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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Fire, 435:men who are at the right stage to utilize this force in order to take the first initiation. As thisFire, 436:will be great. This is the ray of separative force, and its place, as a factor in the erection andFire, 436:We have now to deal with the influence of a force that is waning and passing out of dominance, thatFire, 437:of deva and human units in group activity, or of force vortices which contain in latency, and holdFire, 437:Viewed from the physical standpoint this ray force is the energizing factor in matter. Viewed fromFire, 437:chain to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates, both adding,Fire, 438:of their Being by the ray influence. Entity Force Centers Psychical Manifestation PhysicalFire, 438:Lord of a plane, for instance, works through force centers, manifests objectively through the colorFire, 439:ring-pass-not it was energizing, and the force of its influence is being focused elsewhere. TheFire, 439:will temporarily repulse this particular type of force. A psychical manifestation of this can beFire, 439:Jesus may be found, will no longer pour its force to the same extent into the form He built, and itFire, 440:on two thousand years. Later again the same force will be felt returning, and a new form will beFire, 440:how the knowledge of these cycles, and of the force manifestation or obscuration of a Ray willFire, 440:hid the mystery of Being itself, of electrical force, and of fohatic synthesis. I will make no moreFire, 440:other Rays, the subject of the seventh type of force now coming into power, and which is thereforeFire, 440:demonstrate mainly through the seventh type of force (or the fifth when considering only the BrahmaFire, 440:very favorable conditions. It is pouring its force out upon the [441] seventh plane, the physical,Fire, 441:objective manifestations. These two Rays, or the force of these two planetary Logoi, are largelyFire, 441:interact, one acting temporarily as a negative force and the other as a positive. The fifth Kumara,Fire, 441:of all forms and it is through His inflowing force that we may look for that increased stimulationFire, 442:We might consider the effect of this incoming force along three lines: First. The type of force, orFire, 442:force along three lines: First. The type of force, or the logoic quality, with its function andFire, 442:for during the coming centuries. The type of force, or the nature of the Heavenly Man of theFire, 442:is its embodied activity. He is the energizing force that expresses itself as a unified Identity inFire, 443:utilizes to develop consciousness within. The force or vibration of any Ray might be summed up as:Fire, 443:the body corporate of the solar Logos. His life force as it radiates beyond His own periphery asFire, 444:brothers. Seven etheric centers. Seven types of force. Involution and evolution of the kingdoms ofFire, 446:part. Herein lies the reason for His inflowing force at this time, for a profound movement is inFire, 446:not possible to give more than a hint) that the force of the cosmic Transferrer is being calledFire, 447:of men. We have somewhat considered the type of force which expresses itself by means of theFire, 450:that the utterance of sound along the line of force by the trained adept can both utilize devaFire, 450:and misuse. Power over form and over force lies always ready in the hand of those who have doneFire, 450:For instance, an adept can work with forms and force within [451] the ring-pass-not of his ownFire, 451:sound all notes, and control all types of force. He stands ready then to guide the life to regionsFire, 453:about unification of effort, and economy of force in the scientific, business, philosophic,Fire, 457:two points and study the effect of the incoming force on the human and animal kingdoms. TheseFire, 459:through a chain of globes, and not the life force of a planetary Logos circulating through theFire, 460:the human body, which has its seven centers of force or energy, but also other organs upon whichFire, 462:magic. The effect upon the animal kingdom of the force of this ray will be far less than upon theFire, 463:men and animals and also their responsiveness to force or prana will be more adequate. During theFire, 463:and by the means of these and through the force of the incoming Ray, man may (if he cares to do so)Fire, 463:Thus by the turning by man of his thought force upon the animals, stimulation of their latentFire, 464:capacity upon the animal kingdom, the force of its vibration pouring on to the astral bodies of theFire, 465:It must ever be borne in mind that a building force is likewise a destroying one, and new forms forFire, 467:but slowly. Nevertheless, under the magnetic force of this seventh Ray, the growth of masonry isFire, 467:not only is this plane coming under its cyclic force but at all times its planetary Logos has aFire, 467:of the plane becomes receptive to positive force for the feminine or deva aspect, being negative,Fire, 472:to him through the incoming type of force. This approximation, though inevitable, will not have forFire, 473:deva evolution will, through this seventh Ray force have much to do with the transmission of pranaFire, 473:easier transmission of spiritual or psychical force from