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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWED

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Meditation, 111:meditation. Meditation as followed now and as followed in Atlantean days differs fundamentally. InMeditation, 111:to the practical exclusion of the mental. It followed the line of the emotions and had a definiteMeditation, 111:over vivified, the triangles were not correctly followed, and the lower centers were caught in theMeditation, 119:the guidance of his Master, and any formula followed that is not adjusted to a man's need carriesMeditation, 123:upon those who for many incarnations have followed the path of selfish cruelty, using theMeditation, 154:having studied briefly, Meditation as followed by the mystic, and Meditation as pursued by theMeditation, 157:will be imparted to him, which - when carefully followed out - will do two things: They will actMeditation, 157:the abstract or attributive rays are more easily followed by the mystic. These forms are for threeMeditation, 160:emotion, the effect of the form (when rightly followed) will be to transmute the emotion and turnMeditation, 161:forms of meditation may be found which - if followed in time - will eventually dissipate them. TheMeditation, 177:lesser forms of life. The true procedure - as followed by the Brotherhood of Light - is to controlMeditation, 196:of Nature's forces. It is that directed action, followed in unison by a body of people, whichMeditation, 201:of the Bodhisattva will a similar procedure be followed, for which the construction is alreadyMeditation, 222:solely to indicate lines of thought which, if followed closely, may lead to surprising results. ByMeditation, 248:throughout the communication are adequately followed up they will form the basis of certainMeditation, 277:provides these conditions, when rightly followed. It prepares the field for labor and for work. LetMeditation, 282:separately and indicate the meditation to be followed thereon. Meditation, 283:the plan of the Hierarchy of Light. The method followed is that of the intensest application to theMeditation, 285:Much that is called love, - if logically followed out - would apparently dispense with the ladderMeditation, 286:one, and the solvent and absorber. It can be followed, being synthetic, on either the Raja YogaMeditation, 287:meditation will be conscious of if he has duly followed the course laid down. These effects are notPatanjaliefforts towards its attainment are persistently followed without intermission, then the steadinessPatanjalia discrimination of pure Spirit through belief, followed by energy, memory, meditation and rightPatanjali, 17:understanding of this science. The process to be followed in relation to the mind might bePatanjali, 17:knowledge. When the process is studied and followed, the man on the physical plane becomesPatanjali, 27:efforts towards its attainment are persistently followed without intermission, then the steadinessPatanjali, 38:a discrimination of pure spirit through belief, followed by energy, memory, meditation and rightPatanjali, 42:personality, The head center. This is the line followed by the raja-yogins and it brings them to aPatanjali, 43:[43] The heart center. This is the line followed by the bhakti, the devotee and the saint andPatanjali, 43:and of sainthood. The former line is that to be followed by our Aryan race. This second line wasPatanjali, 112:of the work, which gives the rules which must be followed if the aspirant hopes to achieve, andPatanjali, 166:and concise outline of the exact steps to be followed for the needed regulation of the physical,Patanjali, 167:of the great evolutionary process but must be followed by a realization of the other polarPatanjali, 183:Here can be noted the orderly method which is followed in the pursuit of yoga or union. ThePatanjali, 187:laws governing human conduct and when they are followed by all the sons of men, the fullPatanjali, 214:is a branch of hatha yoga and is not to be followed by the fifth root-race; it is a remnant of thatPatanjali, 232:and explained. These five means, when duly followed, bring a man to the point where his lowerPatanjali, 248:they exist within his mind. This condition is followed by one in which his realization travelsPatanjali, 291:means of yoga (dealt with in Book II) have been followed. Patanjali, 295:The path from the heart center to the head, when followed, is the reflection in the body of thePatanjali, 351:extension and every sense when consciously followed and utilized can lead a man in three mainPatanjali, 384:discipleship. When the practices and methods are followed they bring about certain changes withinPatanjali, 389:of consciousness reached by those who have followed the eight means of yoga and have experiencedPatanjali, 425:in meditation, [425] have gone. The system now followed seems arid, dry and unsatisfactory. But joyPatanjali, xi:and the rules, methods, and means which - when followed - make a man "perfect even as your FatherProblems, 43:history of discovery, investigation and seizure, followed frequently by wicked and cruel treatmentProblems, 107:cults and crude religious practices. Much evil followed the explorer, the missionary and the traderProblems, 107:the missionary and the trader but much good also followed in their steps, particularly in those ofPsychology1, 122:instance, who with devotion (misplaced or not) followed some particular object, person or idea.Psychology1, 135:self-directed in the human family; it is blindly followed by the forms in