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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSING

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Glamour, 204:upon the ray of the personality. The stage of focusing the disciple's consciousness upon the mentalGlamour, 204:Ending of Glamor This process of recognition, focusing, dissipation and consequent revelation goesGlamour, 208:body and producing an effect in the brain. This focusing process falls into three stages: TheGlamour, 209:light of matter or of the mind. This process of focusing is undertaken through alignment and by theGlamour, 209:the meditation process. The second stage of the focusing process is produced through the effort toGlamour, 210:contact the soul offsets the dangers inherent in focusing on and using solely the light of matter;Glamour, 210:to the full rays of the sun; or a burning glass, focusing the rays of the sun, can start aGlamour, 212:and comfort. Second: that the three stages of focusing, referred to above, constitute a preparatoryGlamour, 215:life and all relationships. The three stages of focusing outlined (pp. 208-210) must be undertaken.Glamour, 215:(pp. 208-210) must be undertaken. The stage of focusing the light of the mind and the light ofGlamour, 219:of the glamor to be dissipated. The stage of focusing the light of the personality, a dual light.Glamour, 230:its disappearance. 3. The Preparatory Stages: Focusing the dual personality light of matter and ofGlamour, 231:form aspect of the simple ritual and aid them in focusing their attention in the world of meaningGlamour, 231:Act of Naming. The Act of Protection. The Act of Focusing the Light. It will be apparent to youGlamour, 235:of the particular glamor. The three stages of focusing: Focusing the dual light of matter and mindGlamour, 235:particular glamor. The three stages of focusing: Focusing the dual light of matter and mind in theGlamour, 235:light of matter and mind in the mental body. Focusing, through meditation, this dual light and theGlamour, 235:this dual light and the light of the soul. Focusing these three lights and so creating theGlamour, 237:of the glamor to be dissipated. [237] Focusing the dual light of the personality. Meditation andGlamour, 238:Cross of Divinity. The three preparatory stages: Focusing the dual light of matter and mind.Glamour, 239:Act of Naming. The Act of Protection. The Act of Focusing the Lights. The Act of Direction. [240]Healing, 97:the one to be healed; but once it has aided in focusing the attention of the healer and the healingHealing, 102:or involved, and the brain acts solely as the focusing point of the love and the healing force toHealing, 104:one you seek to heal, linking up with him, and focusing your attention on him so that he becomes aHealing, 175:The stimulation of the ajna center by the focusing of these energies may lead to disastrousHealing, 211:movement, and in Christian Science. Instead of focusing their effort on achieving the pure lifeHealing, 238:Energy follows thought, and this mental focusing upon the centers will inevitably produceHealing, 275:important statement. That the etheric body is a focusing point for all the interior energies of theHealing, 307:of intelligent questions is the occult method of focusing the mind, of synthesizing knowledge, andHealing, 381:in disease which is displayed today, the focusing of all the resources of medical and surgicalHealing, 428:subject of death in A Treatise on White Magic, focusing therein primarily upon the physicalHealing, 437:to be souls, and find that we are capable of focusing our consciousness or sense of awareness inHealing, 457:no possibility of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red stimulates the solarHealing, 467:it concerns those activities which produce a focusing or a polarization in one of two directions;Healing, 469:to be found in every atom of substance. This focusing light will be found to concentrate itself inHealing, 470:is accomplished. This entire process of the focusing of the spiritual elements in the etheric body,Healing, 571:of pure manasic energy. The ajna center - focusing and directing point for all these energies.Healing, 572:agent for lower mental energy. The ajna center - focusing point of these three energies. In theHealing, 580:the soul, working through the head centers and focusing itself in the magnetic field which theyHealing, 631:by the factor of faith, and faith is simply the focusing of the patient's energy in line with theHealing, 694:it will be safe, wise and right to convey those "focusing Points," those "organizing Words," andHealing, 698:He will next create the secondary triangle by focusing his attention in the center of reception,Hercules, 12:see the marvellous organization of the plan, the focusing of the energies and the growth of theIntellect, 81:an introverted use of the mind and its intense focusing upon a new and unusual field of contact.Intellect, 99:it and so use it. Meditation. The prolonged focusing of the attention in any direction and theIntellect, 132:act of perfect concentration, the passionate focusing of the self upon the one point, when it isIntellect, 153:is the way of the intellect, of the intense focusing of the mind upon a problem and upon the formIntellect, 194:the same transcendence of the senses, the same focusing of the mind at its highest point, the sameIntellect, 215:is the result of a disciplined life, and the focusing of the consciousness in the head. This is, inIntellect, 217:Again, if we start the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritual