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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Magic, 361:Mind, the active intelligent Deity. The lines of force from these three lower aspects lead back (ifMagic, 361:on to the third plane, as the astral lines of force lead back to the second or monadic plane,Magic, 367:with his brethren, he wields a mighty force. Only through the steady strong right thinking of theMagic, 383:to the need of the time. They kept Their mental force in abeyance when training the initiates untilMagic, 391:mental energy, of emotional energy and of vital force, and these three are masked, hidden [392] orMagic, 410:man to the stage of thinking for himself by the force of their unique example. They stood forMagic, 412:pranic energy. It is a concretization of etheric force. It is therefore vital energy externalized,Magic, 413:[413] This must inevitably be so when force is brought into contact with the material world.Magic, 417:the nucleus of what will be some day a dominant force. During the next twenty-five years theirMagic, 422:remains totally unresponsive to the waves of force emanating from the higher aspects of theMagic, 432:nature of the planetary Logos, and the potent force of the astral (desire) body. In other words,Magic, 433:which is the result of the impact of solar force, emanating from the physical sun. This producesMagic, 434:acting as a retrograding or a stimulating force. They carry one type of energy on to a fullerMagic, 435:be and achieve. It presents to him the type of force which will enable him to succeed. This, whenMagic, 436:for it indicates the nature of the soul force that the incarnated son of God is seeking to wieldMagic, 436:the type of body or of bodies through which the force of the native's sign and the quality of theMagic, 436:is brought about in which a fourth type of force makes itself felt. The sun is, in reality, manyMagic, 440:Way that leads between the two great lines of force. [442] Scorpio - Warrior I am, and from theMagic, 442:to deal further with the various types of force and we shall now turn our attention to Rule XI.Magic, 450:cell, their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and the varying types ofMagic, 451:its three differentiations or aspects: - energy, force, matter. Magic, 451:the form disintegrates. The cohesive vitalizing force is gone, and this produces that falling apartMagic, 452:itself felt through the brain. As the coherent force. It is that significant essential qualityMagic, 454:of rhythm, and of coherency according to the force of the Law of Attraction, utilized by theMagic, 458:must be subjected under the impact of the life force, they deal with the cyclic impulses to whichMagic, 462:primarily in maladjustments and misdirected force in the vegetable kingdom; this affects the animalMagic, 472:a destructive agency and a center of harmful force - destroying and harming not only himself, as weMagic, 479:those days were not potent enough to offset the force of desire. The mind bodies of the race couldMagic, 487:from the deed he has accomplished. Use not force, for strong thinkers must not unduly influenceMagic, 488:broken up and disintegrated by a stream of love-force well-directed. The absorbing of theMagic, 495:thread or current of energy along which the life force streams is preserved intact, and constitutesMagic, 496:first of all the nadis and the seven centers of force; then the nervous system in its threeMagic, 500:double. It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadis or force threads. TheseMagic, 500:and is composed of force centers and nadis or force threads. These underlie or are the counterpartsMagic, 500:body there are orifices of exit for the life force. One opening is in the solar plexus and theMagic, 501:a puncturing or opening. Out of this the life force pours as the potency of the abstractingMagic, 526:sun. The parallel to these two types of force in a human being is the nervous energy workingMagic, 526:Pranic energy, or vitality. This is that vital force, inherent in matter itself and in which allMagic, 529:a transmitting center of spiritual forces - soul force and spiritual energy united and combined -Magic, 530:by the powerful intent of that primary force. The Principle of Limitation therefore is the outcomeMagic, 538:he will become a conscious center of life giving force, and will be so without effort. He willMagic, 546:in possession of the three types of planetary force and their combination, or the fourth type, andMagic, 565:substance, remembering always that substance is force. The dangers incident to working with theMagic, 566:an outer web of closely interlocking streams of force. These constitute his etheric or vital body,Magic, 566:in this energy body various focal points of force, of which the most important are the sevenMagic, 568:(Pp. 329-330.) "The etheric body is the force or vital body and it permeates every part of theMagic, 568:physical body. According to the nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to theMagic, 568:etheric body, according to the activity of that force in the etheric body, according to theMagic, 570:astral body. This will be purely kamic or desire force and will affect primarily the centers belowMagic, 570:diaphragm. From the universal mind or manasic force. This will largely be thought force and will goMagic, 570:or manasic force. This will