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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Magic, 115:attack, invective and the expenditure of force along destructive lines, and a spirit contrary toMagic, 118:a higher principle, and in so doing bring in the force of the ego. They are working for others andMagic, 139:of the need, the recognition of the new force coming in with the new cycle and the consequentMagic, 139:in wide synthesis of the need and of the force, regarding the personal self simply as a focal pointMagic, 145:a beauty and a power, an active liberating force, a wisdom and a love that we call a Son of God.Magic, 145:life moved on to a dread point of power, of force creative, concerning which we say: It is the All,Magic, 150:of esoteric experiences, his vital body with its force centers. Thus the three aspects of "deepMagic, 152:again into the phenomenal world as the creating force in soul magic and as the manipulator andMagic, 157:of response from the material acted upon by the force generated in meditation, thus producing theMagic, 160:gather to itself a body of desire (the impelling force which produces all objectivity) and isMagic, 172:have had to take the Master's precious time, and force Him to use His energy in order to safeguardMagic, 172:his work and be en rapport with the spiritual force center which is his group, and thus in steadyMagic, 183:lines, mind control, and the inflow of spiritual force. [184] b. The aligning of the man on theMagic, 184:be studied by aspirants. c. The downflow of force via the sutratma, magnetic cord, or thread fromMagic, 187:A chela is subjected constantly to the play of force coming to him from three main sources: His ownMagic, 187:work gradually and intelligently oneself than force one's way unprepared into lines of forcesMagic, 188:The Master looks not at a worker's worldly force or status, not at the numbers of people who areMagic, 188:produced by the inevitable inflow of spiritual force and not by strenuous physical plane activity;Magic, 189:it is his duty to serve [189] and aid by the force of his life and his spiritualized personality,Magic, 190:knowledge of the vital body and of its force centers and I am assuming that these seven centers orMagic, 190:intellectual data regarding the centers of force; it is most difficult to bring about theMagic, 192:then the aspirant becomes a conscious creative force in the higher worlds; he enters within theMagic, 193:spiritual realities. Energy may pour into the force centers in these cases, but because there is noMagic, 195:begins to function. The line of this stream of force is: Monad. Atma. Spiritual will. The innerMagic, 195:forms of nature, and so with the Oversoul. This force stream comes likewise from the Monad, via theMagic, 195:blood stream. In the little evolved man, this force stream simply passes through the heart centerMagic, 195:factor in the energy life of the man, and the force through which his desire nature expressesMagic, 196:and general outline of the three main streams of force or divine energy and their direction. TheMagic, 197:in process of evolution. Certain aspects of our force centers are already awakened, and functioningMagic, 198:predisposes to celibacy. This lack of vital force is in its turn due to many factors, but primarilyMagic, 199:It will be noted that the sum total of the force petals in the centers (excluding the two headMagic, 199:word 'petal' only symbolizes an expression of force and its apparent effect in matter. The fiveMagic, 200:These nine points are to be studied from their force aspect, and not from their ethical orMagic, 200:ethical or spiritual import. It is the "world of force into which the initiate enters," and it isMagic, 202:of energy preponderates and is the motivating force in his daily experience. Having discoveredMagic, 205:is another word for the utilization of soul force for the good of the group. Where this impulse isMagic, 211:RULE SIX The devas of the lower four feel the force when the eye opens; they are driven forth andMagic, 211:express this more clearly. What that directive force may be, what is the secret of Being Itself isMagic, 214:and through steady gazing can act magnetically. Force flows through the focused human eye. ForceMagic, 214:Force flows through the focused human eye. Force flows through the focused third eye. It has aMagic, 215:through magnetic energy and the attractive force in the spiritual eye, which is the dominant factorMagic, 215:of soul life. Then its magnetic controlling force makes itself felt, controlling the lives of theMagic, 216:plane. It is through the etheric body and the force, directed through one or other of the centers,Magic, 216:third eye towards the center to be used that the force finds its correct outlet. That force is madeMagic, 216:that the force finds its correct outlet. That force is made potent by the energizing, directedMagic, 219:are flooding the markets, and discussions on the force back of the creative arts are deemed ofMagic, 220:governing soul or is swept into activity by the force inherent in the matter of the three worlds,Magic, 235:on White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force RULE EIGHT The Agnisuryans respond to theMagic, 235:place for magic to be wrought. Types of Astral Force It would be advisable for the student to readMagic, 235:there is no soul contact, nor can the magical force of the soul work out in manifestation upon theMagic, 