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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Discipleship1, 406:through you unimpeded (relatively speaking) soul force can flow. But, as yet, it serves only toDiscipleship1, 406:you have to learn to use the inflowing force, and to turn it into constructive channels. You needDiscipleship1, 409:later. But at this time, you cannot handle the force that comes through to your physical body, andDiscipleship1, 410:from the mind, it indicates, therefore, the force of a rapidly integrating personality, but thisDiscipleship1, 410:of a rapidly integrating personality, but this force, as you do not yet live a full life ofDiscipleship1, 414:levels and thus to be open to the inflow of soul force. This feeds the various centers with lifeDiscipleship1, 414:therefore, can be the recipients of spiritual force? Where can you serve spiritually and thusDiscipleship1, 414:which may come your way. How can you use this force [415] in service so that it is not accumulatedDiscipleship1, 415:I seek to see you a quiet center of spiritual force. I would like to see you rearrange your life inDiscipleship1, 417:also to cultivate that true humility which will force him to give all he has in selfless service,Discipleship1, 423:of a quality of energy upon an agitated force, but - when [424] these two types of force first comeDiscipleship1, 424:force, but - when [424] these two types of force first come into touch with each other - a result,Discipleship1, 427:You have a very frail and delicate body and the force of the Angel pouring through it will alwaysDiscipleship1, 430:through your mental body. Your personality force is focused in your astral body. This year, myDiscipleship1, 432:or mental - is it felt the most? Does redeeming force play through me to others? My nature in truthDiscipleship1, 433:physical vehicle, too frail really to handle the force [434] which must flow through. Some people,Discipleship1, 434:wield, if I may again repeat myself, an equal force. For them comes the practice of that spiritualDiscipleship1, 436:plane of life), there can emanate such spiritual force and living wisdom that you can serve aDiscipleship1, 437:But all these contacts involve the handling of force and present their own unique problems. YourDiscipleship1, 438:an agent, per se, on the astral plane. This ray force gives you devotion, idealism, a dynamic willDiscipleship1, 445:aid in this redemption? Does redeeming force, released through observation, pour through me? InDiscipleship1, 446:various bodies, I am referring to the dominant force which conditions them in any particular life,Discipleship1, 446:to the possible effect that the impact of that force - regulated or unregulated - may have uponDiscipleship1, 448:in your personality equipment two lines of force which are in the first ray field of vitalDiscipleship1, 451:situation can be handled and solved in terms of force - the force to be applied being evoked underDiscipleship1, 451:be handled and solved in terms of force - the force to be applied being evoked under the law ofDiscipleship1, 451:pledged to the releasing of humanity. It is not force (as applied upon the physical plane) which isDiscipleship1, 451:method used, leading to and governing the use of force which are the factors of momentous import.Discipleship1, 451:in the world today who can be permitted to use force against forms and materialism because of theDiscipleship1, 456:(the area around it and in it), as a center of force into which is streaming a ray or beam of lightDiscipleship1, 457:the left hand ribs.) Send the other stream of force, by an act of the will, out into the worldDiscipleship1, 464:you and lift you up on to the mental plane. Force of circumstances has driven you to live much uponDiscipleship1, 470:relation. You can form a triangle of spiritual force which should be of real value to the group andDiscipleship1, 473:your anxiety for her to measure up to your ideal force her to tread a way which is one that youDiscipleship1, 488:body. You have been, and are Arjuna. Personality force has been turned to and works through theDiscipleship1, 495:in the ajna center - the center of personality force and integration. Then sound the O. M. again,Discipleship1, 500:same time happens to be on the first ray line of force, a situation is always evoked which has inDiscipleship1, 500:and fostered by the inflow of second ray force which, finding no outlet adequate to the intensityDiscipleship1, 501:and is, in your case, a well-established force. The above information should prove of service toDiscipleship1, 502:was decentralization and that quality, the very force of circumstances is aiding you to acquire.Discipleship1, 506:Know you not that as you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the form aspect) that you canDiscipleship1, 510:a man becomes a disciple, he contacts so much force (especially in the [511] early stages when heDiscipleship1, 511:direction. Self-pity is a powerful and deluding force; it exaggerates every condition and isolatesDiscipleship1, 525:which surround you drain you of vital force and yet, physically speaking, you have no organicDiscipleship1, 533:to do in releasing you, for the major liberating force in life is love. Hence for you the ending ofDiscipleship1, 540:body into that of the astral body. Use the force which will then come through into that vehicle inDiscipleship1, 549:will, therefore, bring in a fuller tide of soul force as time elapses. Your astral body is on theDiscipleship1, 556:your physical body is on the first. This last force type utilized by you in the physical body runsDiscipleship1, 557:imposition" gradually brings in the healing force and thus perfect health in some life is theDiscipleship1, 566:and third rays are along the same major line of force. The