largely be thought force and will go to the throat center. From the egoMagic, 570:(P. 220.) We read also that "most people receive force only from the physical and astral planes,Magic, 570:and astral planes, but disciples receive force also from the mental and egoic levels." Finally weMagic, 570:man is that of the second aspect, the Christ force, or buddhi. The object of evolution in the humanMagic, 570:in the human family is to bring this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestationMagic, 571:with his own solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm upon the lunar forces. AnMagic, 572:This involves also the understanding of which force is related to a center. This consequentlyMagic, 573:and acts, he learns the nature of that type of force which may flow through him. He can arrive,Magic, 573:consideration and elucidation. A. The type of force as used by an aspirant will indicate to him itsMagic, 573:what line of energy and upon what ray is this force to be found? A close watch upon this aspect ofMagic, 573:center through which he may be transmitting the force. It will be apparent, therefore, that a studyMagic, 573:used by me in my speech today? What was the force that I expended in my contacts with my fellowmen?Magic, 574:people and so to shine in their presence, or to force them to agree with his conclusions, hisMagic, 574:indicate the right or the wrong use of first ray force. Should the type of force he wields be thatMagic, 574:wrong use of first ray force. Should the type of force he wields be that of the second ray, he canMagic, 574:study them. Similarly, if he is using third ray force, in a personal manner, he will be devious inMagic, 574:will work with the Plan and will wield third ray force to bring about the loving purposes of theMagic, 575:here when we are dealing with the wielding of force to give a little information anent the use ofMagic, 575:symbol of acquisitiveness. They are centers of force. They are wielders of the sword. They are,Magic, 576:only for those he seeks to help. As centers of force the hands play a most potent part, and oneMagic, 576:in four aspects: In healing. In this case the force which flows through the hands comes from a dualMagic, 576:the work of linking a man up with his ego. The force used here must be received from three ethericMagic, 578:for the transmission of the fire. When the force of the inner man is coupled with the energyMagic, 578:down the shining blade and blendeth with the force of the One Who is the ALL. Thus is the PlanMagic, 578:added is the energy of the unit augmented by the force of the greater Whole. It is said in theMagic, 578:those who have "taken the kingdom of Heaven by force" and who are occultly known as the "ViolentMagic, 578:be carefully borne in mind. The true healing force can only flow through those who in some degreeMagic, 579:in group service. Study, therefore, the type of force which you usually wield; know along what lineMagic, 579:- The Use of the Hands B. The quality of the force used is necessarily dependent upon the ray fromMagic, 579:type and quality. I would say that the type of force indicates the life aspect, whilst the qualityMagic, 579:has. Students can arrive at the quality of the force they may be using by noticing what theyMagic, 579:to himself. C. The strength of a particular force brings us back to the Rule we are studying, forMagic, 580:right or the left hand path. D. The speed of the force used is dependent upon these three previousMagic, 580:will the right direction and the impact of the force, follow automatically. Perhaps speed could beMagic, 580:of purpose and recognition of the type of force required, then there is an instantaneous effect.Magic, 580:One Who is from the beginning, the process of force expression and the [581] relation between causeMagic, 581:and learn and work, for we dwell in a world of force and energy; we are ourselves constituted ofMagic, 581:and energy; we are ourselves constituted of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly orMagic, 581:of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly or unknowingly, throughout the twenty-fourMagic, 596:as to whether there is a preponderance of the force below or above the diaphragm, or whether theMagic, 597:microcosm - they bring into expression the soul force and life and produce the incarnation of aMagic, 608:They are responsive to the new tide of spiritual force which is flowing in. They carry the weightMagic, 612:and for it the life of the etheric body and the force which governs the animal or material natureMagic, 615:stronger than the average worker, for the whole force of the world illusion is against all theMagic, 637:the liabilities incident upon the bringing in of force which he finds himself unable to handle. TheMagic, 638:sought. Giving them those conditions which will force them to stand on their own feet and rely onMeditation, 9:time is engaged in many pursuits and through the force of circumstances he is polarized entirely inMeditation, 16:the opened channel admitted the downflow of force or fire from the Spirit and the causal body inMeditation, 24:for from the Teachers, for the instinctive force inherent in the Higher Self does the work, and theMeditation, 24:the Higher Self does the work, and the driving force of evolution carries all on to perfection. The
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