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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSED

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Magic, 199:only a differentiation dealing with the energies focused in the two petals. It will be noted thatMagic, 214:can act magnetically. Force flows through the focused human eye. Force flows through the focusedMagic, 214:the focused human eye. Force flows through the focused third eye. It has a destructive aspect andMagic, 214:and destroying effect. It can, through its focused attention, directed by the intelligent will,Magic, 216:and holds it steady and coherent through its focused attention. Again, an analogous process goesMagic, 216:know well how these are controlled by the focused attention of the soul in contemplation actingMagic, 216:in contemplation acting through the head center, focused in the region of the third eye and sweptMagic, 220:through the power of his mind impulses, and the focused attention of his own soul. In the six rulesMagic, 246:of conscious control that at will a man may be focused in his soul consciousness or focused in hisMagic, 246:man may be focused in his soul consciousness or focused in his form aspect, - each act of focusedMagic, 246:or focused in his form aspect, - each act of focused attention being brought about through aMagic, 248:the central sphere of unification and from the focused point within that circle of consciousness,Magic, 249:and is the clearing house for all energies focused in the centers below the diaphragm. The dangersMagic, 252:in all true schools of esoteric training upon a focused mind, a capacity to visualize, an abilityMagic, 261:be said silently at that hour with the attention focused in the head: "May the Power of the oneMagic, 266:hesitation. The attention of the thinker being focused on the mental plane, the progress of hisMagic, 266:idea is clearly grasped, the attention closely focused, and the energy or life aspect steadilyMagic, 306:soul, he becomes like that soul. His thought is focused in the soul consciousness and he becomesMagic, 382:this, the Teachers at that time were Themselves focused (deliberately and of intent) in the heartMagic, 390:that just as in particular incarnations, men are focused or polarized in various bodies - sometimesMagic, 390:might infer that our planetary Logos Himself is focused in His mental Body. He, it has been said,Magic, 421:In this way public attention will gradually be focused upon the new and beautiful, and the oldMagic, 427:to world need in service and the life of focused meditation will promote their growth. Their eyesMagic, 432:outside the solar system altogether; his life is focused in the planet; his consciousness lies inMagic, 461:for this work, provided their minds are open and focused. According to the simplicity of theirMagic, 463:that the attention of the investigators must be focused, and the eradication of disease willMagic, 481:lives, centered around his own aggrandizement, focused on his personal acquisition of possessions,Magic, 483:that it is largely impersonal even though focused on him as the representative of an idea. But withMagic, 491:the aspirant will discover that the mind is so focused on the new spiritual ideas that the oldMagic, 493:soul. The consciousness aspect is sometimes focused in one and sometimes in another, or isMagic, 495:integration, finds its way to the heart and is focused or "anchored" there. From these two points,Magic, 496:that his consciousness or sense of awareness is focused elsewhere. His attention is no longerMagic, 503:that all students are now doing: Learn to keep focused in the head through visualization andMagic, 518:magical [518] effects. The consciousness, focused in the brain and having participated in the workMagic, 518:the plan upon the physical plane by the focused energy of will, used in the silence by theMagic, 518:and the greater the opportunity therefore for focused magical work and for the utterance of thoseMagic, 527:the individual meditation; the achieving of that focused attention and mental quiet wherein realityMagic, 557:has been laid on the achieving of [557] a focused attention and on the necessity, when that hasMagic, 557:by its one-pointed fixity of purpose and its focused attention to the spiritual objective, performMagic, 590:work. It is essential that for the immediate and focused work on the centers there should be theMeditation, 74:upward in ordered progression until it is focused and vivifying the head centers. Earlier weMeditation, 74:not in a fourth-dimensional. The inner fire is focused on the vivification of the organs ofMeditation, 95:Having achieved that [95] centralization and focused in that stable center - with the solar plexusMeditation, 304:will work in the closest cooperation, being all focused and under the control of the Chohan atMeditation, 315:times to tap the consciousness of that school as focused through the disciple. This Head will bePatanjali, 39:two subtler bodies until all is centered and focused in the causal vehicle, the karana sarira, thePatanjali, 183:The sixth sense is coordinated, understood, focused and used. Means VII. Meditation. Dhyana. ThePatanjali, 263:relating to the three worlds. His attention is focused upon a specific object, and primarily uponPatanjali, 389:a liberated man, freed from form conditions and focused in his consciousness outside the bounds ofProblems, 10:extending into infinity; our eyes are no longer focused upon our immediate foreground. The familyProblems, 107:life hereafter) is understood by the emotionally