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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSED

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Externalisation, 396:of goodwill. It is the goodwill of the masses, focused everywhere through the United Nations whoExternalisation, 407:is the place where the Will of God is focused and from which His divine purposes are directed. FromExternalisation, 411:reason, as divine yet human attributes, were focused in the Buddha. He proved the possibility ofExternalisation, 418:the fact of the approaching spiritual energies, focused through the spiritual Hierarchy, and toExternalisation, 419:unified invocative thought of the masses and the focused, directed thought of the New Group ofExternalisation, 437:Have the following statement in mind: The focused and concentrated work of the Hierarchy at theExternalisation, 439:of destruction was directed by evil, and was focused through those nations who had succumbed to theExternalisation, 441:is dependent, however, upon two things: The focused work of the Christ and of the Hierarchy duringExternalisation, 445:these few weeks of spiritual and mundane import (focused through these three Festival Moons ofExternalisation, 456:by humanity itself, will be found the focused attention of the Hierarchy. This spiritual tensionExternalisation, 465:enough, is mentally powerful and adequately focused. These Force work entirely upon the level ofExternalisation, 465:is heard and noted. Their work, however, must be focused through and implemented by the worldExternalisation, 477:business" interests in many lands. These are focused at this time through certain monied groups inExternalisation, 492:of the Hierarchy. Man's attention is normally focused on the externalities of living. Nevertheless,Externalisation, 519:it withdrew into the subjective side of life and focused itself on the mental plane (instead of theExternalisation, 594:with others at the feet of the Christ) is today focused on the task of helping humanity. The greatExternalisation, 598:Living Beings Who dwell there with Him, can be focused on humanity and those steps can be takenExternalisation, 610:or groups through which God works are unitedly focused on the same objective. Shamballa, theExternalisation, 630:The large [630] metaphysical schools are focused on making a material demonstration, and so greatExternalisation, 637:Christ and of all who serve His cause. With the focused entrance of greed and of totalitarianExternalisation, 645:Nations, become strengthened, stimulated and focused on goodwill, the union of the two energies ofExternalisation, 672:and yearly closer to humanity. The power of the focused, spiritual unity of the Hierarchy can beExternalisation, 674:be from the buddhic plane, but the detailed and focused direction will be given from within theExternalisation, 676:of the Ashrams will take place and eventually be focused. From these points, as time elapses, otherExternalisation, 680:desire to serve, the recognition of the present focused intention of the Hierarchy (under theExternalisation, 686:for the reappearance of the Christ is focused upon the expert use of the Science of Contact. ThisExternalisation, 695:yet not a part of it, and that he is primarily focused on "delivering the goods" (if I may use yourFire, 263:Summation: - S. D., III, 475. Cosmic Ideation, focused in a principle results as the consciousnessFire, 391:plane, [391] whilst two fifths will remain focused on the astral. There two fifths will pass intoFire, 439:and the force of its influence is being focused elsewhere. The original recipient becomes aFire, 474:of medical and scientific students will be focused on the etheric body, and the dependence of theFire, 1007:most cases) a steady stream of energy which is focused upon the objective, producing vitalizationFire, 1130:is accomplished, and the energy of the Monad, focused through the jewel, makes itself felt also onGlamour, 10:subject into the mental realm by bringing the focused attentive mind to bear upon it. This willGlamour, 12:mind, into the realm of ideas. It sweeps into focused activity the mental apparatus. You thenGlamour, 61:each others' minds and centralize each others' focused attention, they can untidily make a contactGlamour, 69:His task is not therefore easy and calls for the focused activity of his best self. By that phrase,Glamour, 86:the psychological phrase. This etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passesGlamour, 139:utilization of soul light takes the form of a focused concentration of the light (emanating fromGlamour, 140:which is causing the trouble, and secondly, as a focused distribution of light, turned withGlamour, 141:intimately related, the disciple must carry the focused light from the solar plexus (where it hasGlamour, 142:of rapidly transferring the light of the soul, focused in the solar plexus, and the innate light ofGlamour, 143:world of glamor and with the eye of your mind focused on the soul, whose nature is LOVE. Let a fewGlamour, 144:of which can be turned in many directions and focused on many levels. We are however only concernedGlamour, 161:of aggression and materialism, has been focused in a triplicity of nations. It is, therefore,Glamour, 163:It might, however, be said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent andGlamour, 164:into an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mental clarification of men's minds throughoutGlamour, 167:been brought about by the incoming new ideas, focused through the world intuitives and released