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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Bethlehem, 91:capacity to make that idea an ideal of dynamic force, Christ stands alone. Through His life, HeBethlehem, 97:purity which makes a man a channel for spiritual force. There is psychic purity, which is a rareBethlehem, 110:Evil One. Through what agency could this evil force reach Him? Through the agency of His own humanBethlehem, 128:recognizing the power of the devil, the material force in the world, as being supreme, that controlBethlehem, 188:do, repudiate a theology which makes of God a force of hardness and cruelty in the world,Bethlehem, 251:recurrent, earthly existence by each unit of force, until a soul has been evolved. The drearyBethlehem, 263:the new ideals may be due to the impact of the force of the kingdom upon the minds of the moreBethlehem, 279:is only in ethics that we can find the driving force for such action, transcending as it does, theDestiny, 12:Rays Today First: The most obvious and powerful force in the world today is that of the first RayDestiny, 12:world affairs. This refers to man's use of this force of will which is seldom as yet theDestiny, 12:and armaments, disease and death. This is the force which pours into the world from the major worldDestiny, 13:and subjective essentials of living. It is this force which will bring about (in conjunction withDestiny, 13:will bring about (in conjunction with second ray force) that tremendous crisis - imminent in theDestiny, 14:one phase of the destructive aspect of first ray force has been the organized and scientificDestiny, 14:in the animal kingdom. This is the destroying force, as manipulated by man. Another phase of theDestiny, 14:as manipulated by man. Another phase of the same force (which can be noted in relation to theDestiny, 14:people are in direct contact with this Shamballa force and are sensitive to the impact of the willDestiny, 14:in evolution will be their reaction to this force and their consequent usefulness to the Lord ofDestiny, 16:The sword is ever the symbol of the first ray force just as the pen is of the second ray influence.Destiny, 16:spiritual expression of any ray and the word "force" to denote the use which men make of spiritualDestiny, 16:sanely and disinterestedly he used this type of force for the attainment of first ray objectives.Destiny, 16:to point out that such first ray exponents of force are often misunderstood and hated. They may andDestiny, 18:As time progresses, the impact of the Shamballa force will be more frequent because men willDestiny, 26:is an evidence of energy and is expressive of force. That is the factor never to be forgotten. ItDestiny, 29:long time and which gains power through the very force of organized numbers. This truth will emergeDestiny, 33:beating upon the forms of life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanity itself (whichDestiny, 41:foretell what the results of the impacts of force may be nor what may eventuate as a result, thoughDestiny, 43:the old and limiting forms through the invoked force of the first ray, which has hitherto alwaysDestiny, 46:calling in of the first ray (or the Shamballa force) in order to effect their destruction. BearDestiny, 61:Hierarchy. From these two centers of spiritual force, in which the light which ever shineth in andDestiny, 65:in world conditions - voluntarily and not from force - is the way out today for all peoples. PonderDestiny, 77:potent, and its Leo personality can control with force to the detriment of future worldDestiny, 81:between London-Paris-Berlin, a triangle of force which conditions Europe most potently. It isDestiny, 82:the good of a part of the whole? It was the Leo force in Great Britain which attracted originallyDestiny, 82:Great Britain which attracted originally the Leo force in France and led to the Norman conquest inDestiny, 84:London, and which is also a channel for the soul force of the British empire which is essentiallyDestiny, 86:At present, the intensely individualistic Leo force in its worst aspects are dominating, but thisDestiny, 92:Wherever one of these inlets for spiritual force is found, there will also be present a city ofDestiny, 93:its full strength) produce two triangles of force in their interrelations: London. New York.Destiny, 94:thus be wholly constructive. Where personality force dominates, the effects will be destructive andDestiny, 94:hinder divine Purpose. Nevertheless, even force which is turned to destructive ends can and doesDestiny, 94:towards good, for the trend of the evolutionary force is unalterable, being based on theDestiny, 96:Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force which the center at Geneva is expressing (atDestiny, 97:Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force which is centered in London is that of theDestiny, 97:fair economic distribution. The keynote of this force is "I serve." Destiny, 97:Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force expressing itself through the center, NewDestiny, 97:itself through the center, New York, is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. HenceDestiny, 98:Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force pouring through Darjeeling at this time isDestiny, 98:the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is to stimulate the will-to-power of allDestiny, 102:exoteric expression of the esoteric center of force and through which the Hierarchy and ShamballaDestiny, 102:they are "living