focused Negro. Behind the many separativeProblems, 151:reason, as divine yet human attributes, were focused in the Buddha. He challenged the people toProblems, 159:the fact of the approaching spiritual energies, focused through Christ and His spiritual Hierarchy,Problems, 160:people, more intelligent and more mentally focused, have employed more generally the method ofProblems, 161:group stimulation when successfully oriented and focused even to the point of ecstasy or hysteria,Psychology1, 9:until mind control and the creative work of the focused mind can be seen. It has oft been said thePsychology1, 11:(in their individual and daily meditation) keep focused or oriented towards that which can bePsychology1, 161:and when all the personality ray qualities are focused to a point, you will have either a displayPsychology1, 241:the light of reason and illumination of the focused mind (which is very rarely found), then theyPsychology1, 262:ray influences from the superhuman kingdoms were focused and the great function of humanity began,Psychology1, 381:if the world disciples and spiritually focused people measure up to their opportunity. Today therePsychology2, 14:involves: The free use of the mind so that focused attention can be paid to all that concerns thePsychology2, 16:increasingly as the solar angel, because focused primarily in the inner spiritual body. AwarenessPsychology2, 17:him, and all his centers are controlled by that focused soul ray, then he becomes the transfiguredPsychology2, 21:development in the three lower kingdoms, becomes focused in the fourth kingdom in nature, thePsychology2, 60:nature that the consciousness is primarily focused; in the second case, we are concerned with thePsychology2, 71:when the disciple is beginning to be definitely focused upon mental levels, and when therefore hisPsychology2, 79:"having impulsive effects, magnetic appeals, and focused activities." The streams or emanations ofPsychology2, 215:the attention of the Hierarchy is consequently focused upon men in an exceedingly one-pointedPsychology2, 222:under the third ray activity, at present focused in the seventh ray. Viewed from the form side,Psychology2, 250:from the fact that, through specialization or focused intense interest over a period of lives,Psychology2, 269:and its response to the demand of the forces - focused, combined and integrated - of thePsychology2, 291:that the energy of these three rays, when focused in a personality, provides exactly the rightPsychology2, 304:head center. The life of the indwelling soul is focused in the three higher centers. The headPsychology2, 309:receive due recognition. Etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passes through twoPsychology2, 315:This development is, at this time, primarily focused in the astral body, leading toPsychology2, 322:breathing-out, a certain type of divine energy focused itself as a center of experience in thatPsychology2, 329:upon etheric levels. The consciousness becomes focused there, preparatory to the intense crisis ofPsychology2, 333:aspiration for the spiritual realities and the focused, vital approach to the kingdom of God. WePsychology2, 400:ability to interpret that which is sensed, focused attention in order to "bring down" intoPsychology2, 445:and through which body or vehicle it is focused. Which of these ray energies is struggling againstPsychology2, 450:The attention of the Great Ones is entirely focused owing to planetary affairs, in one particularPsychology2, 450:If you couple to these facts the reoriented and focused attention of humanity upon what is calledPsychology2, 460:scientist unfolds to us the conclusions of his focused attention and period of thought. [461] AsPsychology2, 468:that there is no form life really present in the focused consciousness of the man. There is onlyPsychology2, 470:discovery of the mental plane and the use of focused attention) penetrate into that larger world ofPsychology2, 490:types and with those who are mentally focused. It is a form of direct, but unconscious, telepathy.Psychology2, 490:therefore, comes from other minds or from the focused group mind of some band of workers with whichPsychology2, 524:active. As yet, all the real life of the man is focused below the diaphragm. The centers above thePsychology2, 528:is a complete blending of the bodily forces (focused through the ajna center) with the Soul forces,Psychology2, 528:through the ajna center) with the Soul forces, (focused through the head center). It is at thisPsychology2, 529:wherein all the five lower forms of energy are focused in the ajna center in the head. StudentsPsychology2, 529:except those of the sacral center and those focused in the center at the base of the spine whichPsychology2, 535:of the man's consciousness and life force is focused (even if unconsciously) to that point thePsychology2, 544:technically expresses it. It is at this point of focused activity (in the place of the previousPsychology2, 554:force, and its energy deflected downwards in a focused selfish manner; the solar plexus can be soPsychology2, 573:evokes the response of his personality energy (focused in the ajna center) and produces eventuallyPsychology2, 597:The mystic, for instance whose thought is focused on the Christ, regarding Him as somewhere inPsychology2, 599:out in selfless love of humanity; they are all focused and distributed in the highest level of thePsychology2, 605:and there they produce a powerful expression of focused desire, deep inchoate longing, vivid
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