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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Fire, 1072:in that kingdom of the second type of magnetic force; in the vegetable kingdom the same thing canFire, 1073:conscious and then becomes responsive to the force of the kingdom in which it is a part. ItFire, 1073:responsive to stronger influences or to the force emanating from the Entity Who is the life of thatFire, 1073:of the vegetable kingdom has three centers of force on His Own plane, and there are, therefore, butFire, 1076:begun in the third round when the triangle of force was completed, and ready to function. It isFire, 1084:in their cyclic turn hold in their spheres of force other and lesser wheels. Yet many suns composeFire, 1084:which our sun is one and all that is of lesser force and higher number, such as the eighth andFire, 1085:influences indicate to Him and certain lines of force demonstrate to Him the fact that someFire, 1086:nature of the group of constellations, and the force occasionally emanating from them which has atFire, 1086:particular time there has been an interplay of force between our tiny system and this giant one,Fire, 1086:being: A system of the fourth order, having its force centers upon the fourth cosmic plane, andFire, 1094:activity: The central point of active positive force - the hub. The negative stream of life - theFire, 1094:which the tiny lesser lives are impelled by the force of the central solar life to pass throughoutFire, 1097:through the interplay of certain streams of force, of which there are three in the animal, and fiveFire, 1099:four. It is the blending of these two streams of force which (within the confines of the threeFire, 1099:upon the coordinated activity of certain force manifestations, which might be enumerated asFire, 1099:Hierarchy, who, in their aggregate, form the force centers. The emanating influences of the fourthFire, 1100:alignment, interplay or free circulation of force simultaneously through the followingFire, 1101:influencing such lives, and the character and force of the basic underlying principles. They willFire, 1103:the effort is made to balance the three types of force manifestations in the three worlds throughFire, 1103:the mental body becomes a transmitter for force currents from the egoic mind, the antahkaranaFire, 1103:The mental sheath is regarded in its totality of force as positive. The physical bodies areFire, 1104:mental adjustment, and of the generation of force until (towards the close of the cycle ofFire, 1105:who are the sum total of the center of creative force of the Heavenly Man show qualities of violentFire, 1106:aspect of the energy of the mental sheath. The force of the Life within the sheath manifests in theFire, 1106:unit is the synthesis of the four types of force with which we are dealing, and of the fourFire, 1107:repulsion represent, in the mental body, dual force, for it is only through the coming together andFire, 1109:four spirillae form four protecting streams of force. A correspondence to this stream of force canFire, 1109:of force. A correspondence to this stream of force can be seen in the four rivers which emanatedFire, 1110:part of the causal body is actuated by a type of force emanating from some one or other greatFire, 1110:and are responsive to the lowest forms of egoic force. These petals are three in number and comeFire, 1110:called 'the knowledge petal. The stream of force engendered in the lower self circulates in aFire, 1111:key. It is a curious fact that the streams of force which form the petals and [1112] which are inFire, 1112:and which is the result of an inflow of monadic force, or atma. d. Finally, therefore, when theFire, 1113:of the mental unit, and the triple stream of force thus created on the mental plane, has itsFire, 1113:from those planetary schemes and streams of force which form the outer petals of that great centerFire, 1114:within the solar Ring-Pass-Not. Streams of force from the Sacred Planets play upon the central tierFire, 1114:period. There are certain streams of force in the evolution of the Monad which might be regarded asFire, 1114:energy of the second circle of petals. Buddhic force. The activity of the second Logos, planetaryFire, 1115:of petals, which is the focal point [1115] of force for the Monad, considered as atma. It must beFire, 1115:atma. It must be pointed out that the streams of force which form the "petals of will" have aFire, 1115:unfoldment. It is the inner of the two types of force; their mutual interplay provides theFire, 1115:This buddhic energy is the sumtotal of the life force of Vishnu or the Son, Who is the transmitterFire, 1116:cosmic) energies. Finally, we have the dynamic force of the "Jewel" at the Heart, which is itselfFire, 1121:function with increasing coherence, and the force latent in the Jewel makes its presence felt. ItFire, 1121:they produce the orderly distribution of force by the forming of various triangles of energy withinFire, 1121:among the centers the esoteric circulation of force which eventually links each center up in aFire, 1124:energy of the manasic permanent atom, for the force of Mahat (of which Manas is an expression) isFire, 1126:and develop his powers because one-third of the force of the egoic lotus is his and he knows wellFire, 1128:energy, with a fourth and more dynamic type of force latent at the heart, ready to demonstrate whenFire, 1128:be actively