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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOW

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Externalisation, 99:with that which must be loved. Can you follow the beauty of this concept and comprehend the natureExternalisation, 128:situation as yet or to force their leaders to follow the mass will-to-good. They are eitherExternalisation, 129:cleavage wider by placing yourself, and all who follow your form of ideology, upon the side of theExternalisation, 151:millions of people in the world who do pray to, follow and seek to invoke the great spiritual headExternalisation, 199:and exploitation. The lines which it will follow, even in the immediate future, are unpredictable.Externalisation, 226:you to take right and appropriate action and to follow, with all other disciples and aspirants, theExternalisation, 329:meditation in this group as I have asked you to follow individually. Subordinate your own wishesExternalisation, 336:of unity. Differentiations are easy, for they follow the line of least resistance upon the physicalExternalisation, 350:of mine, both now and in the years which will follow. As you prepare your own hearts, remember thatExternalisation, 384:discover and cooperate with the divine Plan and follow the guiding hand of God in world affairs.Externalisation, 398:and the Great Release will automatically follow. Externalisation, 417:investigate whether the teaching is true and to follow the techniques suggested, in the hope thatExternalisation, 442:of life, would have all aspirants and disciples follow. The plans outlined by me during the pastExternalisation, 453:earth. Years ago I said that the war which may follow this one would be waged in the field of theExternalisation, 463:and earthly existence as of major importance; follow the Noble Eightfold Path which is the path ofExternalisation, 471:has too long [471] entombed mankind. Then will follow those steps which will lead to a new andExternalisation, 478:as to what evil can bring upon those who follow it. With all these modes of strengthening theExternalisation, 499:of life which will give them leisure and time to follow spiritual objectives, to realize richerExternalisation, 516:lies in the hands of those who consistently follow the Christ. Those who use this power only forExternalisation, 516:can be utilized by those who wisely and sanely follow in the footsteps of the [517] Christ, theExternalisation, 517:of its ceremonies and teachings. Then will follow seven years of germination of the seed sown, aExternalisation, 518:fray. They are like the Headquarters Staff who follow the battle from a secure eminence. In TheirExternalisation, 522:basis of the instruction. We shall attempt to follow this outline. Hierarchical Adjustment andExternalisation, 545:find for themselves that the religion they follow is destructive of many of the finer values, isExternalisation, 559:pass to Shamballa, and from Shamballa he will follow one or other of the seven Paths; the Path ofExternalisation, 583:and in the field of finance, but they will follow these lines of activity through naturalExternalisation, 590:is present and living, Who is known to those who follow Him, Who is a strong and able executive andExternalisation, 593:veil, leaving us an example that we too should follow His steps," and Theirs. We too belongExternalisation, 608:place of service where only the most exalted can follow Him; His present position will then beExternalisation, 612:is already here and the Plan which they must follow is already made and clear. Let recognition beExternalisation, 639:in themselves can be good and proper if they follow lines of natural cleavages, of languageExternalisation, 696:of childhood and maturity? Some initiates may follow this ordinary pattern, some are alreadyFire, 170:vibrating so rapidly that the eye can scarcely follow it. Above all, at the top of the head will beFire, 173:and who seek to use them in world service, follow the method of imparting a fact (oft veiled inFire, 173:by symbol) and then of leaving the pupil to follow his own deductions. Discrimination is therebyFire, 186:due comprehension comes the ability wisely to follow the path of knowledge. The senses might beFire, 215:This Law of Economy causes matter always to follow the line of least resistance, and is the basisFire, 298:chain, just as the names of a chain in a scheme, follow the planetary nomenclature. This has led toFire, 303:demonstrate in groups of fours and sevens, and follow the usual evolutionary sequence, as:Fire, 424:be given of the path which concrete science may follow. Let us, therefore, take these four types ofFire, 472:realize his independence of the form, and should follow the path of Self-expression. This should beFire, 544:directed; destructive, if left blindly to follow their own course. Before taking up this matter,Fire, 545:It is neither possible nor desirable to follow each line of this threefold evolution separately,Fire, 555:emprise, man will work as a Creator and will follow a similar procedure. [556] His thought formsFire, 575:the human Monads, and only in the three worlds, follow the positive line, and by resistance,Fire, 589:evolutions touch in that kingdom, and then again follow their own paths, finding their next pointFire, 738:(of evil) steps aside for the time being to follow him in his future earth-reincarnation, he bringsFire, 816:problem. What is proposed in this Treatise is to follow the latter method, as the aim is to makeFire, 829:perhaps in later rounds the whole process will