toGlamour, 170:When the Will of God, expressed in Shamballa and focused in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressedGlamour, 170:the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and the intelligentGlamour, 170:Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the worldGlamour, 180:Now the greater light of the soul becomes focused like a radiant sun and it reveals in its turn aGlamour, 181:the blending of the light of the personal self, focused in the mind, the light of the soul, focusedGlamour, 181:focused in the mind, the light of the soul, focused in the Angel, and the universal light which theGlamour, 188:of Glamor The revelations of science, though focused often through one man or woman, are moreGlamour, 189:largely the result of group tension, eventually focused in one intuitive recipient, and theGlamour, 196:and the light of the soul being blended and focused. The use of this focused light as it dispelsGlamour, 196:soul being blended and focused. The use of this focused light as it dispels individual glamorGlamour, 198:stumble. [198] Within the lighted sphere of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forthGlamour, 201:and can bring understanding to the task. Are focused upon the mental plane and have, therefore,Glamour, 204:can the beam of light be formed, intensified, focused and projected and then - at [205] the rightGlamour, 208:together of soul light and personality light, focused in the mental body and producing an effect inGlamour, 209:the aspirant most easily responds. This first focused light is not of such a nature that it can doGlamour, 210:blended lights, or aspects of the One Light, are focused upon the mental plane through the power ofGlamour, 210:intuition) are consciously blended, fused and focused. The man then turns this blended light, underGlamour, 217:combined with the dual light of the personality (focused as we know on the mental plane) is seenGlamour, 233:it is the group will which is being silently focused. Then together they say: "With power upon itsGlamour, 233:say: "With power upon its beam, the light is focused on the goal." 7. Then comes the Act ofGlamour, 233:bringing it consciously into relation with the focused light - begins the task of dissipation. "TheGlamour, 239:says: "With power upon its beam, the light is focused on the goal." The glamor to be dissipated isGlamour, 250:The energy of the integrated personality is focused through the ajna center, between the eyes; andGlamour, 251:reoriented aspirant, however, integrated and focused in his purified personality, is using bothGlamour, 258:works is found in the personality and is not focused in relation to the soul; the consciousness ofGlamour, 267:must be implemented from a point of tension, focused in whatever is meant by the word "Monad." DoGlamour, 270:have produced the dispelling through focused light, the dissipating potency of distributed lightHealing, 54:From the plane whereon those energies are focused, proceed those determining conditions whichHealing, 71:through self-pity, self-consideration, or in a focused negative condition, that his vision isHealing, 87:you will have a man whose consciousness will be focused in the animal and the emotional natures,Healing, 88:the fact that the bulk of humanity is astrally focused, just as the bulk of the forms in the animalHealing, 88:the forms in the animal kingdom are etherically focused. The forces pouring into the animal kingdomHealing, 99:never be subjected to the impact of a powerfully focused group or individual; it is far tooHealing, 99:are permitted to cure by the power of the will, focused in the, Word of Power, and this onlyHealing, 101:follows thought and goes where the thought is focused. [102] The healers have to determine theHealing, 102:The healer will, therefore, keep all the forces focused in the head, and his attention must beHealing, 105:in a low voice: "May the love of the One Soul, focused in this group, radiate upon you, my brother,Healing, 114:upon which the man's consciousness is primarily focused. [115] The five major types of disease,Healing, 115:personality, and therefore incident to his being focused largely on the astral plane. The discipleHealing, 120:Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease. The art of theHealing, 120:is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the Healer within theHealing, 122:and are in process of becoming points of focused, directed energy. Their function and activityHealing, 125:the astral plane, where the masses of men are focused, and this brings him into the realm of glamorHealing, 134:From the plane whereon those energies [134] are focused, proceed those determining conditions whichHealing, 134:Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease. The art of theHealing, 134:is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the Healer within theHealing, 137:major energies and between the other energies, focused through the seven centers. It is theHealing, 139:is to respond fully to personality force, focused primarily at the middle point, the solar plexus,Healing, 145:initiation. The energies thus synchronized and focused in, around and above [146] the head are ofHealing, 153:being. Life, consciousness and form are then all focused creatively and actively in the head, andHealing, 174:the right reception and release of the energies focused in that center would bring about a majorHealing, 185:the union of these three fires, which are focused by an act of the enlightened will, under the
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