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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWS

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Magic, 592:the head, and form a series of crosses, as follows: This is much like the cross upon the UnionMagic, 635:disciples at this time can be seen to be as follows: An achievement of clarity of thought as toMeditation, 9:The emphasis upon the importance of meditation follows naturally upon the realization by theMeditation, 14:deal only with the principal ones. They are as follows: [15] The Ray of the pupil's Ego, or HigherMeditation, 38:The process of synthesis might be tabulated as follows: [39] Mental plane 1st subplane 2nd subplaneMeditation, 51:the fourth fundamental. These postulates are as follows: That all that exists is based on sound orMeditation, 62:center has been chosen, the effect will be as follows: On Mental Levels: The contacting of the headMeditation, 106:as you know may be grouped under three heads, as follows: [107] Those incidental to the karma ofMeditation, 109:living in the world, he learns not, but follows what is to him the line of least resistance. HeMeditation, 116:of all around, he is trusted with the power that follows from active love intelligently applied. HeMeditation, 119:groups to be found there may be enumerated as follows: The groups of pupils of some one Master toMeditation, 140:a hint, and touches some high light. The pupil follows the point emphasized, and finds on thusMeditation, 140:which I seek to place the intended data are as follows: The use of Form in raising theMeditation, 200:found thereon. [200] Healing groups will work as follows. The circle of workers, with the unit toMeditation, 206:four points lay the foundation for all that follows. I would here seek to put your mind at rest onMeditation, 213:of manifestation, into seven subrays, as follows: Indigo... and a color not disclosed.Meditation, 216:in the triangle formed by their interaction, as follows: [217] FIRST SOLAR SYSTEM Green Ray ThirdMeditation, 244:that underly the trouble - they will study as follows: The condition of the nervous system, givingMeditation, 245:to the dense physical. The physical invariably follows the behests of that nature as transmittedMeditation, 258:oft a nebulous sentiment, we might express it as follows: It is by the attainment of the vibrationMeditation, 265:nearer to his Master. These four grades are as follows and cover the period wherein the man isMeditation, 285:love achieved by the student of meditation who follows this line is not the sentimental conceptionMeditation, 293:not so usual but it is known to some natures. He follows his usual form of meditation. HeMeditation, 304:of this fourth round. These branches are as follows: The Trans-Himalayan Branch. The Southern IndiaMeditation, 314:fundamentals as regards the instructors are as follows: [315] The Head of the school will be anMeditation, 319:into the preparatory school will be somewhat as follows, but I only indicate probabilities and notMeditation, 326:of the imparted occult meditation. He mentally follows the cycle and goes into pralaya temporarily.Meditation, 339:of vibration or the deadening of vibration follows on the application of certain colors and sounds.Meditation, 343:and helps much in the endeavor. Where failure follows in such a case, all that is needed isMeditation, 345:and the time available to each other. Next follows a wise control of the physical vehicle. A goodMeditation, 358:our purpose the best is to enumerate the four as follows: Lower mind. Emotional or kamic body.Meditation, 358:of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray of Will, or Power.Patanjali, 17:to the mind might be described somewhat as follows: Right control of the modifications (orPatanjali, 20:when attention is directed elsewhere. "Energy follows thought" is a basic tenet of the Raja YogaPatanjali, 23:known factors, and these might be enumerated as follows: The thought images of that which isPatanjali, 34:place, involving bliss or joy. Beatitude always follows upon realization of the unity of the partPatanjali, 41:therefore is of a very high order as it follows upon the contemplative stage and is soul-meditationPatanjali, 42:or Father aspect. The lines of contact are as follows: Monad or the Father in Heaven, the willPatanjali, 44:occultist blends the two and if in this life he follows the way of Raja Yoga with fervor and lovePatanjali, 58:gives this interpretation, putting it as follows: "The repetition of the OM and meditating upon itsPatanjali, 61:of realization. The sequence of happenings is as follows: Aspiration after knowledge of the soul,Patanjali, 67:various kinds and these might be enumerated as follows: Physical vision reveals the nature of thePatanjali, 69:Charles Johnston translates the same Sutra as follows: "The seer is pure vision... He looks outPatanjali, 78:to note that this mode of arriving at peace follows upon the method of sane wholesome living andPatanjali, 89:verse from one of the hidden scriptures runs as follows and serves to elucidate the idea of thisPatanjali, 90:certain factors which might be enumerated as follows: Aspiration, Study and investigation,Patanjali, 92:to express, - its soul, key or quality. Then follows Contemplation, the identification of thePatanjali, 99:Vivekananda in his commentary says as follows: "The grosser objects are only the elements andPatanjali, 102:Literally, the sutra might be stated to run as follows "Clear perspicuity follows through the quietPatanjali, 102:be stated to run as follows "Clear perspicuity follows through the quiet chitta." It should bePatanjali, 108:govering this stage might be enumerated as follows: [109] The man is polarized in his spiritualPatanjali, 109:Johnston in his commentary on this sutra as follows: "Each state or field of the mind, each fieldPatanjali, 112:right posture (asana) has been attained there follows right control of prana and proper inspirationPatanjali, 112:object. 