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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOW

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Discipleship1, 379:the beginning of the Path of Discipleship) you follow not the normal procedure but complicate yourDiscipleship1, 383:expectancy. You have sought with diligence to follow my directions and I think you realize thatDiscipleship1, 383:however, to be done (and this again you know). Follow the instructions given to you earlier, butDiscipleship1, 393:consideration. Let your meditation, therefore, follow the following lines. 1st month - Why, isDiscipleship1, 416:almost to the point of lack of interest. Just follow the form and look not for results. They willDiscipleship1, 416:the form and look not for results. They will follow automatically e'en if you realize them not.Discipleship1, 424:to tune in on the newer and higher rhythms. Follow, therefore, the procedure outlined until I againDiscipleship1, 425:and not as seed thoughts for meditation. Follow the group meditation with care for it will give youDiscipleship1, 434:work? You will know to what I refer. Secondly: Follow each day the meditation outlined below,Discipleship1, 453:going to give you an ordinary, set meditation to follow. I am going to ask you to give fifteenDiscipleship1, 455:heart into the head and this, I think, you know. Follow the breathing exercises with care and withDiscipleship1, 466:Ray of Ceremonial Order. I would ask you to follow the meditation and continue with the breathingDiscipleship1, 475:year to give you some set meditation form to follow and I include in it a mantram which you can useDiscipleship1, 483:of the soul. One thing I would urge upon you: Follow with great diligence the keeping of the diaryDiscipleship1, 498:during the coming months. I will also ask you to follow the meditation here outlined... Meditate onDiscipleship1, 506:the path that your soul has chosen you should follow. Refrain from breathing exercises for theyDiscipleship1, 517:- but a failure to be detached. Will you follow each day (not necessarily at night) a review uponDiscipleship1, 518:- but a failure to be detached. Will you follow each day (not necessarily at night) a review uponDiscipleship1, 519:with closeness and attention... And, my brother, follow the occult exercises indicated and returnDiscipleship1, 529:birds and shy, small creatures - who sometimes follow - and then one sees, a few feet away, midwayDiscipleship1, 532:and enrichments which I will indicate to you... Follow this, my brother, for the next six months.Discipleship1, 542:not only to the few. I would suggest that you follow the meditation suggested below. It isDiscipleship1, 548:The second thing I would ask you to do is to follow a breathing exercise I will give you. I shallDiscipleship1, 550:exercise which I have given to P. D. W. and then follow it yourself with care? It will be good forDiscipleship1, 574:to tell you what activity your personality must follow; it is your own soul which must so do. SomeDiscipleship1, 574:help is needed by us. I give you no exercises to follow other than the outlined breathing exerciseDiscipleship1, 579:to the newer rhythms. Make no plans but follow the lines of service as they open up and as needsDiscipleship1, 587:they proceed upon their way, leaving you to follow after and to catch up with them eventually. ThisDiscipleship1, 597:much upon the subject of the intuition. Follow the breathing exercises with attention, bearing,Discipleship1, 599:simply to be a devotee of the Tibetan brother. Follow the meditation I here give you... Discipleship1, 603:at sunset and at night - four times a day - follow the procedure outlined below: Sound the SacredDiscipleship1, 605:and opportunity. As for the method you should follow in meditation, I would suggest the procedureDiscipleship1, 607:wishes, aims and dreams. Have you done this? To follow the rocky way of duty, of dharma, and clearDiscipleship1, 609:resistance. You can render good service if you follow instructions with care, but it is theDiscipleship1, 609:not in your meditation (for I would have you follow only your group meditation) but during the day.Discipleship1, 644:their application to human life. Then will follow the practice and active work with individuals.Discipleship1, 651:speak them and some one must respond to them. Follow the meditation outline here suggested untilDiscipleship1, 655:Your meditation can, for the next three months, follow the lines indicated below. During theseDiscipleship1, 655:indicated below. During these months, you can follow this suggestion and then resume yourDiscipleship1, 664:offsets the old solitary suffering. Carefully follow the work of the Full Moon Approach, for itDiscipleship1, 716:struggle to grow into the spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation to the thingsDiscipleship2, 17:in your minds as to the processes which I shall follow in dealing with this group of disciples andDiscipleship2, 18:faithfully and correctly and the results will follow spontaneously. II. Unfold to you and revealDiscipleship2, 26:the sunset hour of contact. This means - if you follow instructions correctly - that you subjectDiscipleship2, 26:to the exact hour if that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlined below: Center theDiscipleship2, 27:the Great Invocation. Endeavor consciously to follow my lead as we say the words, and listen withDiscipleship2, 85:to make your individual contact with me if you follow the rules and live the outer life of aDiscipleship2, 93:others are today rapidly fitting themselves to follow these three disciples into the Ashram. TheyDiscipleship2, 104:bodies of the personality have perforce to follow the same rules as the physical body - they areDiscipleship2, 114:the procedure which I suggest that you