236:on White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force We will study now the first point which isMagic, 237:the battle between the forces of matter and the force of the soul is violently renewed. This battleMagic, 238:on White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force Speaking symbolically the substance of theMagic, 238:plane is animated by three types of divine force, which, when brought together, produce the greatMagic, 238:the great Illusion. These are: First, the force of selfish desire. This involutionary energy playsMagic, 238:aspirant refuses to be held by it. Second, the force of fear. This is the product of ignorance, andMagic, 240:on White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force The first ray aspirant who fails to overcomeMagic, 241:they do with the cosmic tendencies. Thirdly, the force of sex attraction. This is a pull from theMagic, 241:speaking, it manifests as the attractive force between spirit and matter; spiritually speaking, itMagic, 241:Now that the race is more mental, and the force of mind is making itself felt in [242] the humanMagic, 244:for many lives and series of lives this cyclic force spends itself. Within the aspirant thereMagic, 247:conscious service, of directed control, and of force utilization towards specific ends. Here theMagic, 248:his stand and through the [248] medium of his force or energy body performs the magical creativeMagic, 248:This is accomplished through the medium of the force centers in the etheric body. He graduallyMagic, 249:of the personality. That vital spiritual force enters through the cranial aperture, and pours intoMagic, 252:and which serves to model the lower man and force conformity to the ideal. As he perfects hisMagic, 252:in the head can be modified and respond to the force of the building magical work. A thought-formMagic, 274:into our solar system from all sides are force currents, emanating from what A Treatise on CosmicMagic, 275:to the human unit through its subjective force existence, and from the standpoint of consciousnessMagic, 279:form, and let the inner builders of dynamic force push it forth into manifestation. Through the eyeMagic, 280:together. This he does, not through the force of his own character and equipment but because thatMagic, 282:to the fore as the race progresses. This type of force is that mysterious something which enablesMagic, 283:it? What should be the quality of its attractive force, and of the magnetic effect it is to have inMagic, 287:of fire. The sacral center, wherein the basic force of our particular solar system, the force ofMagic, 287:basic force of our particular solar system, the force of attraction of form to form is transmuted,Magic, 287:form to form is transmuted, and the attractive force of the soul takes the place of theMagic, 290:major centers but numbers of lesser vortices of force, as yet unnamed and unknown in the occident.Magic, 291:and to solar rays, - all however colored by the force generated within the solar ring-pass-not. TheMagic, 293:or of fear. This really means that the inherent force and life of the emotional sentient vehicleMagic, 297:due simply to a right or wrong direction of the force currents and not to anything inherently wrongMagic, 301:and the earthward bias of all their desires force them to remain close to the earth and their lastMagic, 306:powerful kind, because fed by real streams of force from above. Energy, we know, follows thoughtMagic, 308:of uncontrolled energy and misdirected emotional force which eventuates in a world war, a financialMagic, 309:with the two first manifestations of astral force - Fear - fear of death, of the future, ofMagic, 311:aspect of the planetary Logos - a more potent force for good and also for evil, as we use the wordMagic, 313:sign. It will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into aMagic, 320:Let the words spoken convey to him the potent force he needs to loose his chains. Yet loose themMagic, 320:is the work to speak with understanding. The force received by him will aid him in his work. RuleMagic, 321:free flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractive force which leads each pilgrim home to the Father'sMagic, 321:pilgrim home to the Father's House. It is that force which stirs in the heart of humanity and findsMagic, 322:and to be in such direct alignment that the force and power of the soul may be poured upon andMagic, 323:always obedience to the law of economy of force, due to discrimination, and a true sense of values.Magic, 330:the result of the clashing of the three types of force prevalent in the world of today. 1. ThatMagic, 331:who belong to neither group and who are wielding force as yet blindly and often unwisely until suchMagic, 340:will be carried forward to the point where soul force will be established as a racial concept, andMagic, 342:If the wise souls are not forthcoming yet the force of evolution brings all things to pass, even ifMagic, 345:the channel clear. Do not crush out fear. Force it out by the dynamic power of substitution. ThisMagic, 357:beings are as yet consciously using this type of force and only a few can therefore understand whatMagic, 360:into vibratory contact with that center of force in Nature which is analogous to the throat centerMagic, 360:vegetable world, the expression of the creative force or of the throat center; these three kingdoms
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