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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWS

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Discipleship1, 574:causing you concern. Remember again that energy follows thought; this can have a bad effect,Discipleship1, 577:only exercise that I give you at this time is as follows: A simple breathing exercise... Then, sitDiscipleship1, 584:surrounded by his fellowmen. Some move ahead; he follows after. Some move behind; he sets the pace.Discipleship1, 588:prompt me to ask you these two questions are as follows: For several years and more, you haveDiscipleship1, 592:when changed. Your service basically is as follows: to stand by me and the work I am attempting toDiscipleship1, 593:consciousness. When this takes place, there follows a period of serious instability, of fluidity ofDiscipleship1, 597:you to work for the next twelve months are as follows: First: Forget your karmic relationship withDiscipleship1, 610:I give to you for careful consideration are as follows: "The fire that I create must heat, notDiscipleship1, 621:1933 BROTHER OF MINE: My word to you is as follows: As a disciple, functioning as you do upon theDiscipleship1, 633:therefore, a composite aggregate of forces, as follows: The soul ray - first Ray of Will or Power.Discipleship1, 678:all that blocks the way of life. Bliss comes and follows after fire, as fire upon the waters. WaterDiscipleship1, 678:initiation of that period. It goes as follows. The translation of the symbols in which it wasDiscipleship1, 705:the Master - all in this order of response. Next follows the power, as a group, to formulate theDiscipleship1, 722:can be roughly translated into modern English as follows: "The one upon the Way leaps forward,Discipleship1, 739:Some of these questions might be expressed as follows: How effective is my work in relation to myDiscipleship1, 741:Discipleship. The fourth stage is described as follows: "The stage wherein the disciple is taughtDiscipleship1, 743:pertinacity. The requirements can be stated as follows: The disciple has succeeded inDiscipleship1, 749:The definition, as given earlier by me, runs as follows: "The stage wherein he is permitted to knowDiscipleship1, 755:between the Master and the awakening disciple as follows: The manasic permanent atom of theDiscipleship1, 763:response to the Master's aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura. The egoic lotus or soulDiscipleship1, 763:soul, under impression by the Master would be as follows: The sacrifice petals would transmitDiscipleship2, 14:In the world of human thought, understanding follows the prescribed routine, it follows theDiscipleship2, 14:understanding follows the prescribed routine, it follows the presented fact. In the life of theDiscipleship2, 17:the work upon the occult maxim that "energy follows thought." We have started upon one formulaDiscipleship2, 21:The teaching upon the etheric body naturally follows upon any instructions which I may give anentDiscipleship2, 28:at times quoted to you, speak of this stage as follows: "In and out of the light, as a moth aroundDiscipleship2, 53:The stages in the second year's activity were as follows: 1. The recognition by the group membersDiscipleship2, 54:one entire week of inner activity, divided as follows: The three days prior to the full moon wereDiscipleship2, 56:integration and work. This period was divided as follows: There were two days of intensiveDiscipleship2, 104:ones, and those which you can understand, are as follows: The most important capacity of a MasterDiscipleship2, 105:which are synchronized with the brain, and then follows the impartation of these reflections to theDiscipleship2, 116:and magnetic living, the method suggested is as follows: Discipleship2, 116:When this has been achieved and realized, there follows next the concentration of aspiration and ofDiscipleship2, 116:of thought energy is definitely there. Then follows the conscious and pictorial (or imaginative)Discipleship2, 118:further notice - I would ask you to work as follows: Group yourselves, all twenty-four of you,Discipleship2, 132:we will start with the premise that "energy follows thought." This is the first and mostDiscipleship2, 143:faithfully and with a definitely unbroken rhythm follows his instructions, can expect to seeDiscipleship2, 144:this new meditation starts. 'Then proceed as follows: STAGE TWO - The Center of Focused Thought.Discipleship2, 147:be doing. A shortened form of the meditation follows at the close of this general instruction. AtDiscipleship2, 170:- this of course when rightly done. "Energy follows thought" and the work of the Triangles is thatDiscipleship2, 170:is another phrasing of the old law, "energy follows thought." The work of the network of light andDiscipleship2, 188:intention - connected with this Invocations - as follows: To focus the inchoate mass demand ofDiscipleship2, 216:other three stages of human meditation are as follows: 5. Worship. This is the united recognitionDiscipleship2, 261:God, visions the dream within the Mind of God, follows God's eye from central point to outer goalDiscipleship2, 286:two initial premises: First, that energy follows thought. Second, that the eye, opened by thought,Discipleship2, 286:him that name. These might be stated to be as follows, among others which you could not grasp ifDiscipleship2, 289:based upon the occult platitude that "energy follows thought," should carry inspiring implicationsDiscipleship2, 289:known and the goal of attention changes. There follows the ability to focus in theDiscipleship2, 291:to the third eye in man? The answer is as follows: the Monad is to the planetary Logos what theDiscipleship2, 301:you four hints which might be summarized as follows: That the great changes being brought about inDiscipleship2, 303:subject of meditation was summarized for you as follows: A preliminary stage wherein the theme ofDiscipleship2, 309:They are, if you will remember: Energy follows thought and the eye directs that energy. This hasDiscipleship2, 345:to it. The second grouping of the formulas is as follows: Formula I... Concerns integration into anDiscipleship2, 348:word this fourth point of revelation as follows: Purpose itself is but an energy, released withinDiscipleship2, 356:I have given this hint to you, the wording is as follows: "The changes brought about in theDiscipleship2, 356:of an injunction to the Master and runs as follows: "Regard and recognize the changes in the heartsDiscipleship2, 369:us consider them as suggested earlier. Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy.Discipleship2, 370:the throat center. Light upon the Path. There follows next the fifth revelation, which is asDiscipleship2, 370:follows next the fifth revelation, which is as follows: When the light of the seven Rays is blendedDiscipleship2, 372:Part VIII The First Point of Revelation: Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy. WeDiscipleship2, 373:In connection with the aphorism that energy follows thought, I would have you relate this conceptDiscipleship2, 389:and of supreme recognition; then darkness follows and almost despair when the revelation fades andDiscipleship2, 408:disappear, and only the soul is seen." 3. Then follows that stupendous event for which allDiscipleship2, 411:of the sixth hint which is earlier given as follows: Hint Six. "The modern disciple must recognizeDiscipleship2, 417:us now consider the seventh hint which runs as follows: [418] Discipleship2, 424:comprehension; this is the law that "energy follows thought" and that "the eye directs thatDiscipleship2, 425:The fifth point of revelation is worded as follows: "When the light of the seven Rays is blendedDiscipleship2, 477:soul will commit the personality. Energy follows thought. A definition of the personality might beDiscipleship2, 477:of the personality might be expressed as follows: The personality of a disciple is a focal point ofDiscipleship2, 494:facilitated. The rays of your personality are as follows: Mental body - The fourth Ray of HarmonyDiscipleship2, 499:R. Where Spain is concerned, the picture is as follows: You will note here the direct line ofDiscipleship2, 502:contact with others, might be enumerated as follows: He must endeavor to carry the rhythm ofDiscipleship2, 538:and difficult consideration. My reason is as follows: During your past life you have five timesDiscipleship2, 552:suggested exercise, the procedure of which is as follows: Picture to yourself a wood of pine trees,Discipleship2, 578:of Karma have looked towards our planet. Energy follows thought and that, my brother, is all thatDiscipleship2, 604:a mental grasp of what is to be done proceed as follows: [605] Take a long breath and draw theDiscipleship2, 622:which may be useful to you. His question was as follows: "What precisely is the relation betweenDiscipleship2, 642:NOTE: This final instruction to this disciple follows immediately upon the one which is concludedDiscipleship2, 650:be hurt or limited by the pain of others. This follows when we have learnt to handle our own pain.Discipleship2, 687:preserve mental continuity as you do it. Energy follows thought and this is the basis of all occultDiscipleship2, 753:life and of the personality proceeds as follows: The astral body integrates with the physicalEducationin a Democratic Society, we were informed as follows: "Education must meet the needs of the humanEducation, viii:we have the elements of a complete theory, as follows: (a) Subjective Planning; a theory of theEducation, x:statement presenting this experiment reads as follows: "It has been proposed that a new department,Education, 11:most inadequately and briefly be tabulated as follows, based upon the process of unfoldment in aEducation, 20:described, as far as its steps are concerned, as follows: The soul creates its physical body, itsEducation, 53:say? The points that I am seeking to make are as follows: Because the three knowledge petals of theEducation, 133:attitude may be anticipated. Let me list them as follows: 1. The emphasis in the future will shiftEducation, 146:the thread, some of which might be enumerated as follows: The life thread comes directly from theExternalisation, 4:of warning and of caution. A third factor is as follows. It has been known for a long time by theExternalisation, 6:transpiring and which can be stated as follows. The cause of the growth of the lower psychism andExternalisation, 34:their importance might therefore be stated as follows: They constitute the germ of life which willExternalisation, 42:Most of the healers in the world are working as follows: As purely physical healers, dealing withExternalisation, 48:working under the ancient Law that "energy follows thought." Thus gradually, with a remarkableExternalisation, 71:we will consider later might be enumerated as follows: The time of the end. The judgment of people.Externalisation, 95:just given is an inadequate analogy, is as follows: The intellectual center, Humanity, receptive,Externalisation, 100:of this vision along with him, and then follows the relating of this "visioning group" to theExternalisation, 103:governing that kingdom. The organization which follows the Vision is entirely subjective in natureExternalisation, 200:and probably advisable. They might be divided as follows: A Federal Union of the great democraciesExternalisation, 311:for disciples and aspirants may be summed up as follows:
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