follow: There are two points of vital light within the solarDiscipleship2, 119:and uncomplicated in your mind. If you will follow the above instructions with the simplicity of aDiscipleship2, 125:in nature and can be dispensed with when you can follow the process automatically. I will nowDiscipleship2, 126:do the scales fall from his eyes. Therefore, follow obediently (though voluntarily) my requests asDiscipleship2, 126:give you another symbolic process which will follow five stages: [127] At the time of the Full MoonDiscipleship2, 128:alignment exercise which I would ask you to follow together until further notice. I emphasize theDiscipleship2, 151:which, as a group, you have been asked to follow. I would like to summarize their objectives forDiscipleship2, Here t:During this coming year I would like you to follow a meditation procedure as outlined below, theDiscipleship2, 180:these significances will appear if you follow instructions and do these meditations carefully,Discipleship2, 181:for the second initiation would do well to follow this meditation for one week in each month of theDiscipleship2, 190:and rounded-out form for the disciple to follow; it will suffice him for many years to come. I haveDiscipleship2, 191:subjectively at present. If you [191] follow these meditations with care in the years to come, youDiscipleship2, 193:the instructions here; you have them and should follow them carefully, bearing in mind that youDiscipleship2, 219:of planning and of effective expression will follow. Reflection, meditation and visualization willDiscipleship2, 226:soul and be satisfied." I ask you, therefore, to follow these two meditations at least once a weekDiscipleship2, 245:in connection with group integration, and they follow upon what you have had earlier when I soughtDiscipleship2, 281:the process which the disciple will be able to follow when he is initiate; as each initiation isDiscipleship2, 308:to them before they take the needed steps and follow initiation. This will save much time andDiscipleship2, 315:The illumination of men's minds will rapidly follow. The process of lifting the subhuman kingdomsDiscipleship2, 337:with their bones" is not occultly true. Evil may follow after a man in his next incarnation untilDiscipleship2, 342:hierarchical Plan which I - as a disciple - must follow? This would involve a careful constructionDiscipleship2, 376:express the idea in Christian phraseology - to follow the footsteps of Christ. They may knowDiscipleship2, 377:his release from its control, and has then to follow (for several lives) a policy ofDiscipleship2, 445:and for the next few months I would have you follow these instructions... Life is difficult theseDiscipleship2, 461:should materially help and I advise you to follow it with real care. I advise also that youDiscipleship2, 471:keep pace with your vision. I suggest that you follow the simple outline which I call "TheDiscipleship2, 473:in learning. I give you no meditation to follow. You may feel it necessary to make certain changesDiscipleship2, 475:eye is yours. Let the radiation of your heart follow the eye's direction. Live not upon the surfaceDiscipleship2, 488:- contact, impression, relationship - you might follow a simple exercise when going to sleep atDiscipleship2, 491:is to be sounded inaudibly. If you will follow these suggestions, my brother, you will make rapidDiscipleship2, 518:second ray likewise fall into two groups: They follow the way of specialized detail and of aDiscipleship2, 532:about in you the needed changes, provided you follow the meditation with regularity. I would,Discipleship2, 545:my brother, for your sincere desire is to follow the path of spiritual development but you make theDiscipleship2, 569:your personality as a divine server. If you follow this apparently very simple procedure in theDiscipleship2, 574:the fifth, the sixth and the seventh rays; these follow each other in sequential order, producingDiscipleship2, 577:meditation which I suggest that you should follow, is to bring into increasing activity the twoDiscipleship2, 627:I am going to give you no set meditation form to follow. I am however going to give you somethingDiscipleship2, 630:Will you therefore do the following things and follow the procedure outlined below: Summarize inDiscipleship2, 634:of approach which you and all disciples must follow. The pillars (again symbolically) no longerDiscipleship2, 641:however a meditation which I would ask you to follow and to do so dynamically. By that I mean:Discipleship2, 676:Initiation of Decision, the Path which you must follow will clearly appear to you. I wonder whetherDiscipleship2, 715:A.A.B., but only if you so desire. If you will follow out these instructions, you will be surprisedDiscipleship2, 719:your meditation work, you may now begin to follow the meditation outline given in the last series,Discipleship2, 760:each month and for the rest of your life to follow for three days a definite procedure... I askDiscipleship2, 768:in their proving teach and lift those who would follow in their steps. Thus down the ages have theDiscipleship2, 768:Way of purity, the Way into the innermost. We follow after. They served their time. We seek to doEducation, 27:of development wherein some human beings can follow along this path from the physical consciousnessEducation, 88:a Roman Catholic; if he is born a Jew, he will follow the Jewish teaching; if born in Asia, he mayEducation, 103:of material conditions. These will automatically follow when the sense of awareness is steadilyEducation, 116:situation will be of value if you are to follow development in the future intelligently. First, theExternalisation, 20:and who, with mental interest and devotion, follow out as far as may be my line of thought. I have
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