things and on theMagic, 15:eliminated or corrected, and the steady focusing of the attention either upon a seed thought, aMagic, 15:the mind in the art of clear thinking, the focusing of the attention, and consequent receptivity toMagic, 17:nature to its own place - uses the mind as a focusing [18] point and looks out through that lensMagic, 159:by concentrated meditation work, then a definite focusing of the attention and the breath, as theMagic, 179:mental levels with the higher faculties as the focusing point. The use of the head centers isMagic, 216:on the work in magic. It is through the intense focusing of intention in the head and the turningMagic, 246:and specific objective, necessitating such a focusing. Later when the words of the great ChristianMagic, 248:energy aspects) meet, it is indicative of a focusing in the soul consciousness and a centralizationMagic, 248:in his meditation work develops facility in focusing his attention in one or other of the centersMagic, 248:to train himself in wider and more extended focusing and must learn to withdraw his consciousness,Magic, 252:in the place of the brain activity and becomes a focusing center for the soul, and a point throughMagic, 252:coordinated activity) to the creation of a focusing center, [253] or form, within the head of theMagic, 335:the world - trains, vessels and airplanes - the focusing of the sounds of men in such congestedMagic, 384:Hence we have these groupings, and hence the focusing of the energies through which the Plan of theMagic, 439:planets which are producing pulls and shifts and focusing streams of energy upon our earth whichMagic, 494:to be souls, and find that we are capable of focusing our consciousness or sense of awareness inMagic, 504:admired? These two activities will result in the focusing of the life energies above the diaphragmMagic, 505:no possibility of recovery. Orange aids the focusing in the head, just as red [506] stimulates theMagic, 542:a slight change in the present mode of visual focusing it will be found that the human eye isMagic, 555:This, in its turn, necessitates a one pointed focusing upon the goal and the holding of the purposeMagic, 593:act of the will and through the intense mental focusing and concentrated attention of the man,Meditation, 15:largely what we term achievement by an intense focusing, a terrific one-pointedness, that inhibitsMeditation, 38:or dimension. The difference lies in the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. TheMeditation, 73:served its purpose as a center for the emotional focusing. The activity of the fire becomes moreMeditation, 89:and is directly under the eye of a Master, focusing through H.P.B. Information as to the invokingPatanjali, 23:of such intense spiritual concentration and focusing in the spiritual or atmic body that thePatanjali, 37:he has sought to know. Concentration (or intense focusing) results in meditation and meditationPatanjali, 70:also include the two stages of concentration, focusing or control of the mind, and meditation, thePatanjali, 234:self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light in the head. This power isPatanjali, 294:2. Through the practice of love, the focusing of the attention upon the heart life and service, andPatanjali, 313:self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light in the head. This power isProblems, 7:the world. The key to humanity's trouble (focusing as it has in the economic difficulties of thePsychology1, 11:Every group in the world is a nucleus for the focusing and interplay of the seven types of force,Psychology1, 25:expression of the divine nature. A militant focusing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to thePsychology1, 197:the quality aspect of the life, and the other is focusing his attention upon the appearance aspect.Psychology1, 283:methods and secondly to the increased mental focusing or polarization of the race, which leads toPsychology2, 9:the psychological unfoldment of man? It is the focusing of the lowest aspect of the soul, which isPsychology2, 74:and carefully timed and directed orientation or focusing. In this last process, the gain of thePsychology2, 115:If they can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focusing always in unison with all other servers, thePsychology2, 247:to the inner side of phenomena. By this means, a focusing of consciousness is produced whichPsychology2, 248:consciousness at which the revelation comes. The focusing of the faculty of the imagination uponPsychology2, 249:of the artist is alignment, meditation and the focusing of his attention upon the world of meaning.Psychology2, 278:the Christ has approached closer to humanity by focusing divine energy upon the astral planePsychology2, 328:will-to-be upon the physical plane. Consciously focusing attention on the processes involved in thePsychology2, 356:the aspirant to a point of such intense inner focusing and alert mental detachment that he will bePsychology2, 447:nature and the superconscious nature, and yet focusing both as a brilliant point of light withinPsychology2, 463:only one of its connotations. The intense mental focusing, producing undue mental emphasis, wrongPsychology2, 463:in this part of our study relates to a mental focusing and attitude which attempts to [464] relatePsychology2, 479:to his type so will the effort be directed to focusing his attention and directing his interestPsychology2, 527:up the spine to the throat center, prior to the focusing of the energy of all the centers in the
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