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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWER

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Autobiography, 46:of "Jesus went about doing good," and I, as His follower, must do the same. So I began, furiouslyDiscipleship1, 454:rule and become the sannyasin, the detached follower of the Way. You are now in the world but areDiscipleship2, 430:to repudiate all that makes you feel a devoted follower of the individuality of any Master andExternalisation, 680:preoccupation of the earnest Christian follower with the thought of Christ. It is something quiteHealing, 116:recognition of and by the divine; he is the follower of the [117] vision, a disciple of the Christ,Hercules, 182:climb the mountain and exchange the position of follower to that of independent seekers. EntranceIntellect, 8:and of religion results from the fact that the follower of both schools finds he is standing at thePatanjali, 9:and the restraint of the chitta (or mind). The follower after union has two things to do: To gainPatanjali, 133:it is in process of accomplishment, the man is a follower of vidya or knowledge, a fourfold path.Problems, 100:his racial obligations. He regards the Jew as a follower of an obsolete religion; he [101]Psychology1, 231:ill-timed and ill-judged efforts of the earnest follower of the Great Lord. Above all else the workPsychology2, 170:" 'I love and live and love again,' the frenzied Follower cried aloud, blinded by his desire forPsychology2, 170:The vision he had seen no longer shone. The Follower stumbled in the dark. Life ended and the worldPsychology2, 170:Stand free, in custody of all the world.' The Follower answered: 'How shall I break my tunnel down?Psychology2, 171:in the dark came up, and groping, found the Follower. 'Lead me and others to the Light,' he cried.Psychology2, 171:'Lead me and others to the Light,' he cried. The Follower found no words, no indication Leader, noPsychology2, 171:invocation of a Savior.' To this great task the Follower, now a leader, bent his energies. He stillPsychology2, 372:his painted picture of himself as the devoted follower and disciple, following his Master untoPsychology2, 372:He, the idealist, is driven by his idea. He, the follower, runs blindly after his Master, his
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