follow natural law. In this round and on this chain,Fire, 829:is optional, and a man may - if he so choose - follow the normal process, and take aeons of time toFire, 845:To become the solar Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of the paths earlier enumerated. ThoseFire, 852:may be. All these three groups of manifestation follow karmic impulse, and this impulse it is whichFire, 860:according to plan, and if he wishes safely to follow along the line of the true psychic unfoldment:Fire, 929:to be governed, and an ability evidenced to follow out an individual concept at the expense of theFire, 939:of the human physical vehicle, so that it may follow accurately the lines of growth of the twoFire, 940:which lower man (the Quaternary) functions, follow exactly analogous stages to the building of theFire, 978:the word deliberately) and who disinterestedly follow the path of service, They can produce moreFire, 984:is only a transmitter of words. We can equally follow up the historical development of this rootFire, 1039:which only advanced initiates know of or can follow; these can break in upon any of the lesserFire, 1046:which are so much more difficult for man to follow, as relating to the spiral action of theFire, 1075:period of time that the human mind is unable to follow the process. The radioactive period is muchFire, 1084:made, and every sphere, and suns of all degrees, follow its course. The night of time is lost inFire, 1108:the law of analogy it is not easily possible to follow the various steps and stages and this forFire, 1122:with such rapidity that the eye can scarce follow them. The bodies are formed of the highest gradesFire, 1131:tread the path and the goal ahead for those who follow the necessary discipline of life, and theFire, 1155:fulfil egoic purpose. To do this the Ego has to follow certain rules, to conform to law, and toFire, 1165:in the extreme, and impossible for the eye to follow, the mind of man to conceive, or the pen toFire, 1175:developed the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioning consciouslyFire, 1208:of energy. The negative lives of a hierarchy follow the following sequence: Negative energy.Fire, 1245:of the Wisdom are divided. Not so many Masters follow this Path as some of the others, and onlyFire, 1259:that the "lords of compassion" most frequently follow, and at this time the Egyptian Master and theFire, 1259:reason also why the majority of the sons of men follow this Path lies in the fact of its numericalFire, 1262:is the one that the majority of their adepts follow. Adepts who are on this Path, therefore, willGlamour, 44:means he must employ and the technique he must follow if he is to clear his path from darkness andGlamour, 44:clear his path from darkness and confusion and follow on to light and harmony. Our study must beGlamour, 44:and overcome "clears the way" for those who follow after, and makes easier the path of his fellowGlamour, 93:to draw out your own ideas. I would urge you to follow the group meditation with care. It is ofGlamour, 100:recognized by you. It remains but for you to follow the ancient way of Raja Yoga and bring in theGlamour, 103:other by clear lines of demarcation, nor do they follow each other in a clear sequence. TheyGlamour, 180:occultism. Therefore, the following stages must follow upon the three earlier. We will continueGlamour, 197:produce vastly different results to those which follow when men live and work in the midst ofGlamour, 214:the process, and the aspirant would do well to follow it as given, having in his mind no sense ofGlamour, 219:of the required conditions, the aspirant will follow it well-nigh automatically and all that heGlamour, 257:in due time into the light of day. But they must follow an ordered process of gestation and ofGlamour, 257:has to be launched, then the student can safely follow certain scheduled breathing exercises andHealing, 4:What is the general plan which I shall seek to follow as I instruct you in the laws of healing,Healing, 89:thought at all, or are caused by the failure to follow those fundamental laws which govern the MindHealing, 89:of this failure is the fact that man does not follow the basic Law of Rhythm, which governs all theHealing, 102:work as a subjective group; each should then follow the instructions each day [103] and as if heHealing, 126:magnetic influence and of extroversion. He may follow this immediately with a life of withdrawal,Healing, 178:ideas to students, hoping that some research may follow which will relate this subject of theHealing, 298:and Disease "The Great One set Himself to follow by Himself alone His chosen path. He brooked noHealing, 314:then the invoked and concentrated energy will follow thought, under the ancient law, and soHealing, 356:energy may come. He senses its vibration and can follow it to its emanating source by an effort ofHealing, 365:passed into the light, whom you want to help, follow them with your love, remembering that they areHealing, 453:itself with the form aspect and endeavors to follow the "Path of Death," for that is what the darkHealing, 485:or municipal requirements, cremation should follow death within thirty-six hours; where no reasonHealing, 521:within it the living seed of that which will follow later. In The Secret Doctrine, for instance,Healing, 532:that law. The rules are renumbered and do not follow in the order earlier given. Law I All diseaseHealing, 576:constitute the conditions which he is advised to follow if he seeks success. Much depends upon his
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