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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSING

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Astrology, 222:soul, the stimulation of the intellect and the focusing of the disciple's attention upon theAstrology, 242:Son of Mind, becomes the ultimate synthesis, focusing and relating the universal mind to the twoAstrology, 350:and crisis. Jupiter is responsible for the focusing of energies at this point. I will enlarge uponAstrology, 373:of the individual aspirant. It can lead to the focusing of all the life tendencies upon a world ofAstrology, 466:expression of the Great Bear) bring about that focusing of energy in the life of the disciple whichAstrology, 473:a predominant influence. They will produce that focusing of forces which - given a man's particularAstrology, 476:fall into two triangles of force, because Leo - focusing the energy of the seven constellations -Astrology, 480:chart of the individual. This will be due to the focusing of the various energies in man,Astrology, 491:at this time. Through Scorpio, Ray IV is focusing esoterically the work of the world disciples,Astrology, 496:at the entire structure of living, moving, focusing and transmitting light triangles which shouldAstrology, 572:and idealistic - have a part to play in focusing the mass fluid aspiration. Their responsibility isAstrology, 580:it is not an implacable, unshakable, immovable focusing of all energies in the need to triumph (theAstrology, 580:the allies did lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effect than the enemy. TheAstrology, 580:and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focusing of energy and the demonstration of anAstrology, 609:within the bounds of the zodiac, and their focusing within the periphery of [610] our solar system.Astrology, 613:dualism and is analogous to the reception and focusing of an initial idea as it enters into theAstrology, 632:than the mass consciousness. It is basically the focusing of the mass will through the medium ofAutobiography, 246:interest in self-development and an intense focusing on personal unfoldment and liberation. TheBethlehem, 180:throwing light upon this ceaseless and age-old focusing of the love of God and the desire of man inDiscipleship1, 86:formal meditation would aid in the process of focusing the light of the soul in the brain and thusDiscipleship1, 90:of qualified energy within a ring-pass-not. The focusing of this energy under the power ofDiscipleship1, 98:next fifty years. This mobilization involves the focusing of the disciple's energies, his time andDiscipleship1, 149:stand and with greater poise. A dynamic, mental focusing will save you from much depletion. If, myDiscipleship1, 172:soul. This means bringing the mind - which is focusing all the lower energies - into directDiscipleship1, 182:times as the soul, conferring inspiration. Then, focusing yourself at as high a point as possibleDiscipleship1, 193:do the following exercises, in breathing and in focusing. You know well, do you not, my friend andDiscipleship1, 236:also a one-pointedness which has led to a focusing of energy in the head. This has been intensifiedDiscipleship1, 248:this location, however, after the first definite focusing of the consciousness in the etheric body.Discipleship1, 252:all your training, that I should elucidate: The focusing of attention in the head. [253] AlignmentDiscipleship1, 294:its work in stimulating the ajna center and in focusing your mind more firmly in the head. I haveDiscipleship1, 302:do the breathing exercise, outlined above. Then, focusing the consciousness as high in the head asDiscipleship1, 308:with the personality, and the dynamic focusing of your consciousness in the soul. Then sound theDiscipleship1, 322:of others to what you say and do and an over-focusing of your attention upon the results of whatDiscipleship1, 346:words, holding the mind steady in the light, and focusing yourself as high in the head as possibleDiscipleship1, 425:expression by an undue interest and a too intent focusing upon the liabilities and limitations.Discipleship1, 443:by achieving this position as well as may be, focusing yourself in the head and raising yourDiscipleship1, 461:This, as it takes place through the steady focusing of yourself in the head center, may induce aDiscipleship1, 468:a devotion to the known forms. It is this [468] focusing of your personality ray which is theDiscipleship1, 481:emotional expression. There is such an intense focusing within yourself as the result of a longDiscipleship1, 545:attitude of mind and a more positive inner focusing. This process of repudiating constitutes one ofDiscipleship1, 552:period in order to bring about an intense focusing upon the subject of healing, its laws andDiscipleship1, 553:you should get real benefit therefrom. . . Then, focusing yourself in the head and remembering thatDiscipleship1, 563:is this sensitivity, which leads to an undue focusing upon the little self. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 628:in the case of attachment and necessitates a focusing where the tendency to expansion isDiscipleship1, 778:interest in self-development and an intense focusing upon personal unfoldment and liberation; theDiscipleship2, 57:or the three aspects of the soul). Secondly, the focusing of the consciousness in that of the soul,Discipleship2, 74:importance in the life of some of you; it is of focusing importance in the life of a few; it is ofDiscipleship2, 103:in a totally embryonic condition, awaiting the "focusing ability" of some initiate who is todayDiscipleship2, 106:pure reason, and they are - at the same time - focusing themselves in the Will aspect of divinity.Discipleship2, 117:(the thousand-petalled lotus), and its conscious focusing there. When this stage has been reached,Discipleship2, 123:manual) vision pictorially the process of focusing - demanding - descending and at-one-ing. 3.Discipleship2, 139:in the head. It presupposes an immediate mental focusing of the disciple at the very beginning ofDiscipleship2, 188:factor of mental concentration and an intense focusing. The trained disciple can therefore use thisDiscipleship2, 197:It is a technique of spiritual apprehension, of focusing attention on some level of consciousnessDiscipleship2, 204:energy which must be considered; there is also a focusing of consciousness and a receptivity whichDiscipleship2, 268:of lofty aspiration, of lower mind attention and focusing, and of attention to the purely physicalDiscipleship2, 272:and which have used them as modes or methods of focusing triadal light upon the personality. IDiscipleship2, 280:recognition of this distinction produces a new focusing of the life force within the soul whichDiscipleship2, 295:shift in human consciousness involves a rapid focusing of human intention on mental levels. ThisDiscipleship2, 303:or presented themes and concepts. The deliberate focusing of thought upon these ideas. As theseDiscipleship2, 322:of light." The stage of right direction or the focusing of the "advancing" potency. The stage ofDiscipleship2, 322:which is the great first ray in action, and then focusing itself through the Monad. [323] CuriouslyDiscipleship2, 427:into the three worlds and its [427] dominant focusing upon the physical plane. Thus will be broughtDiscipleship2, 443:humanity, or sponsoring your own activities and focusing all your efforts upon organization work.Discipleship2, 466:to see you do, is for you adequate spiritual focusing. The deep love of all your group brothers isDiscipleship2, 478:heart. Visualize these triangles as relating and focusing your consciousness as far as may be inDiscipleship2, 479:of relation with others through: The focusing of the power or energy of devotion within yourself soDiscipleship2, 495:from the physical brain, after definitely focusing your consciousness there. Withdraw to the astralDiscipleship2, 508:having achieved inner quiet and relaxed mental focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness, toDiscipleship2, 515:on one breath with an interlude of conscious focusing. You will notice that, in combination withDiscipleship2, 520:speaking symbolically, of our planetary Life, focusing will, love and intelligence in one great andDiscipleship2, 590:in the light of this triple interrelation. Then focusing the light that is in you, send out theDiscipleship2, 643:whether anything is to be gained through your focusing your attention upon them at this time. StandDiscipleship2, 733:Reflect with assiduity on these words of mine. A focusing of your spiritual attitude and natureDiscipleship2, 744:and the sounding of the OM three times. Focusing the consciousness in the soul with a correspondingEducation, 61:emotional and mental levels of consciousness, focusing through the etheric body which, in turn,Externalisation, 172:to [172] participate in the subjective focusing and rallying of the world thinkers, andExternalisation, 210:by intelligent cooperation, in the planned focusing of enlightened public opinion, and in definingExternalisation, 311:there is the enslaving of the human soul. The focusing of the inner life towards the Hierarchy inExternalisation, 315:through my group and throughout the world. Then, focusing your attention and dedication, see theExternalisation, 343:it is not an implacable, unshakable, immovable focusing of all energies in the need to triumph (theExternalisation, 343:does not lie in the effort to produce this focusing with better effect than the enemy. The use ofExternalisation, 343:and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focusing of energy and the demonstration of anExternalisation, 349:do this, the Christ will join in the effort by focusing in Himself the spirit of appeal as it isExternalisation, 351:His people in May. It is the strengthening and focusing of the will which the Christ is endeavoringExternalisation, 353:needed; it is the will-to-focus and through this focusing to aid in the great act of invocation forExternalisation, 356:limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusing the conflict between the Dweller and theExternalisation, 363:and its demand so loud that it is succeeding in focusing the massed intent of the people.Externalisation, 392:and united demand. Only such a united demand, focusing the "massed intent" of mankind will sufficeExternalisation, 395:Himself and for this the Christ stands ready, focusing in Himself the desire of Humanity for thatExternalisation, 400:result of the Great Approach you can aid in the focusing or anchoring of the new world religion,Externalisation, 418:and of invocation, and who can work consciously, focusing the invocative cry of the masses and atExternalisation, 482:used for nine years. [482] Behind the Christ, focusing with intensity today and preparing for aExternalisation, 496:This point of tension involves the dynamic focusing of all mental, emotional and physical energiesExternalisation, 657:the primary energy of our present solar system, focusing [658] upon our planetary life) presents toFire, 616:centralize the positive force of the plane. This focusing of the positive affects the negativeGlamour, 83:of linking up the mind with the soul and then focusing oneself consciously and with precision inGlamour, 158:then there comes a significant and important focusing of the attention of the Dweller on the AngelGlamour, 163:limitations, weaknesses and nationalisms, are focusing the conflict between the Dweller and theGlamour, 189:and its demand so loud that it is succeeding in focusing the massed intent of the people.
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