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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Discipleship1, 127:t will transfer the energy of the soul and the force of the mind into the realm of the emotions andDiscipleship1, 134:It will be obvious to you that the major line of force in your equipment, relating you to othersDiscipleship1, 134:through the vital body. Your personality force is focused in the astral body. Read what I said toDiscipleship1, 141:for too much sleep leads to diminished etheric force. A hint suffices for the wise disciple. MoreDiscipleship1, 144:the rightly directed will is the controller of force and the disciple works in the realm of forces.Discipleship1, 150:Use the iron will with which you are gifted and force its compliance to your soul's demands and toDiscipleship1, 153:he is a freer and less clogged channel for soul force. You have now the use of a renewed and moreDiscipleship1, 154:and - standing as a radiant center of magnetic force - draw to yourself cooperators in the Plan andDiscipleship1, 155:your astral ray are all along the same line of force - the line of the second ray. I have alreadyDiscipleship1, 155:heart center. The increasing use of this line of force is one of your practical demonstrations ofDiscipleship1, 156:and effective. It generates a protective force and at the same time makes you a living center ofDiscipleship1, 163:aspects of divinity. It must likewise have those force channels through which the other four typesDiscipleship1, 169:work and aid the Plan. Handle with care the force which flows through you as you shift increasinglyDiscipleship1, 169:ray personality can rightly deal with that force, blending it with love and tempering its powerDiscipleship1, 170:power with [170] understanding. The first ray force must deal with circumstance and must not makeDiscipleship1, 170:its impact upon personalities. It is needed to force issues and determine results (note thatDiscipleship1, 171:together the energy of your soul and the force of your seventh ray brain. There is, consequently, aDiscipleship1, 172:you would bring in too much of the Shamballa force for the delicate structure with which you areDiscipleship1, 176:clean and strong. I can then become a cleansing force to all I meet. 6th month - The Will of theDiscipleship1, 177:handle with wisdom the two lines of synthesized force which are brought into conjunction in everyDiscipleship1, 179:the sixth ray, so that again you have a line of force direct from the soul. In your case, thisDiscipleship1, 179:entire equipment is along the second ray line of force and, therefore, much wise balancing isDiscipleship1, 180:the positive vibration of the first ray line of force, and to this line your seventh rayDiscipleship1, 181:You need, however, to employ the line of force which you have succeeded in establishing between theDiscipleship1, 190:and clear channel through which spiritual force may flow. For a while the focus of your attentionDiscipleship1, 190:With heart and head aligned, the healing force can flow with power through you to others. [191] Discipleship1, 191:must learn control and right use; otherwise soul force, pouring through that which is uncontrolled,Discipleship1, 197:second ray soul, for it is on the same line of force. At the same time, it makes your mind a focalDiscipleship1, 197:time, it makes your mind a focal point for soul force in your fifth ray personality, which isDiscipleship1, 202:will facilitate the downflow of the healing force which - in this group work - must come from theDiscipleship1, 212:as you yourself know. As you learn to shift the force of your soul from below the diaphragm to theDiscipleship1, 212:as you do so that you are gathering up the force of the solar plexus center (through an act ofDiscipleship1, 212:spine, they have been blended with the active force of the awakening heart center. Then exhale forDiscipleship1, 214:of closing the solar plexus and transmuting its force. In a voluntary obedience to the suggestedDiscipleship1, 214:point of contact that brings in the integrating force, just as a Master, at the center of hisDiscipleship1, 215:modern pressure or to carry the inner, spiritual force available. It has been particularly hard forDiscipleship1, 216:the dynamic one-pointedness of your first ray force. Now that condition is beginning to change andDiscipleship1, 216:this transition and of embodying the love-wisdom force before the close of this life and, myDiscipleship1, 216:this soul activity and change of focus will force your idealistic tendencies to find expression inDiscipleship1, 216:Idealism is the major gift of the sixth ray force. Teaching is an expression of second ray energy.Discipleship1, 217:group as a whole... I tell you again that the force which expresses itself in loving, magnetic,Discipleship1, 218:own high level. Then it can return in greater force and with a more potent vibration to itsDiscipleship1, 222:evoke from them. This is the effect of first ray force when focused upon the physical plane. ItDiscipleship1, 222:incarnation this life to learn to wield this force rightly and, in the effort to do so, you have inDiscipleship1, 222:by violence and consequently - in this life - to force certain issues and bring certain soulDiscipleship1, 226:end. It is in line with your inner group force and this, rightly understood and used, can make ofDiscipleship1, 227:this web of light with its radiant centers of force as pulsating to the rhythm of the worldDiscipleship1, 232:that is that the successful application of soul force to the personality life will always produceDiscipleship1, 233:incarnation) with the great second ray lines of force. You should bear this most carefully in mindDiscipleship1, 236:pours in and blends itself with the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and