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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWS

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Statement:If they present truth in such a way that it follows sequentially upon that already offered in theAstrology, 18:moon, the position of esoteric astrology is as follows: The sun sign. - This sign indicates theAstrology, 20:Aries, thus retrograding through the signs as he follows the sweep or path of the Sun'sAstrology, 48:of all that is. We might regard the subject as follows: The four superior groups are theAstrology, 67:the planets, as expressing the rays, is as follows: Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto,Astrology, 79:section of our Treatise on the Seven Rays are as follows: 1. Consider why five of the seven raysAstrology, 110:which normally arises might be expressed as follows, and was so expressed by an interestedAstrology, 147:sign of importance on the three Crosses is as follows:. The Mutable Cross - Pisces The Fixed CrossAstrology, 182:the aspirant to divinity. We might list these as follows, finding for each arm a distinctiveAstrology, 189:Sagittarius marks another point of balance which follows after that testing, for the [190] ArcherAstrology, 193:to the man upon the orthodox wheel is as follows: And the Word said: "Let food be sought." To theAstrology, 220:ruler of the Piscean Age. The formula runs as follows, speaking esoterically: "... the fishAstrology, 227:have been sensed and vaguely recognized. Then follows the experience in Libra wherein a life isAstrology, 230:the midway point. The situation was then as follows: Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo-VirgoAstrology, 326:fact which the Old Commentary phrases as follows: "Those who are demanding to be saved have criedAstrology, 337:side and the soul side might be expressed as follows, bearing ever in mind the limitations ofAstrology, 426:conditioning importance and may be enumerated as follows: Cancer Leo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces TheseAstrology, 427:or streams of energy in man may be listed as follows: Line I Line II Line III Will. PurposeAstrology, 513:different planets. As given earlier, they are as follows: Sacred Planets 1. Vulcan 1st ray 2.Astrology, 519:lessons of the war are learnt and right action follows as a result. Three factors must also beAstrology, 526:- are also governed by certain ray energies, as follows: The Occident: Soul Ray - Ray IIAstrology, 562:presentation when the influences are viewed as follows: Gemini - the presentation of duality. VirgoAstrology, 562:in the occult symbology of the Old Commentary as follows: "The Light shines forth because theAstrology, 604:The lines of approach might be indicated as follows: [605] This diamond shaped formation of theAstrology, 605:divine prototypal will in seven forms, are as follows: Ray I - The will to initiate. Ray II - TheAstrology, 614:in a broad and general sense might be stated as follows: Path of Evolution and Probation.Astrology, 641:Energy in the universe can be differentiated as follows: "Inter-cosmic - affecting constellations.Astrology, 651:These seven planets may be enumerated as follows, and the rays working through them are accuratelyAstrology, 680:one or two new facts. We might tabulate these as follows: First, it should be borne in mind by theAtom, 36:by Sir William Crookes, and is defined by him as follows: [37] "Protyle is a word analogous toAtom, 38:1920. In the earlier instance he is quoted as follows: "I do not believe that matter is inert,Atom, 54:to a dictionary we will find the word defined as follows: "The external shape or configuration of aAtom, 82:in a most interesting manner, summing it up as follows: "Thus He (God) dwells in all, From life'sAtom, 83:is a profoundly uninteresting one, and is as follows: Man is "an individual of the human race," andAtom, 83:is "an individual of the human race," and then follows a long list of suggestive derivations of theAtom, 83:gives an exceptionally clear definition as follows: "Man is that being in whom highest spirit andAtom, 99:this word you will find it defined somewhat as follows: "The state of being aware," or theAtom, 99:of consciousness, which we might enumerate as follows: Absolute consciousness, universalAtom, 100:somewhat to illustrate. It might be done as follows: In our earlier lectures we have seen that weAtom, 111:and achieving its results, is described as follows - and from a consideration of these words mayAutobiography, 264:later appear. These facts might be summarized as follows: Autobiography, 281:principles or essential propositions are as follows: The Arcane School is a training school forAutobiography, 283:based on three major expectations: These are as follows: Each student is pledged to occultBethlehem, 16:for the Christ life. Upon this racial teaching follows the work of the Christ with humanity,Bethlehem, 17:by the Savior of the West, can be expressed as follows: The Buddha - The Method Detachment.Bethlehem, 26:This is the stage which precedes and immediately follows the new birth, the Birth at Bethlehem. ItBethlehem, 30:an ancient Tibetan scripture. The words are as follows: "All beauty, all goodness, all that makesBethlehem, 45:a teacher and an expression of divinity, and follows in the footsteps of the Savior, serving theBethlehem, 95:up the at-one-ments which He brought about as follows: He unified in Himself to perfection theBethlehem, 99:us the divine in man and the purification which follows the activity of that divine spirit in theBethlehem, 114:deals with this question of