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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Fire, 997:the physical plane, with the transmission of force: Through the centers, Through the brain, ThroughFire, 997:Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force, but in meditation deep communicates with hisFire, 998:results. This involves, therefore, a downflow of force from the upper levels of the mental planeFire, 999:the brain is the physical correspondence to the force centers upon the mental plane, and that theFire, 999:work proceeds therefore in a triple manner; the force circulates freely via three points ofFire, 999:particular goal in mind. Thirdly. The center of force generated by the man upon the lower mentalFire, 999:man on the physical plane, and the tiny point of force which is the result of their unitedFire, 1001:are gathered and swept into the radius of the force, and begin to gather around. The intended formFire, 1002:and one that is little considered and known. The force used by the Ego in the work of forcing theFire, 1003:Then they utilize the form with its inherent force and galvanize it into activity, and a temporaryFire, 1005:in its purpose form a drain upon his vital force. He, therefore, sees to it that the motive orFire, 1005:of the physical vehicle. The transmission of force from the next highest plane. Provided the man onFire, 1006:finds its way into greater streams of force or energy, emanating from advanced thinkers of everyFire, 1007:and fulfil not the law. When the eye is open, force streams forth, direction is assured, fulfilmentFire, 1008:RULE VI The devas of the lower four feel the force when the eye opens; they are driven forth andFire, 1008:will be one which will concern itself with the force-directing faculty of the human eye, alone orFire, 1009:in etheric matter, and is an etheric center of force, being made of the substance of the ethers,Fire, 1010:affects the pineal gland, and the interplay of force behind the two (the correspondence, on a tinyFire, 1010:The third eye is the director of energy or force, and thus an instrument of the will or Spirit; itFire, 1010:interplay forms in time a vortex or center of force, which finds its place in the center of theFire, 1011:That which is complementary to their own type of force, Their polar opposite, and they work,Fire, 1012:emanates from the Ego itself via the etheric force centers. This downflow of egoic energy (theFire, 1013:to energize the form with one of two types of force before it passes into objectivity. Upon theFire, 1014:up as follows: On the mental plane, the positive force of the solar Angel drives the substanceFire, 1014:form. On the astral plane, the equilibrizing force of the solar Angel gathers the needed materialFire, 1014:sheath. On the physical plane the negative force of the solar Angel is all that is needed to gatherFire, 1017:workers, is that both will and desire are force emanations. They differ in quality and vibration,Fire, 1019:petal in the solar lotus from which the desired force emanates. The formula for the particular typeFire, 1019:are energized by any particular aspect of solar force. Where the two forces are brought intoFire, 1020:by being brought into contact with the desire force. The magician, through desire (or strongFire, 1021:might also produce such a powerful, attractive force that he would draw the form so closely toFire, 1022:differentiated energy. He manipulates planetary force of a triple nature: That which is the productFire, 1023:the point in evolution where he is a channel for force and knows how to draw it within himself,Fire, 1024:body, and are swept in on the floods of vital force emanating from the physical sun. RULE XIII TheFire, 1024:in possession of the three types of planetary force and their combination, or the fourth type, andFire, 1029:Inter-globular, or producing an interchange of force between the globes of the chains.Fire, 1029:or affecting the transference of force between the five kingdoms of nature. Inter-human, orFire, 1029:human units. Inter-atomic, or the passage of force from one atom to another atom. Students needFire, 1031:interplay and inter-communication, and of force transference, and will bring out the concept thatFire, 1032:the awareness of the form), a different type of force or motion becomes apparent. This type ofFire, 1032:student that we are primarily considering the force of the second aspect as it concerns the humanFire, 1032:concerned. On the involutionary arc, the Vishnu force is likewise felt, but until the nature of theFire, 1032:accuracy, it will profit us more to deal with force as it affects the human being, the planet onFire, 1033:by the amalgamation of these two types of force with a third. The two types of force or energy areFire, 1033:types of force with a third. The two types of force or energy are the activity of the first Aspect,Fire, 1033:is called spiral-cyclic. When this blended dual force is brought in touch with the rotary activityFire, 1034:it has two effects. First, it is an attractive force, gathering the rotating atoms of matter intoFire, 1035:Logos, and of a solar Logos. The spiral-cyclic force demonstrates, as might be expected, in sevenFire, 1036:and beauty, and typifying rotary-spiral-cyclic force. The seven types of spiral-cyclic energy areFire, 1036:years. Under the particular type of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high