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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWS

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Patanjali, 402:of itself, and of its own path, or dharma, and follows then the way of light and of life. It shouldPatanjali, 405:certain questions which might be expressed as follows: [406] On what level of being or ofProblems, 109:the Negro. We might express the possibilities as follows: Will the Negroes of Africa arrive atProblems, 135:work. All are experiencing the reaction which follows in the aftermath of war and are not familiarProblems, 179:today. Their functions might be summarized as follows: To restore world confidence by letting it bePsychology1, 14:Christ. 3. The higher realization of unity follows upon this sense of duality, and in this finalPsychology1, 23:We call these seven by various names, as follows: 1. The Lord of Power or Will. This Life wills toPsychology1, 36:which will serve as a basis for all that follows. A. The soul can be spoken of as the Son of thePsychology1, 39:can be expressed by a very simple symbology, as follows: o.o.o. or o.o.. .o or o.. .o.o., thusPsychology1, 58:We might sum it all up in relation to man as follows: Man's form nature reacts in its consciousnessPsychology1, 66:of this ray Lord which convey his purpose are as follows: The Displayer of Glory The Lord ofPsychology1, 68:use of force and His real nature. They are as follows: The Keeper of the Records The Lord of MemoryPsychology1, 77:the names given to the Lord of this ray are as follows: The Revealer of Truth The great ConnectorPsychology1, 79:the others and might be expressed somewhat as follows: The Crusade is on. The warriors march uponPsychology1, 80:violently energized Lord of a ray are as follows: The Negator of Desire The One Who sees the RightPsychology1, 86:The aphorisms embodying His qualities run as follows, and were esoterically whispered into His earsPsychology1, 89:groups of rays might be related to each other as follows: Rays 1. 3. 7 are the great rays connectedPsychology1, 89:comes up now for consideration and is as follows: Question 3 Can the Fact of the Soul be proved?Psychology1, 109:more questions to consider now, and they are as follows: Question 4 Of what Value is it to knowPsychology1, 151:to be grasped by the student of the rays is as follows: [152] Psychology1, 162:or with the quaternary. The relationship is as follows: Ray IV - Harmony through Conflict - thePsychology1, 163:at present only through with man, it follows that there must stand at the head of thePsychology1, 178:groups of workers are organized therefore as follows: In the department of politics - First, sixthPsychology1, 220:ever more refined structures. The human kingdom follows the same procedure, and draws its lifePsychology1, 222:can be translated, though most inadequately, as follows: Kingdom Process Secret Objective 1.Psychology1, 223:The Treatise on Cosmic Fire defines this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from onePsychology1, 232:and the theology, in due time, of that which follows them. The beliefs and knowledges of thePsychology1, 239:to the intelligence of the initiate, are as follows: The mineral secret - A diamond, blue white inPsychology1, 245:the planetary relations in this cycle are as follows: The mineral kingdom - Pluto and Vulcan. ThePsychology1, 252:objective of the experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of the planetary Logos toPsychology1, 259:number, and some of them might be enumerated as follows: The response of the instinctive nature ofPsychology1, 261:in the average aspirant might be classified as follows: Head center - Ray of Will or Power. FirstPsychology1, 263:with their five "elevating" influences, are as follows, omitting the two earlier and intangiblePsychology1, 296:the personality. This rule might be expressed as follows: True marriage and right sexual relationPsychology1, 316:and the ray relationship to the races as follows: Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will.Psychology1, 317:of their quality leading to their objective, as follows: The first Ray of Will leads from latentPsychology1, 322:arrives at this capacity may be enumerated as follows: That unconscious adaptation to hisPsychology1, 329:main ray types, which might be enumerated as follows: The power type - full of will and governingPsychology1, 335:These seven planets might be enumerated as follows, and the rays working through them arePsychology1, 357:the races might be stated, therefore, as follows: Lemurian Race - Rays 1. 7. 5. Atlantean Race -Psychology1, 375:tuning-in, automatically a spiritual development follows. Psychology1, 380:of these expansions of consciousness is as follows: The world of psychical living. This requiresPsychology1, 400:racial groupings, which can be generalized as follows: The Semitic race or races of Biblical andPsychology1, 401:of propositions, fourteen in number. They are as follows: The egos of all human beings are to bePsychology1, 406:alignment has been achieved. The process is as follows: It plays on the astral body externally. ItPsychology1, 422:or with the quaternary. The relationship is as follows: Ray IV Harmony through Conflict thePsychology1, 423:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire defines this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from onePsychology1, 427:objective of the experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of the planetary Logos toPsychology2, 47:painted sign which the Angel holds aloft. (Then follows a phrase which is incapable [48] ofPsychology2, 84:clearly the intended [84] technique. They are as follows, and are found on pages 288 and 289. RayPsychology2, 114:groupings. These must be considered, and are as follows: The Forces of Light and the Spirit ofPsychology2, 135:upon their consciousness. That pledge runs as follows: "I play my part with stern resolve; withPsychology2, 147:effects which might be briefly enumerated as follows: The energy displayed is dissipating in itsPsychology2, 155:Buddhist philosophy, which can be summarized as follows: The Four Noble Truths Existence in thePsychology2, 174:Some of the words may be roughly expressed as follows: "He enters free, he who has known the prisonPsychology2, 188:to facilitate interrelation or communication as follows: 1. They will be occupied with an endeavorPsychology2, 203:radius of the human family) can be expressed as follows: Psychology2, 250:technique of the inner activities, but simply follows an impulse. Again it indicates an uneven,Psychology2, 266:the left hand path. The coordination proceeds as follows: Coordination of the emotional or astralPsychology2, 285:of this septenate of energies. I would reply as follows: 1. Unevolved man, and low grade humanPsychology2, 357:Light reveals, and the stage of revelation now follows. This light upon the way produces vision andPsychology2, 387:the highest aspect which [387] man can conceive follows a direct line of approach, or pours downPsychology2, 388:and creative energy pours down is as follows: From the Monad to the love petals of the egoic lotus.Psychology2, 390:The channel of approach or of downflow is as follows: From the will aspect of the monadic life toPsychology2, 391:The keynotes of the three techniques are as follows: First Ray - Isolated Unity. Second Ray -Psychology2, 410:wrote in the Epistle to the Romans. He wrote as follows: "For we know that the law is spiritual:Psychology2, 421:have occurred. These might be stated to be as follows: 1. The self-consciousness of the man hasPsychology2, 434:possible. These might be grouped and listed as follows: The outer response apparatus, acting underPsychology2, 434:of unique evolutionary importance. These are as follows: [435] The head center is the seat of soulPsychology2, 438:of direction or inner guidance which runs as follows: "the bridging of the gaps induces a manPsychology2, 443:relation with the soul. The process has been as follows: First, the man was simply an animal, awarePsychology2, 453:which compose the personality vehicles; there follows a galvanizing into activity of cells in thePsychology2, 471:generally, the interpretations have been as follows and they are only partial interpretations,Psychology2, 499:about ten in number and could be enumerated as follows: Psychology2, 515:first of these three aspects could be stated as follows: We are passing at this time through aPsychology2, 521:of the various centers to the rays. This is as follows: Ray one - Power or Will - Head center. RayPsychology2, 532:the student's consciousness could be stated as follows: How can this process of awakening thePsychology2, 545:people so much distress. The process is as follows: the consciousness first of all registers thesePsychology2, 545:them into thought forms and - as energy follows thought - a vicious circle is thus set up,Psychology2, 546:from his physical condition. Energy inevitably follows thought and where a distressed area isPsychology2, 568:Several possibilities, which I might list as follows: A revelation of the "wish life" of the personPsychology2, 587:secret place where dwells thy soul. Energy follows thought, the ancient rule proclaims. Think,Psychology2, 588:certain preliminary and necessary steps, as follows: Let the man drop all such exercises andPsychology2, 597:Unless the basic rule is grasped that "energy follows thought", it is inevitable that dire resultsPsychology2, 602:magnets - the aspiration of the devotee which follows century after century the same path ofPsychology2, 611:investigation arise. They might be summarized as follows: The theme of light and energy is closelyPsychology2, 652:objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows: To raise the level of the human consciousness soPsychology2, 681:units already exists. Their objectives are as follows: To educate the people in their nation inPsychology2, 698:groupings. These must be considered and are as follows: The Forces of Light and the Spirit ofPsychology2, 705:The questions we shall first discuss are as follows: What are the psychological advantages ofPsychology2, 706:in the personality life might be stated to be as follows: Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties,Psychology2, 709:of this study, the theme should be approached as follows: A close analysis of the life, quality andPsychology2, 714:Council considered might be stated to be as follows, regarding those plans as spheres ofRaysdevelopments of which might be touched upon as follows: I. The Repolarization of the Entire LowerRays, 31:stage has been somewhat developed, then there follows, upon the Path of Discipleship and ofRays, 38:of consciousness. This expansion normally follows certain clear and definite stages: A recognitionRays, 55:process is expressed in the Masters' Archives as follows: You must remember that these symbols areRays, 66:Perhaps I can convey to you the right idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time in lookingRays, 98:the Master's Own potency, can be described as follows: The life of the personality is steadilyRays, 107:the last two sentences of this fourth rule as follows: The evocation of the will involves identity
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