functioning before the triple egoic force can make itself felt through their medium.Fire, 1129:egoic alignment is concerned, and their vital force only begins to make itself felt after the lowerFire, 1129:plane. The jewel in the Lotus is the center of force which links [1130] the buddhic and mentalFire, 1131:and the seven principles or qualities of force, is slowly revealed to him, and through experience,Fire, 1134:the animal kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by the positive is seen as theFire, 1137:therefore, subjectively forms a triangle of force with one point (the highest) to be found on theFire, 1137:fourth. It is owing to the fact that a center of force for the animal group soul is found on theFire, 1138:higher groups are energized by three streams of force which enter along the line of the threeFire, 1138:The fourth group, the human, is energized by the force of the fourth spirilla, to which we give theFire, 1141:and the Adepts of the good Law, to manipulate force or energy, and so carry all that is, on to itsFire, 1141:may get much light on this difficult question of force if they bear in mind that every form inFire, 1141:and the upward arc, is in itself a negative force impelled into activity by a positive force andFire, 1141:force impelled into activity by a positive force and demonstrating as a combination of the two. TheFire, 1142:radiating light" of any form, and the "magnetic force" of every life. It is through this knowledgeFire, 1144:All work with energy emanations, and with force units under cyclic law, and all have the sameFire, 1145:A man is the meeting ground of three streams of force, one or other preponderating according to hisFire, 1145:This means, that there are seven specialized force streams, each with its peculiar quality, typeFire, 1148:becomes more distinctive, he will at times force himself into manifestation independently of hisFire, 1151:the lack of a particular quality, or stream of force. When this becomes apparent on the inner side,Fire, 1153:will be formed which will be one of supreme force, for it will be utilized by the abstractedFire, 1153:It is the bringing in of this terrific spiritual force during the final stages of manifestationFire, 1157:from the Pleiades which come in as the psychical force demonstrating through the solar Angel. AllFire, 1157:seven etheric centers. These centers receive the force in a threefold manner: Force from theFire, 1157:centers receive the force in a threefold manner: Force from the Heavenly Man and, therefore, fromFire, 1157:seven Rishis of the Great Bear via the Monad. Force from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego.Fire, 1157:from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego. Force from the planes, from the Raja Devas of aFire, 1157:and development of a man. At first it is the force of the plane substance, which directs him,Fire, 1158:therefore, that he is the Not-Self. Later as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolutionFire, 1159:down the spinal column. This triple stream of force has most interesting correspondences which canFire, 1159:action of the rapidly growing vibration of the force unit. Between the triple energy of the spinalFire, 1160:is similarly constructed by other streams of force and corresponds interestingly to the triple formFire, 1161:which forms a kind of medium by which the egoic force makes itself felt. Macrocosmically, butFire, 1162:Logos. He is the meeting place for two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him (viaFire, 1162:on Their own plane, and, secondly, of buddhic force, which is transmitted via the Seven Sisters orFire, 1163:- three higher planes - the Monads. Buddhic force - fourth plane - the solar Angels. Manasic forceFire, 1163:force - fourth plane - the solar Angels. Manasic force - two lower planes - the four kingdoms ofFire, 1164:been called "the inner round" and transmit their force through those greater centers which haveFire, 1168:groupings, The heart of the Sun, The second Ray force. 3. The Law of Sex. This is the term appliedFire, 1168:The Law of Sex. This is the term applied to the force which brings about the physical merging ofFire, 1169:and though it is an expression of lunar force, is, nevertheless, of a much higher order than theFire, 1172:the heavier vibration, the greater accumulative force, and the aggregated tamasic lives of the bodyFire, 1172:lives of the body of the planetary Entity. This force works upon the negative, or lowest, aspect ofFire, 1176:etheric triangle, its function, and the type of force which circulates around it, much may beFire, 1178:called "the planet of the violet [1178] force," and its graduates wield the power of cosmic ethericFire, 1178:of the schools, the "College of Quadruple Force units," for its members wield four kinds of forceFire, 1178:units," for its members wield four kinds of force in constructive magical work. Another name givenFire, 1180:The Atom (Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force) Fig. 135. The general Form of an Atom, including theFire, 1180:is, therefore, impressed by the totality of the force of the egoic cosmic lotus, or the attractiveFire, 1180:or the attractive quality of cosmic love. This force is transmitted to the solar system in twoFire, 1180:of a human being. Thus a dual type of attractive force is found: one, basic and fundamental; the
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