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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOOD

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Astrology, 157:The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food and water. This is the "need for green," but theAstrology, 193:wheel is as follows: And the Word said: "Let food be sought." To the man upon the reversed wheelAstrology, 653:stand wide. Sagittarius - And the Word said: Let food be sought. Scorpio - And the Word said: LetAutobiography, 54:hundreds of men were fed nightly, paying for the food at cost. There were rooms where they couldAutobiography, 92:He arranged it all - cushions, various comforts, food and everything I could possibly require. MyAutobiography, 111:seemed to rotate around children, crops, food and local gossip. For months I stuck my snooty littleAutobiography, 154:it is pointed out that the human kingdom is "the food of the gods" and in that statement the greatAutobiography, 205:It would speak to nobody but me. It would accept food from nobody but me. It refused to enter theBethlehem, 122:speaking, Christ's problem was the problem of food. The world is faced with a material issue. ThatDestiny, 114:under its influence is that of taste - taste in food, in human intercourse, in color, in form, inDiscipleship1, 116:idea. That sentence should provide you with much food for thought. The second thought which comesDiscipleship1, 160:poise and good health, by due attention to food and exercise. You must learn to live increasinglyDiscipleship1, 293:- so that they may embody a thought and offer food for mature consideration. The time both ofDiscipleship1, 493:provide the three necessities of life (a roof, food and warmth) and your environing conditions withDiscipleship1, 647:enterprise. I know that this will give you much food for thought and instigate you to renewedDiscipleship2, 496:my brother, in this instruction given you much food for thought, also the basis for realDiscipleship2, 577:public. In this paragraph I have given you much food for thought. The objective of the personalEducation, 64:likewise "not a principle." I give you here much food for thought. It might be stated that theExternalisation, 77:the rules of marriage and the preparation of food instead of being dropped (as it should have been)Externalisation, 196:transportation) thousands are starving whilst food is rotting or destroyed; it is solely due to theExternalisation, 197:are: first, the recognition that there is enough food, fuel, oil and minerals in the world to meetExternalisation, 198:inaugurate this simpler life based on adequate food, right thought, creative activity andExternalisation, 209:which will give all the nations adequate food, the necessities of life, and opportunity then toExternalisation, 371:- a love which will work out in the form of food for the hungry, nursing for the sick, theExternalisation, 499:lines. These few suggestions will give you much food for thought and real ground for happy,Externalisation, 509:draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. Man will concentrate his attention upon theExternalisation, 699:to modern living conditions, as to what food They will eat and whether They will marry or notFire, 173:range of subject to be dealt with, and much food for thought, surmise and wise conjecture. All thatFire, 371:birth into yet higher worlds. In this lies much food for thought, and much of moment [372] for theFire, 645:to complicate deva evolution. The use of animal food (and the use of minerals as medicine in aFire, 645:part of its karma has lain in the providing of food for man; this has resulted in a neededFire, 646:on the physical plane. Hence its availability as food. The transmutation of the life of the animalFire, 646:esoterically understood, of the animal as food for man. This is an argument for vegetarian livingFire, 651:of wrong conditions of living, and the misuse of food. The present general trend towards juster andFire, 815:man may view this matter, both of which provide food for meditation, and well merit seriousFire, 1012:enough has been indicated to give the student food for thought. In meditation, by the sounding ofFire, 1085:by you all. He says "all bhutas spring up from food and food from Parjanya or rain. Rain comes outFire, 1085:all. He says "all bhutas spring up from food and food from Parjanya or rain. Rain comes out ofFire, 1085:dominated over by a higher triad, we get form, food, rain and yagna as the lower four and karma,Glamour, 34:In the above remarks I have given you much food for thought - not only as regards your own personalGlamour, 95:response to the physical instincts, to sex, food and warmth. These loom large in man'sHealing, 31:of economic maladjustment or the corruption of food. As I earlier pointed out, these latter causesHealing, 53:tabulations and statements I have given you much food for thought. Healing, 60:applied to the problem) that sunshine and good food could cure, or at any rate arrest, the disease.Healing, 206:In this instruction I have given you much food for thought. I have emphasized an aspect ofHealing, 234:control by simplicity of living, pure and ample food and good air. Much is being done to control,Healing, 237:matters, but these suggestions will give you food for thought. Healing, 251:underground homes, undernourishment, wrong food, evil habits of life and various occupationalHealing, 253:inoculation, frequent inspection, pure food laws, legal requirements and better housing conditionsHealing, 274:upon vitality, upon the vital qualities