water mark ofFire, 1037:activity is but the demonstration of one type of force out of seven possible and that it concernsFire, 1037:by the Lodge as a whole, for it is part of the force emanation of the planetary Logos. It isFire, 1037:Harvey, and the Curies are, on their own line of force, lightbringers of equal rank with H. P. B.Fire, 1037:will fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulses emanating from the one Lodge. TheseFire, 1038:of the great Teachers down the ages. The force emanations from the Manu, or those of the first Ray,Fire, 1038:and destructively through the ability of the force to destroy prior to building. Thus the cyclesFire, 1038:and religion, so his work must fit in with other force emanations, such as the constructive work ofFire, 1038:century. One such impulse along another line of force came when the discovery of the nature of theFire, 1039:and there is no atom anywhere which escapes this force. In the case of rotary motion, which governsFire, 1041:working in unison. It requires the two types of force - rotary and spiral-cyclic - to produce this.Fire, 1045:and influenced and driven towards the center of force of a higher macrocosm by the activity of itsFire, 1046:in terms of negative and [1046] positive force, manifesting as rotary or spiral activity. TheFire, 1046:in the form of: Three focal points of energy or force. Three fires, each producing a definiteFire, 1047:By the interplay of the three types of force which constitute the three monadic aspects, a rhythmFire, 1047:contains within itself three major centers of force, corresponding to The three major logoicFire, 1047:major logoic centers when the subjective or force side of existence is contemplated. The threeFire, 1048:called individualization. It is largely the force called Brahma. There is the impulse which forcesFire, 1048:the higher kingdom. It is the sum total of the force of Vishnu, the second aspect, and produces theFire, 1048:the three permanent atoms, the centers of force for the three bodies, the mental, astral andFire, 1050:the synthesis upon the physical plane of the force pouring through into manifestation through theFire, 1050:activity set up in the seven etheric centers of force, the result of the activity of the sevenFire, 1050:of the three vehicles, the seven sheaths, the force centers, and the atomic substance. The effectFire, 1051:is that of the planetary Logos, as He pours His force through some one chain or some one globe uponFire, 1052:which astrology concerns itself. This type of force is primarily concerned with planetaryFire, 1053:of Mind There are other streams of energetic force which have an effect upon the PilgrimFire, 1053:or the disappearance of these waves of life-force (planetary, interplanetary, systemic, cosmic andFire, 1053:are swept along; their aggregate is termed the "force of evolution," and the life and persistenceFire, 1054:adjustment is consciously made to extraneous force currents, resistance to retarding forces isFire, 1054:or cause for discouragement, for ever the potent force of electrical energy will offset the moreFire, 1055:central energetic positive unit. This dynamic force center must be considered as subsistingFire, 1055:should here bear in mind that these centers of force are to be found depicted in the centralFire, Chart:planetary sphere, and frequently the inflow of force or energy to these internal centers (via theFire, 1057:visualization, and has some realization of the force currents of the solar system, that all can beFire, 1060:Heavens can be read and expressed in terms of force currents, energy centers, and dynamic fieryFire, 1061:energy. Second, that the "true form" or the force-vehicle energizes and produces the cohesion ofFire, 1063:242. The Thinker ever remains. - S. D., II, 28. Force of life is the transformation into energy ofFire, 1063:true form becomes responsive to certain types of force. Radiation, as it is occultly understood,Fire, 1064:also follows an orbit around a greater center of force within a greater form. This is tertiaryFire, 1064:it may be and in whatever kingdom) feels the force of the central energy which holds it, [1065]Fire, 1065:with the consequent escape of a lesser positive force to its greater attractive center. When theyFire, 1066:had no perception of the nature of the central force which was drawing the life they were concernedFire, 1067:seen) had they any conception as to the magnetic force which was drawing the released essence toFire, 1068:essences become conductors of the greater force which is their magnetic center, because they areFire, 1068:they are responsive to it, and it is this force which produces the distressing conditions sometimesFire, 1068:discarded. They thereby imprison the life, and force back the life essence again and again into theFire, 1069:of the planetary Logos, and upon the currents of force which play upon His planetary body, andFire, 1070:of the atom as being simply an aspect of force, and not objective and tangible. Hence furtherFire, 1071:center involved is likewise responsive to force originating in the center in the body of theFire, 1071:that every center transmits three types of force, with the exception of the spleen which hands onFire, 1071:spleen which hands on the solar fires, pranic force, pure and simple. Students will eventually
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