the other kingdoms, whoPsychology1, 212:minute study of detail is the path that will be followed, whether in philosophy, the higherPsychology1, See pa:but latent in their effect and use. The process followed is that each ray works or pours its energyPsychology1, 269:the [269] daily life and regarded as one to be followed and satisfied only when need arises andPsychology1, 322:entity, called by us the Soul, the procedure followed in order to produce conscious control is thatPsychology1, 327:itself. [327] When given free scope and duly followed, it is the mode par excellence whereby thePsychology1, 327:The effect of continued aspiration, when followed by right action, is to bring about three things:Psychology1, 365:living. It is unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and constitutes the great discipline ofPsychology1, 405:egoic ray of man we have to grasp: The process followed - externalization. The secret to be found -Psychology2, 38:Blessed One caught the vision of the Way, and followed the Way without discretion. FuryPsychology2, 107:must grow out of the two rules above, faithfully followed. Your point of view and consciousness arePsychology2, 140:which is old and hindering, and this is later followed by the clear shining forth of the new ideaPsychology2, 152:of degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, (followed by the Mark degree) Master Mason (followedPsychology2, 152:(followed by the Mark degree) Master Mason (followed by the H.R.A.) and the grouped degrees, fourPsychology2, 156:nature. Experience, grasping, existing, followed by renewed demand for more satisfying compliancesPsychology2, 166:desire, through riotous living. This was followed by consequent satiety and loss of contentment,Psychology2, 167:by the wind. Destruction of all beauty is followed by the rain. The sky is black. Ruin is seen.Psychology2, 187:down to us from the ancient past. These are followed willingly and with the eyes open, but no rigidPsychology2, 195:of the meditation process as it should be followed by those who, through alignment, have made somePsychology2, 249:his attention upon the world of meaning. This is followed by the attempt to express divine ideas inPsychology2, 290:"The Lord of Will took being. His dim reflection followed in His steps. The little lord of forcePsychology2, 290:lord, who loved to fight for what he sought, followed with swiftness in His wake. The Lord Who inPsychology2, 357:when taken, indicates the procedure next to be followed. A vision of those who are travelling thePsychology2, 480:should be pursued or of careers which should be followed, plus a general indication [481] of linesPsychology2, 530:time or in some life passes through it. This is followed by a period of transference wherein thePsychology2, 549:in the career of the human being. This is followed by a concentration of the lower energy in thePsychology2, 750:which should be possible. If my suggestions are followed, and if the work is carried forwardRaysand in their totality (and when definitely followed) will eventuate in the total subjugation of theRays, 26:but they are rules for initiation which, if followed, will take the disciple and the group throughRays, 33:As we continue our studies of the rules to be followed by those receiving initiate-training, IRays, 62:personality, the dominant fifth of the ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad or Spirit. ItRays, 96:we call the whole man. Rightly understood and followed, this rule reveals the nature of the fourthRays, 139:teaching has been given, and that teaching, if followed, brings a man into the Hierarchy. He thenRays, 226:establishing of the power to invoke divinity, followed by a united group realization that "God isRays, 246:be revealed by an appreciation of the plan, followed by a consequent cooperation with that Plan.Rays, 277:subjectively upon the mental plane; this will be followed, as time elapses, by concreteRays, 356:sense - indicates the route which must be followed by the liberated initiate who seeks to penetrateRays, 408:periods of contemplation and mental activity, followed by active periods of energy direction toRays, 408:large; the training is peculiarly arduous and is followed, when opportunity is offered to functionRays, 420:of differentiation. This period of training is followed by a mysterious process called "multipleRays, 474:the Path of Discipleship) is a process which is followed under certain ancient and proven rules.Rays, 474:and proven rules. When these rules are correctly followed, the sequence of events and theRays, 482:building the antahkarana. It has been known and followed by those who were training for affiliationRays, 510:the outline of a process which, if adequately followed, will enable you to make real progress inRays, 513:use of the four [513] previous processes and followed by a conscious use of the antahkarana.Rays, 514:(pages 489-493, 509). When he has faithfully followed this outlined routine, personality and soulRays, 516:Intention and Visualization have been carefully followed and the four stages of the Projection haveRays, 517:of Intention and Visualization have been followed, and again the four stages of the ProjectionRays, 523:Invocation and Evocation. It is the method to be followed by average humanity at this time, becauseRays, 534:because it is old and reactionary and has not followed the evolutionary passage of the sun throughRays, 542:initiatory process; the work here indicated is followed by all disciple-initiates of all degrees,
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