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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWERS

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Astrology, 687:The center of which the Mahachohan and his followers are the exponents. These three groups form theAutobiography, 176:personality decisions upon a mass of personality followers. We simply did not know what to do orAutobiography, 178:We stood alone with, perhaps, a few unknown followers against one of the most powerful so-calledAutobiography, 255:as pictured; They do not issue orders to Their followers (or rather devotees) to do thus and so, toAutobiography, 269:the unquestioning obedience and loyalty of his followers marks him out as a beginner and as simplyBethlehem, 7:its practical application to the lives of His followers have been lost to sight in the undueBethlehem, 33:It would appear that the emphasis laid by the followers of Mohammed upon the fact of God, theBethlehem, 99:active life. The baptism which Christ gives His followers concerns the purification of the mind byBethlehem, 193:Jesus Christ as the "Great Fish," and of us, His followers, as the "little fishes." These facts areBethlehem, 206:supreme service and sacrifice that we become followers of Christ and earn the right to enter intoBethlehem, 240:and when Christ addressed to his earliest followers the words 'Follow Me,' we are told they leftBethlehem, 246:His disciples must be trained and taught; His followers must be guided and helped; the kingdom ofDiscipleship1, 568:power. From its magnetic aura, my disciples and followers must free themselves, for it is but man'sDiscipleship1, 787:as pictured; They do not issue orders to their followers (or rather devotees) to do thus and so, toDiscipleship2, 225:inclusive than are the hearts of the average followers of any religious doctrine, enunciated by theEducation, vi:Marxism and neo-Scholasticism provide for their followers, but to get this by the freely chosenExternalisation, 468:rapport, and this is entirely possible if the followers of the Christ realize their opportunity andExternalisation, 468:I would point out that when I use the phrase "followers of the Christ" I refer to all those whoExternalisation, 478:therefore, the efforts of the Christ and of His followers, the Masters of the Wisdom, have beenExternalisation, 635:the consciousness of as many human beings as the followers of the Christ can reach. Here you have aFire, 180:The center of which the Mahachohan and his followers are the exponents. These three groups form theFire, 826:involved in the sending out of their followers by any initiate (such as the Christ) in groups ofFire, 1039:impulse of the first ray is concerned; but his followers are not right, in so far as they overlookFire, 1082:scheme, The points of triple resistance, The followers of the ARHAT, The cyclic sons of peace, TheFire, 1155:correspondences indicated, should provide all followers of raja yoga with a basis for saneFire, 1213:agency through the power of the will. That followers of Hatha-Yoga are not aware of this purposeInitiation, 52:they have their disciples and their followers everywhere, and work through many bodies and manyInitiation, 132:to cohere the little endeavor of the faithful followers. Thus in all departments of human life theIntellect, 223:done, is laying up trouble for himself and his followers. It is only here and there that, in theMagic, 193:of superstitious devotees, of credulous followers of leaders, of fanatical unbalanced idealists,Magic, 328:guidance of an enlightened soul. These are the followers of a Church and a government, who areMagic, 381:The work of the black adepts and the followers of the left hand path. When the Ibezhan adeptsMagic, 381:and distortions, a number of Their erstwhile followers, many of great power and knowledge, foughtPatanjali, 27:mind (restraint of the vrittis) is secured. All followers of Raja Yoga must first be devotees. OnlyProblems, 126:down the meaning. Not content with this, their followers have forced these man-evolvedProblems, 139:set an example which will serve to enlighten the followers of every faith and of every branch ofPsychology1, 206:leader, reckless of risks to himself or his followers. It is the ray of the man who will lead aPsychology2, 358:of the form built by His devoted disciples and followers. The Master Himself is contacted. This canRays, 626:party leaders and their immediate convinced followers, with the mass of people questioning theRays, 747:of them is wickedly totalitarian and is finding followers; another is the victim of the stupid lackReappearance, 12:is that the needed work has not been done by His followers in all countries. His coming is largelyReappearance, 12:zeal to make "Christians" of all peoples and not followers of the Christ. It has emphasizedReappearance, 66:the Masters of the Wisdom and through His followers who toil unseen (and usually unrecognized)Soul, 142:the world, including Christ's injunction to His followers to "let their light shine." There is
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