astral and physical bodies being soDiscipleship1, 567:is to act as a stable, loving, integrating force. This you have steadily done during the pastDiscipleship1, 568:make you prone to this beautiful yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form. So, my brotherDiscipleship1, 575:is very frail and, therefore, you have to handle force and spiritual energy with especial care;Discipleship1, 575:inner subtler bodies can become too dominant; as force flows in, these subtler bodies become moreDiscipleship1, 575:in, these subtler bodies become more vital. Much force flows through you at this time. Do not inferDiscipleship1, 575:this remark that you contact and attract more force than do your co-disciples, for such is not theDiscipleship1, 576:that your major problem is the right handling of force. Perhaps I shall help you the most if I begDiscipleship1, 576:help you the most if I beg you not to handle force so powerfully. Learn to approach yourself andDiscipleship1, 576:will bring people together and act as a coherent force. Let, therefore, your effort for the nextDiscipleship1, 578:do so. You can and will become an integrating force in this group. A great process of transmutationDiscipleship1, 581:by the fact that the integrated personality force flows through a first ray mental body. ThisDiscipleship1, 583:from inner tension, through the sharing of force. You have a frail body and carry much force.Discipleship1, 583:of force. You have a frail body and carry much force. Disperse it among your brothers. I would begDiscipleship1, 584:if you can begin to utilize the second ray soul force which you have at last succeeded inDiscipleship1, 585:service and yet with no results, adequate to the force expended. Why has this been so? Because allDiscipleship1, 596:who stand on the verge of acceptance) by the force of your ray impulses, and by the difficulty ofDiscipleship1, 624:love and the potencies of wisdom. To the wisdom force of the Buddha, you easily respond. To theDiscipleship1, 635:with phenomena; it is the center of spiritual force through which the plans of God come into being.Discipleship1, 636:brain being also an expression of seventh ray force facilitates this work of magic. Until, myDiscipleship1, 641:of you to achieve a fuller expression of soul force through the medium of your personalities. YouDiscipleship1, 644:bodies of the personality. It is all energy and force and this the modern psychologist does notDiscipleship1, 645:of real usefulness in the group as a stabilizing force. In view of these facts upon which I wouldDiscipleship1, 651:others. This is due to your mishandling of the force which flows through you. Get this matterDiscipleship1, 658:a dynamic, magnetic, focal point of spiritual force which at present I know you realize it is not.Discipleship1, 659:problem is the linking up of this triangle of force (2.4.6) so that there is free interplay andDiscipleship1, 668:Ponder on this. [668] Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain. This gives youDiscipleship1, 684:clear vision and the unimpeded flow of soul force. By its correct precipitation. This precipitationDiscipleship1, 685:of continuing integration into centers of force, i.e., into a Master's group, into the Hierarchy asDiscipleship1, 685:the stage of accepted disciple. The vortex of force into which the disciple is plunged (by right ofDiscipleship1, 691:disciples, have, therefore, to learn to handle force and to draw energies into the destined area ofDiscipleship1, 697:and a true, active Ashram is a positive force within the center which we call humanity. TheDiscipleship1, 698:if misused, could be a potent destructive force. He must be able to trust himself before his AshramDiscipleship1, 700:the forces. From the angle of the disciple, a force (which is himself) is brought into relationDiscipleship1, 701:the energy of spirit makes its impact upon soul force and personality force. Forget not that aDiscipleship1, 701:makes its impact upon soul force and personality force. Forget not that a Master expresses monadicDiscipleship1, 701:To this soul energy, they add personality force which arises from their being, as yet, focused inDiscipleship1, 701:include the point of view, the nature and the force of your fellowmen. This is vitally true also ofDiscipleship1, 714:karmic undertaking sets up a veritable vortex of force in the group aura. This attractsDiscipleship1, 714:evolution. Soul energy descends and personality force ascends and this takes place through aDiscipleship1, 715:of a vortex and from the center of the whirling force, there comes a voice - invocative and clear.Discipleship1, 715:down, catches the light, reflects the whirling force and hears the voice. Then from the silentDiscipleship1, 721:and the barriers to the inflow of the avataric force may be dissolved." Why is this? Because it isDiscipleship1, 729:the Ashram becomes a vital center or vortex of force and dynamically effective. The effort of theDiscipleship1, 730:by Great Britain in 1939, when the destructive force of that ray - misapplied and misdirected - ledDiscipleship1, 730:The first Ray of Will or Power, expending its force. The second Ray of Love-wisdom, reaching itsDiscipleship1, 730:to know. Forget not, an Ashram is a vortex of force and a center of energy - a center through whichDiscipleship1, 730:a center of energy - a center through which both force and energy flow in [731] order that theDiscipleship1, 731:order that the vision may be materialized. This force and energy is, in the last analysis, directedDiscipleship1, 731:through the medium of their souls, focus the force which the Master directs outward into the worldDiscipleship1, 740:The more advanced the disciple, the greater the force or energy which will radiate from him; this
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