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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Fire, 527:force which animates, upon the interplay of that force in substance, upon the dual, triple, orFire, 527:upon the dual, triple, or united aspect of force, and upon its septenary demonstration inFire, 527:and Solar Fire Every atom is a focal point of force, the force of substance itself, the life orFire, 527:Fire Every atom is a focal point of force, the force of substance itself, the life or vitality ofFire, 528:form 73 and aggregate of atoms, is simply a force center produced by the action of positive forceFire, 528:force center produced by the action of positive force and its interaction with negative energy. ItFire, 529:as concretion in reality; [529] there is only force of different kinds, and the effect produced onFire, 529:contacted and realized) lies a third type of force, which utilizes these two other factors toFire, 529:Pure Spirit. Dynamic Will. Existence. It is a Force, working through a dual manifestation ofFire, 529:through a dual manifestation of differentiated force, through the energy of matter, the coherencyFire, 529:of matter, the coherency of forms, through force centers, and force points. It is FOHAT in tripleFire, 529:coherency of forms, through force centers, and force points. It is FOHAT in triple demonstration,Fire, 529:mental unit possesses but four of the streams of force. Each of the streams of force in theFire, 529:of the streams of force. Each of the streams of force in the permanent atoms vibrates to the noteFire, 529:body around a permanent atom. It is the force of the Heavenly Man as it animates the cells of HisFire, 530:atom, but only responds to four types of force, and not to the entire range of vibrations. HereinFire, 530:242. The Thinker ever remains. - S. D., II, 28. Force of life is the transformation into energy ofFire, 531:is the third when counting the streams of spiral force from the standpoint of the atomic pole. ItFire, 531:of the atomic pole. It vibrates to five types of force. The spirillae are literally ten in number,Fire, 531:physical plane. The arrangement of these tiny force vortices and their internal economy on eachFire, 531:permanent atom has its internal streams of force arranged so that the spirals do approach quiteFire, 531:arrangement of the spirillae. These streams of force show a septenary arrangement in the [532]Fire, 532:a close analogy between these focal points of force of the group - human or otherwise - and aFire, 532:of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in the greater atoms of solarFire, 532:atma-buddhi-manas) form the spiral streams of force within certain centers. As the permanent atomsFire, 533:selected by the Logos to carry a certain type of force at stated intervals and thus further theFire, 534:and regarding it as the center through which His force can flow. It should by remembered that allFire, 535:band of disciples and initiates form a group or force center. These groups have their permanentFire, 535:from the standpoint of Their lowest force point first. We have discussed the permanent atom as aFire, 535:permanent atom as a point of contact with the force of a plane, of a planet, of a chain, of aFire, 536:when scientists come to understand and regulate force, that which is written here will becomeFire, 536:be seen that we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including theFire, 536:causal body on its own plane. The seven types of force, or the seven logoic spirillae within thatFire, 537:1. Centers or Wheels of Energy a. Centers of Force We shall again reach the clarity of visionFire, 537:occult text books that man has seven centers of force (or ten, according to some calculations);Fire, 537:synthesize the other four, or absorb their force or energy. This produces their eventualFire, 537:are recognized also as focal points of active force, manifesting to the vision [538] of theFire, 538:rays of the Ego will be revealed when the force of the Sacred Tetraktys is merged with that of theFire, 540:unfoldment is brought about through the driving force of circumstances, and not of free will. It isFire, 542:point of light; its four spirillae transmit force with intense rapidity. The three higher petalsFire, 544:by the life or energy of the second Logos out of force-substance animated by the life of the thirdFire, 544:animate, and with the consideration of them as force centers, capable of producing results -Fire, 544:resemblance between that egoic body, viewed as a force center, and certain aspects of logoicFire, 545:the spirillae, which are essentially streams of force, responding to stimulation and vibration,Fire, 545:activity, is the life of the third aspect; the force playing upon it and through it is the life ofFire, 547:mutual interplay. Every egoic unit or monadic force center has a definite effect upon the group orFire, 548:an eventual apprehension of the true meaning of force, and of energy in its dual aspect - internalFire, 548:spoken of and considered in terms of potential force factors, and this is a step in the rightFire, 549:direct alignment with their higher center of force, and thus draw down a continuous supply ofFire, 553:or unconsciously) call in these two types of force or energy. Certain very remote vibrations, asFire, 