the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhicFire, 473:owing to their being built for seventh Ray force will respond more readily than the others, thoughFire, 476:ever-growing warmth and fierce intensity; then force that presses, drives and concentrates. Thus isFire, 477:corresponds to the positive charge of electrical force predicated by science, whether it is theFire, 478:is the result of the inner positive nucleus of force or life reaching such a terrific rate ofFire, 482:Them to work along the lines of energy or force, and not with what is usually understood when theFire, 482:or with the energy of the positive nucleus of force within the atom, whether it is the atom ofFire, 483:and affairs, and Their concentration upon the force aspect, upon the centers of energy. They reachFire, 488:Magician attains results through the agency of force external to the sphere involved, and producesFire, 492:this direction, and should concern the potential force of the atom itself, and its harnessing forFire, 492:as embodied in certain groups of devas, that the force of energy that is triple, and yet one in theFire, 493:external heat or vibration which produces: The force which plays upon the spheroidal wall of theFire, 496:and will bend that inconceivable power and force to the solution of the problems of existence. OnlyFire, 503:divine plan, an appropriation of the energy and force which is his by right of participation in theFire, 507:by [507] the contact of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higherFire, 507:permanent atoms are in themselves centers of force, or those aspects of the personality which holdFire, 508:They are the distributors of a certain type of force. They are the conserves of faculty or abilityFire, 509:the relatively unimportant liberation of the force of one cell in His body. When all the units orFire, 510:solar system is the recipient of a great flow of force or energy, and receives more stimulation andFire, 511:The astral body is in the direct line of force via the buddhic from monadic levels, 2-4-6. Second.Fire, 511:BE SAID of which our solar Logos is the embodied force is the heart center. Here we have one of theFire, 512:the particular Heavenly Man Who is the embodied force of the logoic Heart center. Therefore, itFire, 512:apparent to the careful student that the entire force and energy of the system and its life qualityFire, 512:LOVE. This will account for the fact that the force that plays through that cosmic heart centerFire, 512:that cosmic heart center will be the paramount force found in the manifestation of a solar Logos,Fire, 512:periphery. It is in the direct line of active force emanating from the cosmic existence, andFire, 512:within a scheme, the Dragon of Wisdom-Love. This force when rightly directed and properlyFire, 512:not yet attained cosmic mental polarization His force or desire nature is the main incentive forFire, 513:the causal periphery, and to remember that the force which flows through that atom and which is theFire, 513:through that atom and which is the animating force of the astral body is following the lines ofFire, 513:are Unity and Who are Love. Through Them this force flows, and They in turn clothe Themselves withFire, 514:relatively close to the positive center, and the force plays through it, and passes on to theFire, 515:sheaths; and third, as the positive nucleus of force which holds together the matter of the threeFire, 517:atom follows the line of the least resistance of force, and is passing out of the control of theFire, 518:logoic etheric centers demonstrating, or those force vortices which animate the three lower planesFire, 518:leaving for Their paramount manifestation of force, the cosmic gaseous plane, or the manasic plane;Fire, 519:Heavenly Men, Who are His principal centers of force. There are others, but we are not hereFire, 520:briefly take these planes and study the life or force manifestation on each, laying the emphasisFire, 520:three fiery Lives, producing archetypally that force manifestation of electricity which eventuallyFire, 521:there is no such thing as substance, but only Force in varying degrees, only Energy ofFire, 522:the fourth subplane is that on which the force centers of the mental body are to be found. So it isFire, 526:lower three atoms into the Triadal atoms. The force which these atoms generate and embody is mergedFire, 526:and embody is merged and blended into the higher force points. [527] A permanent atom is theFire, 527:and it is literally a vibrant point of force, emanating from the second aspect of the Monad, whichFire, 527:The spirillae therefore are but streams of force, or second aspect vitality which circulatesFire, 527:wall of substance, composed of third aspect force or substance. What has been said of objectivity,Fire, 527:of the divine Ray." (S. D., I, 108.) Negative force forms a receptacle for positive force. AtomsFire, 527:Negative force forms a receptacle for positive force. Atoms are but force centers, and the centersFire, 527:a receptacle for positive force. Atoms are but force centers, and the centers as we know of themFire, 527:centers as we know of them are but aggregates of force points which have reached a specific pointFire, 527:place and part, for all depends upon the type of force which animates, upon the interplay of that
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