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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLD

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Astrology, 567:words: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring." This refers to theBethlehem, 216:accorded him admission into paradise was a two-fold one. He recognized the divinity of Christ.Discipleship1, 231:here. Third month - A mountain top. Snow with a fold of sunshine. A group of pilgrims on the upwardDiscipleship2, 275:claim his choice, leading him on to the seven fold Path of initiate evolution." This is the Way ofEducation, 145:Science of the Antahkarana deals with the three fold thread which connects: The monad, the soul andExternalisation, 115:that the forces of destruction or death are two-fold: first, the rapidly emerging and developingExternalisation, 287:with us and Who is gathering His sheep into His fold, the Lord of Love. In these Three, WhoseFire, 449:every human being has one very important 'fold' or 'layer', which invariably bears the color of theFire, 872:to him is then committed the key to the three fold mystery of energy. Of this energy in itsInitiation, 72:consciousness, viewing the Master in a two-fold sense: As his own egoic consciousness. As theInitiation, 166:of mental pictures. The aim has been two-fold: To teach the student to visualize his thought-formsIntellect, 119:was one who eventually rid himself of the Two-Fold Shadow and soared into Spiritual Space, till heMagic, 27:In that earlier stage the development was two-fold. As the soul assumed control, via the mind, soMagic, 146:Vibration, the effect of divine activity, is two-fold. There is the first effect in which thePatanjali, 80:creative faculty, the third aspect in its five fold nature. The relation of the five senses (asPatanjali, 204:sutra that the purification required is four fold and concerns four vehicles. The results of thisPsychology2, 379:for that consciousness demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. ItRays, 72:of an initiate. He is one who, in his two-fold nature (soul and personality), moves forward. NoReappearance, 141:said, "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold." (John X, 16.) Telepathy, 152:the etheric body as a whole to the entire two-fold nervous system (cerebro-spinal and the
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