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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOLLOWS

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Rays, 115:The two demands are expressed in Rule V as follows: In unison let the group perceive the TriadRays, 124:of the basic fact of hylozoism. The Rule runs as follows: Rule VI Let the group know that life isRays, 151:Law of the Supplementary Seven can be worded as follows: "The Law demands the entrance of thatRays, 167:That rule, as you may remember, ran as follows: [168] Let the disciple merge himself within theRays, 179:of the deva or angel evolution. The rule runs as follows: The Army of the Voice, the devas in theirRays, 191:For Group Initiation The second phrase runs as follows: Let the group widen all the rents withinRays, 200:the above sentence could be paraphrased as follows: The voices and the Voice fade out. The AUM isRays, 210:stimulation of attention, for as ever, energy follows thought; he is [211] preoccupied with worldRays, 227:Rules For Group Initiation The rule runs as follows: Rule XII Let the group serve as AquariusRays, 247:thirteenth rule somewhat in detail. It runs as follows: Rule XIII Let the group get ready to revealRays, 264:major injunction in this Rule XIII reads as follows: Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis,Rays, 277:of the true relationship might be said to be as follows: Brotherhood is an expression of theRays, 277:Group Initiation This injunction is worded as follows: Let Transfiguration follow Transformation,Rays, 278:injunction in the rule) might be defined as follows: The ideas conveyed are those of an aspirant toRays, 284:medium of the coming world religion. There then follows, as a result of this, what is called theRays, 291:expressed for us in a certain ancient writing as follows: "Dimly the one who seeks hears the faintRays, 293:the sequence of activities which I will list as follows: [294] The preservation of hierarchicalRays, 328:love. This ancient writing can be paraphrased as follows: It is impossible to realize the wonder ofRays, 329:I have to say, according to my usual custom as follows: The Aspirant and the Mysteries ofRays, 337:fruit of the experiment above indicated, there follows a certain period wherein experience in theRays, 352:of which it is essentially created. These are as follows: Electrical energy, composed of two forcesRays, 373:in the Hierarchy. The triangle is, therefore, as follows: As the externalization of the AshramRays, 376:eternal Path. Its functions might be listed as follows: It is the connecting energy which comesRays, 379:The points I want you to bear in mind are as follows: The great Ashram, the Hierarchy, is composedRays, 415:at the heart of every atom. The life principle follows the line of, whilst the buddhic flowRays, 415:the line of, whilst the buddhic flow follows the line of 2.4.6. Thus atma-buddhi becomesRays, 437:time the third initiation has been taken. Then follows the fourth initiation with its destructionRays, 464:have made us familiar. This trinity is as follows: Utilizes the sutratma: 1. The Father Aspect ThisRays, 492:lotus to the three planetary centers are as follows: Shamballa - The jewel in the lotus. HierarchyRays, 512:process of Intention must be attempted. Then follows the preservation of a point of tension.Rays, 520:by the theologians, might be expressed as follows: Religion is the name given to the invocativeRays, 532:the results of spiritual attainment which are as follows: Factual Ceremonials, based onRays, 538:aspirant. It can be inadequately translated as follows: "The light is seen, a tiny point ofRays, 549:this I cannot deal; it concerns the growth which follows the fourth and fifth initiations, andRays, 556:words out of the ancient Archives which are as follows: "Energy is all there is, O Chela in theRays, 563:entailing many minor points of integration - as follows: [564] Fusion of the energies of theRays, 583:humanity, the effects of the sixth ray are as follows: The development of a tendency to clarify theRays, 599:itself in the three worlds. Let me state this as follows: The directing energy of the higher mindRays, 601:out the close relation between love and mind, as follows: Ray II and Ray V Plane II and plane VRays, 691:energies on the ancient premise that "energy follows thought." His thought life becomes, therefore,Rays, 708:two points with which I shall now deal are as follows: The part which energy plays in inducingRays, 710:building, yet scarcely knowing what he does. He follows blindly the ancient rules and attempts toRays, 712:physical plane. The dynamic energy of the will follows next, and (as the disciple perfects theRays, 725:the minds of men. The point of crisis which ever follows the attainment of tension is the expressedRays, 725:the expressed moment of the final decision. Then follows the revelation of what may be, and theReappearance, 31:down by His disciples. It has been translated as follows: From the point of Light within the MindReappearance, 74:These three events can be described as follows: 1. The Spirit of Peace descended upon Christ. TheReappearance, 99:ahead of us. The lines which His training follows are known only to Christ, to the Buddha and toReappearance, 106:demand of why. These Truths can be summarized as follows: the Buddha taught that misery andReappearance, 138:Some of these questions can be expressed as follows: Why has the church been unable to arrest theReappearance, 157:by the theologians might be expressed as follows: Religion is the name given to the invocativeSoul, 13:of Philosophy," has well summarized them as follows: "There are, as we have seen, two ways ofSoul, 19:sums up this position in his interesting book as follows: "The most precious bit of knowledge weSoul, 23:entity. Dr., Leary defines these groups as follows: "The introspectionist is interested inSoul, 25:division is outlined for us by Dr. Prince as follows: "Psychologists are divided into three camps -Soul, 54:with effects. His position may be summed up as follows: First: There is nothing but energy, and itSoul, 64:most interesting and suggestive conclusions, as follows: "Light is an affection of the ether. LightSoul, 69:summarizing our ideas we might formulate them as follows: Behind the objective body lies aSoul, 82:teaching as to the Atma, the self or soul, as follows: "If for our present purpose we hold fast toSoul, 83:pp. 39, 94. An Oriental writer comments as follows: "All organic beings have a principle ofSoul, 83:An Indian scripture sums up this teaching as follows: [84] "So there are four Atmas - the life, theSoul, 86:to expand... Some distinguished four regions, as follows: The first or anterior ventricle of theSoul, 95:scientific hypothesis would appear to be as follows. There is no such thing as scientific 'Matter.'Soul, 99:is power or energy. Arthur Avalon defines it as follows: "What then is Shakti and how does it comeSoul, 109:the eyebrows." René Guénon expresses this as follows: "Thus, what dwells in the vital center, fromSoul, 110:force (with their complete Indian names) are as follows, from the head downwards: [111] Head centerSoul, 123:and the feeling of a nausea, which often follows an emotional shock, is due to its excited action."Soul, 125:awakening of the centers, and which they list as follows: Anima - the power to penetrate allSoul, 133:to be taken and these might be summarized as follows: A sane treatment of the physical body,Soul, 135:divided into eight stages which can be listed as follows: Control of our relations to others,Telepathy, 31:power should greatly increase if one faithfully follows these four stages - up and within, down andTelepathy, 39:powerful. The occult aphorism that "energy follows thought" is either a statement of a truth orTelepathy, 48:to take form as an idea; from that point it follows the familiar course of translation from an ideaTelepathy, 172:it must be remembered here that "energy follows thought." The natural focus or point ofTelepathy, 182:to another statement, which can be worded as follows: The planetary Logos, the One in Whom we live
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