in food, and the giving of vitamin products in order toHealing, 279:of healing by electricity or light and color, food dietitians with infallible cures for allHealing, 311:physical desire as it expresses itself through food, either in this life or the previous one. ThereHealing, 311:ate with correctness and understood the proper food values and effects. Diabetes is more definitelyHealing, 323:is the paradox which I present to you. Wrong food of every kind, the inhalation of smoke down theHealing, 330:of the ancient civilizations, the lack of food, of sanitation, and the dense crowding. They areHealing, 334:an aspirant subjects himself to a discipline of food, just as there may be other phases or anHealing, 334:concentration upon the form life, eating that food which is available and upon which he can bestHealing, 350:upon it. But I have said enough to offer you food for thought. As regards the lengthening of theHealing, 575:the sentences composing Law IV will provide much food for thought, and we will now proceed toHealing, 669:of the earth (such as oil, mineral wealth and food) and thus keep the people weak and withHealing, 669:thus keep the people weak and with inadequate food. These men, who are found in every nation,Hercules, 120:still remains to furnish bread, a symbol of food, to a hungry world: bread [121] for the body andHercules, 126:Out from its lair the boar emerged, seeking for food, driven by ancient hunger. And in the shadowsHercules, 146:of all, the energy of matter, represented by food, is obviously used to produce that of motion. CanHercules, 213:Earth. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let food be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I see theInitiation, 181:and herein again complication lies, and much food for thought. To the three above points we mightIntellect, 78:or too little. But for him who is regulated in food, in work; regulated also in sleep and inMagic, 84:earnest occult student. For long centuries food that has been decomposing, and hence in a conditionMagic, 84:a condition of fermentation, has been the basic food of the occidental races; and the result can beMagic, 262:to the two above, physical plane purity as to food and manner of life, and in seven years time theMagic, 267:the right hand way. This sentence provides food for thought and its meaning is difficult to gather.Magic, 420:living will normally and automatically follow. Food, for instance, is frequently a matter ofMagic, 420:of climatic expediency and of taste, and that food is desirable which keeps the physical body inMagic, 442:stand wide. Sagittarius - And the Word said: Let food be sought. Scorpio - And the Word said: LetMagic, 568:from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishing of the body through theMagic, 568:the nourishing of the body through the medium of food and drink and has special relation to theMagic, 636:to give themselves sufficient sleep, right food (which must vary for each individual), and thoseMeditation, 29:the causal body, opens up for the thinker much food for speculation. The literal figures and theMeditation, 64:shifts and interpenetrates, but I have indicated food for thought. In the egoic note, - as beforeMeditation, 105:the life more wisely, if they studied the food problem more carefully, if they took the neededMeditation, 208:upon the mental plane. More may not be said, but food for thought lies here. Orange also holds theMeditation, 231:Much that I have imparted to you has provided food for thought and for speculation. It tends to theMeditation, 287:which coordinated the astral. I give you food for thought in these correspondences. Meditation, 334:all of them reasonable and utilitarian. By pure food. This involves a vegetarian diet, chosen withMeditation, 334:Careful judgment shown in the choice of food, wise refraining from too heavy eating, and a littleMeditation, 334:from too heavy eating, and a little pure good food perfectly assimilated are all that a discipleMeditation, 343:pain, if not passed on with wise discrimination. Food absorbed by the human body, if notMeditation, 345:possible; he eats wholesome and suitable food and refrains from heavy eating. A little food, wellMeditation, 345:food and refrains from heavy eating. A little food, well chosen and well masticated, is far betterPatanjali, 29:for objects that are seen, such as women, or food or drink or power, if it be rid of thirst for thePatanjali, 188:to the Westerner. A shadow cast upon food by [189] a foreigner produces impure conditions; this isPatanjali, 300:of the Masters, and all liberated souls whose "food is contemplation" and whose lives are "for aPatanjali, 311:hunger and of thirst and thus [311] do without food indefinitely, whilst through directing energyPatanjali, 329:from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishing of the body through thePatanjali, 329:the nourishing of the body through the medium of food and drink and has a special relation to theProblems, 41:needed and is as urgent a demand as that for food and clothing. It is valuable also to remindProblems, 41:implements for agriculture, immediate relief in food and clothing, plus the wherewithal to startProblems, 100:scientific methods are applied to purity in food. All these and other factors of less importanceProblems, 100:fact that the Jew, if orthodox, regards Gentile food as impure for him and that the Jew considersProblems, 135:which death will bring, asking only a little food, some warmth, a few books and sufficient
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