554:is expressing Himself through seven centers of force, of which our solar system is one. A series ofFire, 558:His cosmic desire nature becomes transmuted, the force that plays through His centers willFire, 558:be seen to vary in direction; He will withdraw force from certain of His lower centers and globes;Fire, 560:Energy. All phenomena will then be expressed in force terms, and the sex question - or the union ofFire, 560:be regarded as emanations from a still greater force center, which is expressing purpose throughFire, 564:are swept automatically into action by the force of the currents, and energies set up in subtlerFire, 568:Fundamentally, the law describes the compelling force of attraction that holds our solar system toFire, 568:advantage and with the least expenditure of force. It makes perfect each atom of time, and eachFire, 577:in this system, show themselves as a force that ingathers, that tends to coherence, that results inFire, 578:suffereth violence and the violent take it by force," or by Will or power. It is not Will, as weFire, 583:the Spiritual Triad. Through this law, the force of evolution drives the Ego to progress throughFire, 589:that from each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below. The firstFire, 596:law will demonstrate with great clarity and force, as love shown in brotherhood, love translated orFire, 603:in physical incarnation; His is the coherent force that makes a unity of the triple logoicFire, 604:between Agni, the sumtotal of the life force of the logoic threefold personality, as He is seen atFire, 604:concerns man), and that manifesting driving force or intelligent will which emanates from theFire, 606:to stimulate. He is life itself, and the driving force of evolution, of psychic development and ofFire, 611:of the vitalization of the permanent atoms (the force centers of the sheaths or substance), of theFire, 612:Builders - those who are in themselves positive force, and those which are negative force, theFire, 612:positive force, and those which are negative force, the conscious and the blind workers. It isFire, 612:Builders are the negative aspect. Two types of force are represented in the activities of these twoFire, 613:impulses which come from any positive center of force, and which sweep the negative aspect into theFire, 613:sweep the negative aspect into the line of that force, and thus produce a form of some kind. TheFire, 613:of providing form. The union of Father (positive force) and Mother (negative force) produces thatFire, 613:of Father (positive force) and Mother (negative force) produces that central blaze which we callFire, 613:He is the central germ of positive life or force, which, in due course of time, demonstrates as aFire, 613:life or energy which, through action on negative force, creates bodies of manifestation throughFire, 614:formation through the play [614] of positive force upon them, or through the action of theFire, 614:the Ego) to differentiate between the types of force, and to work consciously with these dualFire, 614:dual aspects. An Adept of the Light works with force in substance, viewing substance as that whichFire, 614:of Darkness, knowing himself to be positive force in essence, works with negative substance, orFire, 616:are positive, and centralize the positive force of the plane. This focusing of the positive affectsFire, 616:and brings about likewise: The formation of force centers on the causal levels, those force centersFire, 616:of force centers on the causal levels, those force centers being egoic groups in their variousFire, 617:fourth subplane is the focal point of positive force. On that plane are located the etheric centersFire, 617:in the evolutionary process and in the work of force direction, a relationship to his physical bodyFire, 617:the words "prana and the etheric body" (or life force and form) we have the key to the mystery ofFire, 617:of things. The solar Pitris and devas find their force expression most adequately through man, withFire, 617:scale, viewing them in their totality as cosmic force); it is their action upon the negative orFire, 617:the greater Builders are the Holy Spirit, or force over-shadowing and fecundating matter, whilstFire, 618:The lower Pitris dominated. In this system force activity lies in the hands of the solar Pitris orFire, 619:works with His negative aspect through positive force, from logoic etheric levels upon the threeFire, 619:through egoic groups, pouring positive force upon them until they emerge from passivity andFire, 621:adequate as a medium of expression. 2. Deva force substance. As we consider the devas of the sevenFire, 621:Statement. They are the devas who are the dual force-substance of the lowest cosmic plane, theFire, 621:As regards the three worlds, they are the deva force and substance 2 which compose the denseFire, 622:he is liable to be swept into the line of blind force, and become a lost soul should he trespassFire, 622:This manifests for us in the three types of force to be seen on the systemic mental plane. TheseFire, 622:have not been sufficiently studied, and are: The force which plays through all the manasicFire, 622:which we call the three worlds. The force which animates those groups of "lotuses" [623] which we
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