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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Meditation, 25:stage is that the mental unit has not known the force of polarization, the emotional is holding it,Meditation, 32:succeeded, now must be felt the disintegrating force of autumn, - only this time it is felt andMeditation, 36:bends every effort to quicken vibration, and to force the oft-rebelling lower vehicles to respondMeditation, 36:respond and measure up to the rapidly increasing force. It is largely a matter of increased fire orMeditation, 40:and that of the Ruler of civilization or of force. At the points of merging in a cycle,Meditation, 41:features and faculties of the department of force and activity, the synthesis, forget not, of theMeditation, 41:the physical plane? - it was an instance of the force of the sixth ray. Now will come, as the sixthMeditation, 41:rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, that of the ray of the Master R. Out of theMeditation, 42:comparatively. They contact six other types of force in the worlds and six other groups of beingsMeditation, 42:groups of beings who must be impressed by that force and be carried forward in its sweep towardsMeditation, 44:I but desire that you do not dissipate needless force in vain imaginings, feverish speculations andMeditation, 45:is to ape the oriental and to endeavor to force his vibrations, to the same key as that of theMeditation, 57:- is linked to the monad by the attractive force of the Sacred Word sounded by its monad on itsMeditation, 66:- in a triangle for the transmission of force. It has a definite effect on the physical vehicles ofMeditation, 68:extraneous entities it draws by its attractive force. These must be rather advanced groups, capableMeditation, 72:of the microcosm; it takes the vibratory force and energy of the macrocosm and transmutes it forMeditation, 72:animated by informing entities. It is the life force contacting those entities that is the issueMeditation, 73:by high desire, and open to the downflow of force from the causal and intuitional levels, and ifMeditation, 74:of any one center causes an accession of force in all, and I would further point out that in theMeditation, 78:interaction of these centers and their increased force through meditation (the ordered occultMeditation, 82:processes in order to later disrupt them, and to force the old rhythm to give place to the new.Meditation, 82:that term and apply it to the centers) and its force must demonstrate through the higher dimension.Meditation, 83:emotional and mental bodies, so that the flow of force is unimpeded. Each center has then to beMeditation, 85:development of consciousness when the emotional force which governs so many is transcended andMeditation, 85:so many is transcended and superseded by the force of the higher intellect. It often marks a periodMeditation, 85:the rose of human desire. In the whirling of the force through the vortex (which whirling forms theMeditation, 85:is intoned by the average aspirant, it carries force through all the inner centers to the etheric,Meditation, 86:laws, with the correct intoning of the Word, the force comes through the emotional centers from theMeditation, 86:levels. When it is done in the head, the force comes through the mental centers from the abstractMeditation, 96:breath sent forth as a clarifying, expurgating force that in its progress onward sweeps away theMeditation, 96:circulating in its environment. The force of the Ego will circulate throughout the mental ovoid,Meditation, 99:the Ego, and a very dangerous transference of force to undesirable centers. This lack of alignmentMeditation, 99:on high, but as the alignment is imperfect the force from those higher levels is deflected, theMeditation, 102:veritable fire that can either be a destructive force, burning the tissue of the body andMeditation, 114:and in the sweeping onward of this seventh force comes the needed impetus that may - if rightlyMeditation, 121:a man positive and a channel, therefore, for force or power. When this is the case, the manMeditation, 122:of light from above, in his determination to force himself to a place where he can contact theMeditation, 125:and so lay themselves open to the evil force. Sin (as you call it) in the Personality of a discipleMeditation, 127:wall after his re-entry and will seek to force the obsessing one to stay absent. When the realMeditation, 129:that they recognize as true. The temptation to force the issue, to prolong meditation, to try outMeditation, 129:of psychic faculty is too strong. They unwarily force matters and dire disaster results. One hintMeditation, 130:for the holding and the handling of the occult force has not yet been built, and in the interim theMeditation, 137:the man himself; the opening whereby malignant force can be poured in must be caused by theMeditation, 137:and a gap appears, and through that gap evil force may enter. The factor of entrance is the fear ofMeditation, 168:He rises by means of various focal points of force. These focal points may be his Higher Self, theyMeditation, 169:Let me tabulate them for you: Line of the Manu - Force, Strength, Power to rule. [170] Line of theMeditation, 174:and you may if you wish incorporate it here. "Force in evolution and force in involution are twoMeditation, 174:incorporate it here. "Force in evolution and force in involution are two different things. That isMeditation, 179:Use of Form in Meditation The Comprehension of Force August 17th, 1920 ...The tension today isMeditation, 179:1920 ...The tension today is great, and the force pouring in on all the