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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSED

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Healing, 210:The ajna center, or the personality center, focused between the eyebrows and conditioning theHealing, 212:only of the consciousness of the whole, they are focused on affirming a future perfection -Healing, 212:lower self in the three worlds, and if they are "focused in heaven, thereby enabling the heavenlyHealing, 236:center will be controlled and the energy usually focused there will be expended in creative living,Healing, 245:reabsorbed into the substance of the planet. A focused use of the imagination will aid you inHealing, 319:It will know that its sense of awareness, being focused in the mind nature, is strong enough andHealing, 321:weakness, there the life force is not properly focused, and there will be found some form ofHealing, 348:and controls action when the life force is focused in the desire nature, as it predominantly isHealing, 348:mental control is only possible when the life is focused on the mental plane. When this is theHealing, 348:require suppression, because the power of the focused attention will be elsewhere and there willHealing, 348:to suppress. Suppression is an effort by the man focused in the astral body to bring in the willHealing, 379:motion by the power of the human eye under the focused direction of thought. From then on tangibleHealing, 395:intelligence, and humanity will be increasingly focused upon mental levels. This telepathic rapportHealing, 428:head, and passes down to the heart, where it is focused during the life cycle. A smaller stream ofHealing, 430:to the life principle: The heart, in which is focused the life of the soul in form. The spleenHealing, 448:use a totally inadequate phrase) of directed and focused will-energy. This is so magnetic inHealing, 449:and all life and consciousness will then be focused in the planetary head center - the GreatHealing, 450:aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in the highest aspect and knows himself toHealing, 454:that his consciousness or sense of awareness is focused elsewhere. His attention is no longerHealing, 463:largely the determining factor. The soul is then focused in the etheric body, but is not fullyHealing, 464:conflict will be more purely mental and is oft focused around the will-to-serve and theHealing, 467:this time the consciousness of the dying man is focused in either the emotional (or astral) body orHealing, 467:himself of what is occurring. If he is strongly focused on physical plane life, and if that is theHealing, 469:when the descending light (carrying life) is focused in all its intensity around the physical bodyHealing, 487:mental integration because there is no mentally focused potency; the soul on the higher mentalHealing, 489:of the manasic influence. The manasic man, focused now in his mental body, has also two things toHealing, 490:they are physically, and live to a great extent focused in their astral vehicles, the man is quiteHealing, 490:seem to think. It is recognized by the focused reaction of the self-conscious person who -Healing, 498:of two kinds: That of the integrated personality focused in the mind and achieving a constantlyHealing, 498:that the man's consciousness is now definitely focused and permanently centered in the mentalHealing, 507:ray starts and the war is on between two focused aspects of energy. This conflict terminates at theHealing, 516:of the soul, once this realization has been focused and admitted, is that - having achieved freedomHealing, 525:patient. The healer has to "lift the downward focused eyes unto the soul." This refers to the eyesHealing, 533:From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceed those determining conditions whichHealing, 533:Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused and this leads to disease. The art of theHealing, 533:is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer withinHealing, 542:the patient, because there the life principle is focused and is closely involved and affected byHealing, 547:confine their healing powers to those who live focused in the head. They will stimulate the soul,Healing, 548:The etheric vehicle, a vortex of energies focused through numerous centers, both major and minor.Healing, 550:patient is mentally or astrally (emotionally) focused. He can and must, therefore, ascertain theHealing, 554:the healer is not so easy; he has then to work, focused as a soul in his head center, but directingHealing, 558:From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceed those determining conditions whichHealing, 559:energy. Where the consciousness of the man is focused, there the life energy will gather itsHealing, 559:will gather its forces. If the consciousness is focused on the mental plane or upon the astralHealing, 559:plane, the life energy will not be so strongly focused and anchored in the heart center (the centerHealing, 564:Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease. The art of theHealing, 564:is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer withinHealing, 570:Upon this point, the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease. We have here aHealing, 570:"the eyes of the personality," refer to the focused attention of the personality, emanating fromHealing, 570:sustained and increased by the forces which are focused upon it. People have little idea how much -Healing, 