personality as follows: "What I am urging is rather that our trueBethlehem, 137:are perfected. We might depict the process as follows: 1st Initiation New Birth InitiationBethlehem, 161:by the orthodox Christian might be enumerated as follows: He came to die upon the Cross to appeaseBethlehem, 196:of activities is also realized, it necessarily follows that a sense of division and of failure isBethlehem, 221:such as he could not previously conceive. He follows in the footsteps of his Master, beingBethlehem, 283:tale which is related of the Buddha. It runs as follows: "In the belief that He had attained untoDestiny, 14:manner, producing a twofold result, are as follows: 1. There is, at this time, an emergence ofDestiny, 35:the great and fundamental law that "energy follows thought" always holds good, and one of theDestiny, 47:of these expansions of consciousness is as follows: The world of psychical living. This requiresDestiny, 85:more in the East than in the West, provided she follows the indicated lines. Her two ruling signsDestiny, 89:Washington. The influences are, therefore, as follows: Aquarius - with its rulers, Uranus, JupiterDestiny, 100:- are also governed by certain ray energies, as follows: The Occident Soul Ray - Ray II.Destiny, 114:reflection of reality in the mind consciousness follows next and this is sensed, demanded andDestiny, 124:and third kingdoms in nature. These are as follows: [125] All animal bodies will be steadilyDestiny, 128:and rightly applied) are of importance: Energy follows thought. Right motive creates right actionDestiny, 132:focused upon physical living, for, again, energy follows thought. Thus their attitude to life couldDestiny, 141:The numerical correspondences might be noted as follows, remembering that the third initiation is,Discipleship1, 35:to facilitate interrelation or communication as follows: 1. There is a group of what we might callDiscipleship1, 60:and preserved by the group, as a group, are as follows: Group integrity. This grows out of rightDiscipleship1, 61:the horizontal stage. STAGE THREE. There follows next a careful consideration of group purpose andDiscipleship1, 89:the demonstration of the occult law that "energy follows thought." This, of course, everyoneDiscipleship1, 104:but later you will see the reason. They are as follows: First drop all form out of your meditationDiscipleship1, 115:into my heart to tell you can be summarized as follows. Note that these thoughts come from my heartDiscipleship1, 119:to state your problem and its solution are as follows: "The magnet swings, and swinging, fails toDiscipleship1, 156:building of a separative wall. The method is as follows: See before you a wheel of fire with sevenDiscipleship1, 169:points which I would impress upon you are as follows: Waste not time in backward looking nor inDiscipleship1, 175:earlier indicated. These seven thoughts are as follows: 1st month - The Power of the Soul poursDiscipleship1, 195:My brief instructions to you can be summed up as follows: Keep your meditation as heretofore.Discipleship1, 195:on which I would ask you to meditate are as follows: 1st month - The heart as a radiating center ofDiscipleship1, 212:be held steady. I would suggest that you work as follows: 1. Start your meditation work byDiscipleship1, 220:the concrete mind. Therefore, your rays are as follows: The soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 246:run a dual line of thought and work. Proceed as follows: Inhale on 8 counts, and as you do so, sayDiscipleship1, 246:I need for the helping of my fellowmen." Then follows an interlude of 12 slow counts, during whichDiscipleship1, 255:it might be stated that your rays are as follows: The ray of the soul - the first Ray of Will orDiscipleship1, 263:1931 To you, my brother, my words are as follows: You have this life stepped out into a greaterDiscipleship1, 265:a statement of your life purpose. It is as follows: "I know the Law and towards the goal I strive.Discipleship1, 288:That which I have to say to you today is as follows: You are free my brother. No one is seeking toDiscipleship1, 308:exercises as heretofore. Then meditate as follows: Focus the consciousness as high in the head asDiscipleship1, 334:and to which I seek to call your attention is as follows: One must distinguish between essentialsDiscipleship1, 356:whole thing is summed up in the aphorism "Energy follows thought." The main effect should be uponDiscipleship1, 369:which I have for your consideration are as follows: "The blue print lay before the Master WorkmanDiscipleship1, 397:themes should, during the next six months, be as follows: 1st month - Why is happiness needed inDiscipleship1, 421:exercise as heretofore, and then proceed as follows: Withdraw your outgoing consciousness from theDiscipleship1, 436:blessing rests upon you. [436] Your rays are as follows: The egoic ray - ray 2, the Ray ofDiscipleship1, 480:chosen for the theme of your meditation are as follows: 1st month - Freedom. I stand upon theDiscipleship1, 482:be dealt with and covered in your diary are as follows: What things, attitudes, and words of beautyDiscipleship1, 521:themselves in physical effects - there then follows a period of liberation and of adjustment. MyDiscipleship1, 533:work during the next five months will be as follows. You have that which should occupy yourDiscipleship1, 559:in world service, they might be, stated to be as follows: The soul ray - the Ray of Will or Power.Discipleship1, 573:- an increased inflow of energy. Energy follows thought. There is much time for growth both here
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