theDiscipleship1, 236:is increased and the personality carries more force than it can handle. That energy is alsoDiscipleship1, 241:this rent that the glamor entered in such full force and worked such temporary havoc in your life.Discipleship1, 244:you are too dynamic in your approach and the force that flows through you destroys as quickly as itDiscipleship1, 245:entirely undesirable for others and that, if you force them on those others, their souls may removeDiscipleship1, 252:the divine art of decentralization. Being by force of circumstances placed at the center, the innerDiscipleship1, 257:through the vital or etheric body. Personality force is focused in the astral body. A littleDiscipleship1, 258:fourth ray is, when a part of the personality force equipment, the expression of the will-to-loveDiscipleship1, 261:produces an increased expression of sixth ray force and that you are becoming increasingly potentDiscipleship1, 262:dynamic destructive effects of your sixth ray force. Of this you should be very glad. Now you areDiscipleship1, 264:nature is love and love is the great attractive force. In reference to my comment anent "acceptedDiscipleship1, 272:necessary to health or happiness. The magnetic force utilized has been, therefore, wronglyDiscipleship1, 273:ways, being in itself an impersonal and blind force. It can be selfishly or unselfishly used. That,Discipleship1, 279:where the many lines cross there is a point of force and of illumination, a focused center throughDiscipleship1, 280:faculty which works out in power and magnetic force or radiation in the personal life. Your firstDiscipleship1, 283:of people demonstrates through their control of force. With other types it shows in their controlDiscipleship1, 295:usual books on discipleship. The impact of ray force upon people embodying differing aspects of rayDiscipleship1, 296:steps in becoming proficient in the science of force. Now let me give you a simple breathingDiscipleship1, 317:ray and your mind ray are on the fifth line of force. You have, consequently, a real problem inDiscipleship1, 317:and from the heart at rest a beam of dissipating force projects, blends with the shining light andDiscipleship1, 318:the eye of right direction of the [318] needed force. They see the glamor of the world, and seeing,Discipleship1, 319:comments on this matter. Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain. Discipleship1, 320:it) and enabling you to release much magnetic force - again if you care to, which is seldom. TheDiscipleship1, 321:the fusion of soul, personality, and astral force, then direct this triple stream of energy to theDiscipleship1, 324:is superseded by the Presence. The fiery force of your life is now one-pointedly directed towardsDiscipleship1, 325:the one that is ajar. The other opened to the force of will - this to the [326] pull of love.Discipleship1, 334:center. Forget not, stimulation is an impersonal force and is unconsciously applied in your case byDiscipleship1, 336:who are liable to build vehicles of any type of force to meet the emergency, the need or theDiscipleship1, 337:physical plane. It enables you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. The forces,Discipleship1, 343:and release your sense of specialized force in certain areas. That the light may indeed shine uponDiscipleship1, 344:are also to be found three sixth ray lines of force. These produce that definite drive which tendsDiscipleship1, 345:endeavored consciously to bring your second ray force to bear upon the matter of group integration.Discipleship1, 346:The charging with spiritual light and force can then take place. How is this done? It is done byDiscipleship1, 347:questioning, it can let in destructive force. Use the knowledge which you have to emphasize theDiscipleship1, 350:potent a part you can play in this life if the force or influence which flows through you, via yourDiscipleship1, 350:- 2, 4, 6 - a line of least resistance for soul force is found. Your physical body is upon theDiscipleship1, 361:time is of so necessary a nature that it per force calls forth your best effort. The third cause ofDiscipleship1, 364:the O. M. as the soul, energizing by its will force the etheric body. Sound the O. M. again butDiscipleship1, 374:that it [374] will drive out the first ray force and leave you, at the close of this incarnation,Discipleship1, 374:pouring into your personality, transmuting its force and working through on to the physical plane.Discipleship1, 378:therefore, responsive to your second ray soul force. This is an asset but also a liability, for theDiscipleship1, 380:You will then gradually become a hidden force, galvanizing others into activity and pushing themDiscipleship1, 383:through the medium of your fifth ray personality force. Ponder on this. As an exercise of neededDiscipleship1, 384:and consequent right use of subjective force is still a problem to you. There is no hurry or rush,Discipleship1, 400:what way does joy redeem? Does redeeming joyous force flow through me? My nature is in truth joy,Discipleship1, 401:a problem, for it produces a preponderance of force upon the line of the major first ray.Discipleship1, 403:(which is a part of your equipment) has used its force in harmony far more often than in conflict,Discipleship1, 404:establishing of yourself as a renewed center of force in whatever environment claims your soul'sDiscipleship1, 404:for you, focused in the astral body. Personality force is focused in the mental body. We will leaveDiscipleship1, 404:personality forces, particularly your astral force as I had suggested doing, because I gave you aDiscipleship1, 406:to utilize time. You are a good conductor of force and of the pranic elements and through you
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