572:though already the power of the human eye when focused on a person, for instance, is known toHealing, 572:is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true healer withinHealing, 604:center into the "needed center"; it is there focused and held steady. From that appropriate centerHealing, 605:three modes whereby the healer employs the force focused, by direction, in his centers: For theHealing, 607:combined energy within the healer - soul energy focused in the head center and the energy of theHealing, 618:the very center of the lotus the life force is focused, and as [619] it passes outward into theHealing, 648:it to the brain, where it is definitely focused. Using the ajna center as a distributing center, heHealing, 652:but the interest of the true man is no longer focused there. There inevitably comes a point, forHercules, 12:and the occult Hierarchy of our planet, is now focused upon leading humanity on to the Path ofHercules, 32:ways, dependent upon whether the divine user has focused his attention upon form-taking, or uponHercules, 148:the sake of adventure. These [148] persons have focused their attention above the point where fearHercules, 172:but that is not where his consciousness is focused. He is focused in what we call the soul, whichHercules, 172:is not where his consciousness is focused. He is focused in what we call the soul, which is thatHercules, 176:living in the solar plexus, but are focused in the heart and are conscious of the group; yourHercules, 184:be inhabiting bodies, our consciousness will be focused in the fifth kingdom of nature, theHercules, 213:Fire sign (as are also Aries and Leo). Quality: Focused direction. One-pointed activity. In theIntellect, 17:the young. In the West, consciousness has been focused upon the material aspects of living, and allIntellect, 54:the energy of pure reason. These energies are focused during life in the physical body. The lifeIntellect, 59:emotional and mental life, with its attention focused objectively, goes through a process ofIntellect, 60:through its vast groups of educated and mentally focused people is ready for self-determination andIntellect, 78:has shifted, and steadily his attention has been focused on an ever widening range of contacts. ManIntellect, 82:system of coordination. Its method is that of focused attention, of mind control, or of meditation,Intellect, 104:and by the one-pointed attention of the focused mental faculties to a new world of phenomena and ofIntellect, 105:ideas, and holding the mind firmly and steadily focused or centered on the object of our immediateIntellect, 106:intriguing subject, and to have one's attention focused on some fresh and dynamic matter willIntellect, 109:of the object so chosen. The mind remains focused and is continuously active during the entireIntellect, 113:identification. The consciousness is no longer focused in the intellect but becomes identified withIntellect, 125:When the senses, and all that they convey, are focused into that "common sense," which was the nameIntellect, 130:shall consider the manner how he could carry his focused thought higher and higher (to use theIntellect, 131:the "consolations of religion." The attention is focused in the mind and the only reactionsIntellect, 134:active and self-reliant, and the brain and the focused mind are closely coordinated. He is noIntellect, 137:The man's consciousness, therefore, is no longer focused in that waiting mind, but has slipped overIntellect, 141:its usual field of awareness; the mind has been focused and held actively passive in the lightIntellect, 171:deep thought or meditation; then it becomes more focused and looks, as some express it, like aIntellect, 188:Zen Buddhism, pages 52-53. Thus we have the mind focused and used to its utmost capacity, and thenIntellect, 203:reoriented to the truer and higher values, and focused in a direction other than that of materialIntellect, 205:me, the hope of glory." Through the trained and focused mind this indwelling Reality is known, andIntellect, 207:daily life, regulate his activities, and become focused and one-pointed in his manner of living.Intellect, 207:his life. No obligation will be evaded, for the focused mind will enable a man to do more in aIntellect, 207:energy, and accomplish less than the mentally focused person; [208] it is far easier for anIntellect, 214:which is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention. Then the light, we are told,Intellect, 216:If we are trained intellectuals, or have the focused attentiveness that business training confers,Intellect, 228:we are attempting to meditate. Then say, with focused attention: "More radiant than the sun, purerIntellect, 230:intent upon the sense and meaning, much hard and focused thinking will have to be done, and muchIntellect, 257:in the head and not in the emotional region. Focused attention to life and its problems, and someMagic, 15:but only as the mind is trained and developed, focused, and open-minded can they be recognized,Magic, 94:by the aspirant, is brought into being by the focused energies of the soul and the reorientedMagic, 127:these two notes synchronously and with the mind focused. Herein lies a clue to the significance ofMagic, 131:then seized upon as desirable by those who are focused upon the astral plane; to them it makes anMagic, 192:soul. When the energies of the sacral center, focused hitherto on the work of physical creation and
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