vital focal points of dynamic force" to a greater or less extent. SomeDestiny, 102:express soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by Shamballa and some by theDestiny, 104:[104] because they are expressions of the force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly,Destiny, 116:of humanity in any given period. It is this force which the Hierarchy utilizes when any meeting ofDestiny, 119:into expression upon the physical plane by the force of the inner embodied life. An emblem is man'sDestiny, 119:concentrated at Shamballa, to impose the force of will on matter and on form until such time asDestiny, 120:and guidance, and to the nature of dynamic force. The quality, for instance, of the explosive andDestiny, 120:be seen occurring is the effect of the Shamballa force upon the forms in nature, due to the misuseDestiny, 121:and is an expression of the Shamballa or will force and is not so definitely the desire force ofDestiny, 121:will force and is not so definitely the desire force of the past. Destiny, 124:day these relations and inter-connected lines of force will be better understood and scientificallyDestiny, 126:perpetuate what he has brought about. He wields force in order to build the forms which will meetDestiny, 127:forward by those influenced by the sixth ray force, has led to a world which is suffering fromDestiny, 129:swept into activity through its agency is called force. The terms are therefore relative andDestiny, 133:externalizations upon the physical plane of the force centers in the etheric body and theirDestiny, 134:of etheric forms through rightly directed force. The correct distribution, through scientificDestiny, 140:is esoterically recognized as that mysterious force which is a blend of love and knowledge, ofDestiny, 143:decided temporarily to withdraw this type of force. It will take about fifty years to do this.Destiny, 145:the Aquarian Age Discipleship and the Rays Ray I Force Energy Action The Occultist. Ray IIDiscipleship1, 6:is also the problem of excessive expenditure of force as I attempt to reach each of you and toDiscipleship1, 10:value and power of love, regarded as a force in nature. Make this demonstration your endeavor. YouDiscipleship1, 10:in daily life. Love is, the wielding of the force which guides the worlds and which leads to theDiscipleship1, 13:with your co-disciples, sending them love, soul force, and help. [14] Discipleship1, 18:of those centers through which the spiritual force of the New Age can flow. This is all being doneDiscipleship1, 21:levels and hence the limitations of the etheric force body and of the physical brain are not felt.Discipleship1, 23:the physical plane focal points of specialized force through which the Hierarchy can work withDiscipleship1, 37:the right organization and circulation of force. Present day healers should endeavor to break looseDiscipleship1, 37:healing energy from the reservoir of living force to the patient or patients. Discipleship1, 39:ideas. The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers. Let this not be forgotten. TheseDiscipleship1, 40:nevertheless, one large active group. This group force will then pour through all the variousDiscipleship1, 41:You ask why is this so, my brothers? Because the force flowing in might prove too strong for theDiscipleship1, 41:the individual disciple to handle alone, but the force is shared by the group if there is completeDiscipleship1, 42:work. A law is an expression or manifestation of force applied, under the power of thought, by aDiscipleship1, 42:These ten inner groups, embodying ten types of force and working synthetically to express ten laws,Discipleship1, 45:the group could become a magnetized center of force, of purpose and of spiritual light - the degreeDiscipleship1, 50:of the brain. [50] Correct manipulation of force, involving, therefore, an understanding of theDiscipleship1, 50:an understanding of the types and qualities of force and their right creative weaving into serviceDiscipleship1, 52:the distribution of certain peculiar types of force which will work out into manifestation inDiscipleship1, 53:of light and a powerhouse [53] of spiritual force, distributing it to the other kingdoms in nature.Discipleship1, 54:and channels for the planned distribution of force - a thing which has never yet been upon theDiscipleship1, 65:it will be kept clear of all directed will-force; all that workers and disciples in my groups willDiscipleship1, 67:next cycle and era of peace. Certain types of force are, as you know, to be later utilized by theDiscipleship1, 67:that one group will work with one type of force and another group of disciples will employ aDiscipleship1, 69:wisdom. This wisdom energy is the only type of force which is adequate to dispel the miasmas, theDiscipleship1, 69:wisdom and to realize that wisdom itself is a force. It is this realization which makes a personDiscipleship1, 99:lost it (though many disciples have) seek to force that energy of inspiration to work out in anDiscipleship1, 124:your personality energy and your astral force (a strong combination, [125] my brother!) should beDiscipleship1, 125:fully. Today I seek to indicate the vehicles of force through which the two major rays areDiscipleship1, 126:are correct and justified. This energy and force are reinforced also by the controlling force ofDiscipleship1, 126:and force are reinforced also by the controlling force of your physical body which gives you a
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