. The Rider on the white horse can beExternalisation, 270:and lead the masses of people. Are there enough focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reachExternalisation, 273:appear, for such is the mental intention of the focused minds of many. I would ask you to give muchExternalisation, 273:humanity has fulfiled the conditions through a focused mental demand, based on correctly formulatedExternalisation, 274:of Liberation, expressed by the coming One and focused through Him as the hierarchicalExternalisation, 274:with politics and law. Thus the incoming focused energy, called forth in response to rightExternalisation, 274:thinkers of the world whose minds are rightly focused. The Rider on the white horse or from theExternalisation, 276:rampant now on Earth under the direction of the focused seven in Germany. Externalisation, 287:a living Triangle of Energy is created and focused through three great spiritual Individuals, WhoExternalisation, 291:may be generated within the human family and focused in a responsive Messenger; it may be generatedExternalisation, 291:system and therefore cosmic. But always it is focused through a manifesting Entity, is called forthExternalisation, 296:by a fivefold chain or thread of energy: the focused will of the people, the massed intent of theExternalisation, 299:of certain cosmic principles which - focused in Them in an extra-planetary sense - could stimulateExternalisation, 301:D. Roosevelt, in contradistinction to the focused leadership of the forces of materialism throughExternalisation, 301:pouring through Them and transmitted by Them is focused through the Lord of the World; They canExternalisation, 301:They occasionally reach those thinking people, focused on the mental plane, who have clear vision,Externalisation, 303:as it can be worked out in the immediate future. Focused intention, based on the above andExternalisation, 303:of both Shamballa and the Hierarchy will be focused through the chosen Coming One. Thus a triangleExternalisation, 303:of releasing energy and a safer way, than the focused impact of one selected force might be. IExternalisation, 305:stake. Can they be aroused? Can they stand with focused intent, strenuous [306] physical serviceExternalisation, 306:of a thought-form and the evocation of the focused will of the one who is over-shadowed. All thisExternalisation, 307:of consciousness and producing an incredibly focused potency. In the case of obsession, the evilExternalisation, 310:new orientation to the life of the spirit, and a focused intention to move forward. That was theExternalisation, 311:to call forth the Avatar, to reach Him by focused intensive thought and to evoke His response. ThisExternalisation, 324:in the West. It employs the dynamic will and the focused mind, and is intended to evoke responseExternalisation, 324:can come into being at the close of this war. A focused will or intention, a convinced mind, aExternalisation, 326:enough to offset the forces [326] of evil, focused in Germany, Japan and - to a much smaller extentExternalisation, 337:irregular and vague but gradually becoming focused and assuming power; and the stage of mysticismExternalisation, 338:crisis," hence made its appeal to the mentally focused aspirants and disciples. I am explainingExternalisation, 344:the other is evocative. Desire, when massed and focused, can invoke will; will, when evoked, endsExternalisation, 345:Will - aroused by invocation - which must be focused in the light of the soul and dedicated to theExternalisation, 345:made possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which has brought the presentExternalisation, 346:and desires. There is only one way in which this focused evil will which is responsive to theExternalisation, 346:and that is by the opposition of an equally focused spiritual Will, displayed by responsive men andExternalisation, 346:not just kindness and good intention, but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke theExternalisation, 347:planes. Time is an event, and an event is a focused expression of force of some type or kind. TwoExternalisation, 347:type or kind. Two great streams of energy - one focused through the Buddha and the other focusedExternalisation, 347:- one focused through the Buddha and the other focused through the Christ - are to be fused andExternalisation, 350:of Liberation and evoke Their response to the focused will of the spiritually minded people of theExternalisation, 350:be known to the Hierarchy. Their aid will be focused [351] upon evoking in the Hierarchy thoseExternalisation, 351:and salvation. The first half of this work, focused through the Buddha, will begin in May 1942. TheExternalisation, 351:of goodwill is adequately strong and adequately focused. It will consequently be a reciprocalExternalisation, 351:and your individual thinking be steadily focused upon these points, and endeavor to enter into theExternalisation, 354:of aggression and materialism, has been focused in a triplicity of nations. It is, therefore,Externalisation, 356:It might, however, be said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent andExternalisation, 358:into an era of comprehension, leading [358] to a focused mental clarification of men's mindsExternalisation, 360:been brought about by the incoming new ideas, focused through the world intuitives and released toExternalisation, 362:When the Will of God, expressed in Shamballa and focused in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressedExternalisation, 362:the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and the intelligentExternalisation, 362:Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the worldExternalisation, 367:might be averted. The first was a definite and focused precipitation of the spirit of evil and ofExternalisation, 379:public of one important fact. This is that focused, determined, enlightened public opinion is theExternalisation, 388:population, but because they are to be found focused at "the deep center" and are distinguished byExternalisation, 390:"point of tension") so that humanity may be focused in its appeal and bring about a response fromExternalisation, 391:the effort to think constructively, the focused idealism, the registration of vision and theExternalisation, 392:of that center of life where the will of God is focused. There are therefore, (speaking in terms ofExternalisation, 394:steady trend towards increasing relationship has focused itself throughout the historical record byExternalisation, 394:on a broad human scale, i.e., the one which focused through the coming of the Buddha to the EasternExternalisation, 394:to the Eastern civilization and that which focused through the Christ, coming to the West. Another
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