55. As a result of these means there follows the complete subjugation of the sense organs. Patanjali, 138:is in line with the occult truism that "energy follows thought," and in line too with the teachingPatanjali, 139:been well explained by Dvivedi in his Comment as follows: "Having described the nature ofPatanjali, 140:of the Hindu philosophy might be enumerated as follows: Yajna Vidya - The performance of religiousPatanjali, 151:it affects man himself. It might be summed up as follows: All pain and [152] sorrow is caused byPatanjali, 160:of this sutra as given by Johnston which runs as follows: "The seer is pure vision. Though pure, hePatanjali, 176:have been described by a Hindu teacher as follows: The stage wherein the chela realizes that he hasPatanjali, 190:for the sake of clarity might be tabulated as follows: 1. As a man thinketh so is he. That whichPatanjali, 192:the astral or emotional body is affected. Then follows definite visualization of the effect of thatPatanjali, 202:We might, therefore, distinguish between them as follows: a. External purity physical vehicle densePatanjali, 205:physical perception or of the five senses is as follows: Correct intellectual perception of thePatanjali, 212:stages of this transfer might be stated to be as follows: Transfer of the consciousness of thePatanjali, 217:right posture (asana) has been attained there follows right control of prana and proper inspirationPatanjali, 232:to Union 55. As a result of these means there follows the complete subjugation of the sense organs.Patanjali, 234:stuff). 9. The sequence of mental states is as follows: the mind reacts to that which is seen; thenPatanjali, 234:the mind reacts to that which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. Then ensues aPatanjali, 244:are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows: The choice of some "object" upon which toPatanjali, 245:to fix it." (Vishnu Purana V 1. 7. 75-85.) Then follows a description of the incarnated form of thePatanjali, 251:he has produced certain results, which are as follows: He has freed himself from the three worldsPatanjali, 258:Results 9. The sequence of mental states is as follows: the mind reacts to that which is seen; thenPatanjali, 258:the mind reacts to that which is seen; then follows the moment of mind control. Then ensues aPatanjali, 259:of control. Then the perceiving consciousness follows after the moment of control. This is thePatanjali, 281:rajasic, or tamasic. That is translated as follows: Sattva rhythm spirit life Rajas mobility soulPatanjali, 283:makes certain interesting remarks, as follows: "Another great difference between this philosophyPatanjali, 286:writings found in the Masters' archives as follows: "When the star with five points shines withPatanjali, 291:Sutras of Patanjali. They might be enumerated as follows: The awakened inner Light (Johnston), ThePatanjali, 294:brought about. Briefly stated, it is produced as follows: 1. Through the subjugation of the lowerPatanjali, 294:of the basic yoga aphorism "energy follows thought," all the unfoldments and developments [295]Patanjali, 298:of living beings. The analogy will be seen as follows: 7. Logoic Plane Tatya World of the emanatingPatanjali, 309:in him a just [309] sense of values. Then follows dispassion which, when developed, gives him aPatanjali, 309:side of the process which desire-energy follows, then the work of the solar plexus is understoodPatanjali, 327:science can be summed up in the words "energy follows thought" and the sequence of activity mightPatanjali, 327:and the sequence of activity might be stated as follows: The thinker on his own plane formulates aPatanjali, 334:these. Another method of working these out is as follows: [336] VII. Physical Plane Smell Ether.Patanjali, 338:this sutra, he covers the ground beautifully as follows: "The transfer of a word by telepathy isPatanjali, 342:the exception of Johnston's, and which runs as follows: "Mastery over the elements, from thePatanjali, 345:the faithful intelligent aspirant. They are as follows: "Thus his realization extends from thePatanjali, 345:I, Sutra 40.) "As a result of these means there follows the complete subjugation of the sensePatanjali, 350:and mental planes. The five divisions are as follows: 1. Their nature. He studies each sense in itsPatanjali, 357:will be seen by the study of his words as follows: "The spiritual man is enmeshed in the web of thePatanjali, 358:and should be quoted here. It runs as follows: "When the presiding deities invite, there shouldPatanjali, 382:to it one can link the oriental truism. "Energy follows thought" as an explanation. As a manPatanjali, 384:the eight means of yoga or union, enumerated as follows: the commandments, the rules, posture orPatanjali, 387:student can appreciate more intelligently if he follows the golden rule which reveals the mysteryPatanjali, 390:is of four kinds which are expressed for us as follows: That type of activity which is evil, wickedPatanjali, 394:serve to elucidate, and might be expressed as follows: No matter what the race may have been, noPatanjali, 401:symbolism of the five-pointed star. They are as follows: "The plunge is downward into matter. The
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