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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOCUSING

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Psychology2, 528:the process of transference but also that of focusing the forces in the higher centers. Period -Psychology2, 549:the processes of awakening, transference and the focusing of the energy in the higher center. ThesePsychology2, 588:as evolution carries him to the stage of mental focusing and spiritual orientation. Before this canPsychology2, 596:lead to: A right distribution of energy. The focusing of the forces in the centers. The burning ofPsychology2, 700:If they can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focusing in unison with all other servers at the timeRays, 141:of the spiral) of the degree of the Christ, are focusing all Their efforts. Up to the fourthRays, 182:and to use because he has begun to work as a focusing agent of the Spiritual Triad and is no longerRays, 290:which forever exists within the Hierarchy and - focusing through the Christ - the synthesis whichRays, 314:by the realization of monadic awareness and the focusing of the life aspect within the Whole. TheRays, 447:carefully timed and directed reorientation or focusing. In this last process the gain of the pastRays, 457:- in cooperation with his steadily awakening and focusing consciousness - to take the next step,Rays, 486:or determination. The idea is more literally the focusing of energy upon the mental plane at theRays, 487:the desired point of tension and of energy-focusing. This will enable him to begin the consciousRays, 491:brought to a point of excessive tension by the focusing of the mental impulse (an aspect of theRays, 500:are occupied with a definite process of focusing their consciousness in the soul. This processRays, 501:sources - the personality and the soul. By this focusing and its resultant tension, by thus evokingRays, 502:building process and one of the major means of focusing, prior to projection. This process ofRays, 502:falls into three main activities: After due focusing and after careful, sequential and systematicRays, 503:of definite projection: Intention, producing focusing and tension. Visualization, produced by: TheRays, 540:be found. The point of fusion is created by the focusing of all the power, aims and desires of theRays, 565:at any given moment been capable of consciously focusing [566] and using. These are points which itRays, 588:wherein pure monadic energy pours through him, focusing the will-to-good, as registered by theRays, 682:as it demonstrates on the mental plane, and this focusing in due time starts the seriousRays, 748:this. We shall have eventually a spiritual focusing which will be divorced from the presentReappearance, 29:implications of His mission and the intense focusing of His life in a universal sense. TheReappearance, 95:These groups of energies are ready for focusing and distribution by the Hierarchy and thatReappearance, 106:suffering were of man's own making and that the focusing of human desire upon the undesirable, theTelepathy, 45:of a giving out. The key to humanity's trouble (focusing, as it has, in the economic troubles ofTelepathy, 173:to the service angle of the centers, and to the focusing and the use of energy in service. It is
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