different centers is apt -Meditation, 179:era of crime are the results, very largely, of force misused and misapplied. This can be seenMeditation, 179:sense of shutting oneself off from stimulating force but of receiving that force, passing itMeditation, 179:off from stimulating force but of receiving that force, passing it through one's being, and onlyMeditation, 179:reservoir. The true and occult significant of force in nature, of the electrical [180] currents ofMeditation, 180:to some one or other of these great streams of force, you will illuminate your whole life and beMeditation, 180:whole life and be carried on those streams of force, those magnetic currents, that vital fluid,Meditation, 180:to the heart of the unknown. This same idea of force and of the magnetic currents of the solarMeditation, 180:thus working into the line of some one stream of force. It is the finding of the line of leastMeditation, 181:gather them to him, he would find that the force they carry would descend on him as a destructiveMeditation, 186:of the pranic current. The home of this [186] force is the center at the base of the spine and theMeditation, 187:Triad, and so cause a downflow of the monadic force into the causal body. All these mantrams can beMeditation, 191:in the ability of the worshipper to assimilate force, and in his capacity to hold and carry it.Meditation, 192:between the higher and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energyMeditation, 194:right cadence or rhythm, then the downflow of force from above (the quality of that force dependingMeditation, 194:of force from above (the quality of that force depending on key and tone) will be such that theMeditation, 195:is desirous of linking up with that channel of force that works through the emotions, and soMeditation, 196:bodies, into the radius of action of a stream of force. It causes an adjustment of the matter ofMeditation, 197:aura, thereby permitting of the rhythmic flow of force in certain specified directions, for certainMeditation, 197:subtler vehicles. By this rhythmic movement: The force that is tapped in this manner is directedMeditation, 197:effect of the rhythm is the direction of the force tapped by its means to the emotional vehicle,Meditation, 198:and ardent desire - results in a downflow of force from above. This causes a vivification of theMeditation, 199:improvement of those bodies. The quality of the force tapped, and its exhilarating, vivifying andMeditation, 199:be studied in their relation to the streams of force contacted, and their culture and theMeditation, 199:the work of contacting certain types of logoic force, of passing it through the group funnel, andMeditation, 199:by the Nirmanakayas or Distributors of Force, and will be largely under their direction, for - whenMeditation, 199:the physical plane, and so act with great force upon the evolutions found thereon. [200] HealingMeditation, 200:will cause the focal point of the downpouring force to be the sick member in their midst. By theMeditation, 200:in their midst. By the stimulating power of that force, by its rebuilding quality, or by itsMeditation, 209:are involutionary colors, and are media for the force of the Dark Brotherhood. With them theMeditation, 211:the objective medium by means of which the inner force transmits itself; it is the reflection uponMeditation, 211:as color. The adept knows it as differentiated force, and the initiate of the higher degrees knowsMeditation, 212:the earth is clad he is contacting some of the force that reached its consummation in system 1.Meditation, 218:ray of activity in the earlier solar system; the force of orange (which is scientific apprehensionMeditation, 228:own mind... that colors are the expressions of force or quality. They hide or veil the abstractMeditation, 232:wrote earlier, color is but the form assumed by force, of some kind, when that force is moving at aMeditation, 232:form assumed by force, of some kind, when that force is moving at a certain measure, and when itsMeditation, 232:The resistance of matter to the downflow of force or life, and its relative density or rarityMeditation, 232:of steadily refining his vehicles so that the force may radiate through with greater facility. ItMeditation, 233:of an involutionary quality of the same force which at a later period will show forth as a virtue.Meditation, 235:forces, and the quality of any particular force, - or, to reverse it, the force of any particularMeditation, 235:any particular force, - or, to reverse it, the force of any particular quality - becomes moreMeditation, 235:the hour of opportunity and cooperates with the force extant. All this he does through the orderedMeditation, 242:from the mental standpoint. The direction of any force supplied will be from the mental body of theMeditation, 245:ways, either as a transmitter of prana, the life force, vitality or magnetism, or as the vehicleMeditation, 249:the esoteric veil. That color is the form and force of virtue (in the occult sense) in the innerMeditation, 270:Yet, if ever a man is to be able to hold the force that is the result of the application of the RodMeditation, 315:and the Master and as a focal point for His force to flow through to them. He must be consciouslyMeditation, 319:the work on inner planes, and the pouring in of force with the shielding from danger by occultMeditation, 336:the etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adapted to the need of the great averageMeditation, 336:As progress is made an intensification of this force will be possible in individual cases. Herein
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