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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Meditation, 336:Initiation acted actually as a conductor of this force to the centers of the initiate; it was soMeditation, 340:At each initiation, the electrical or magnetic force applied has a stabilizing effect. It rendersMeditation, 345:bear on this problem of service, but dissipates force; he renders oft destructive action, he wastesMeditation, 345:contains but the expenditure of just so much force and no more, wisely adjusts his capacity and theMeditation, 348:judgment, more profound than his, is testing the force and extent of the vibration set up, and isMeditation, 348:of the vibration set up, and is adjusting that force according to the motive. He does not sufferMeditation, 353:energy; the universal propelling vital force; the ceaseless destructive and formative power; theMeditation, 354:are the focal points for the distribution of the force of the systemic Kumaras. Kundalini The powerMeditation, 357:or bodies are built. They are literally small force centers. Planetary Logos This term is generallyMeditation, 358:of thought. Ray One of the seven streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights. Each ofMeditation, 359:among many, and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests.Meditation, 359:of the field of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of the seven races of man whichPatanjali, 8:self Lower self Life Consciousness Form Energy Force Matter The Presence The Angel of the PresencePatanjali, 25:the various permanent atoms, and the centers of force in the various sheaths. These all have theirPatanjali, 40:- that right activity and that correct use of force which will bring the goal nearer and makePatanjali, 52:soul with the Oversoul. The attractive force of that Oversoul as it drew the separated soul of allPatanjali, 52:things gradually back into Itself. This is the force of evolution itself, the great attractivePatanjali, 52:response of the individual soul to cosmic soul force. The intensive training given towards thePatanjali, 62:it may be finally tuned up so that the work of force direction may be safely undertaken. ThePatanjali, 67:conditions. His will is not yet strong enough to force him forwards. He permits time to slip by andPatanjali, 72:number: a. The life breath or prana, b. The life force or the fires of the body. It is the misusePatanjali, 72:per cent is produced through ill directed life force through the centers, and attacks primarily thePatanjali, 73:(1.33.) 2. Mental inertia Control of the life force. (1.34.) 3. Wrong questioning One pointedPatanjali, 76:reference to all demonstrations of good and evil force, and the law works in this connection, butPatanjali, 89:analogous forms with analogous vibration and force demonstration, and this knowledge concernsPatanjali, 95:form, to that which produces externality (being force of some kind), until he arrives at that whichPatanjali, 99:nature of God, the great "love" or attractive force, is responsible for the "things subtle" whichPatanjali, 106:The testimony of the ages points to a spiritual force or life in the world; the inference to bePatanjali, 112:Nijama, posture or Asana, right control of life-force or Pranayama, abstraction or Pratyahara,Patanjali, 121:latter has to do with the etheric body, with the force centers or chakras [122] found in that bodyPatanjali, 122:found in that body and with the distribution of force currents and the awakening of the serpentPatanjali, 144:of the occult student is the manipulation of force, and the entering of that world wherein forcesPatanjali, 153:The three gunas or qualities, The tattvas or force differentiations in their seven forms. ThroughPatanjali, 155:elements, form, 2. The unspecific the senses, force reactions, the tanmatras, 3. The indicatedPatanjali, 156:or of the universal mind, The attributes of force-matter, The three potencies. These triplicitiesPatanjali, 158:which is subjective and intangible, and with the force display which produces the specific forms.Patanjali, 161:The task of the occultist is to work with the force which lies back of every form and not so muchPatanjali, 161:of that which caused them and of the type of force which brought them into being. Later hePatanjali, 165:from the true subjective world of causes, and of force emanations. He is no longer deceived and canPatanjali, 172:"It suffices not to know the way nor to feel the force which serveth to extract the life from outPatanjali, 180:Nijama, posture or Asana, right control of life-force or Pranayama, abstraction or Pratyahara,Patanjali, 182:the spirit. Means IV. Right control of the life-force. Pranayama. Suppression of the breath.Patanjali, 185:manifestation and concerns specifically his force nature or the energy which he expresses throughPatanjali, 186:sins and is very powerful. It concerns mental force and is a generic term covering those potentPatanjali, 189:is based upon the belief that certain types of force emanations produce impure conditions andPatanjali, 189:still the truth. So little is as yet known about force emanations from the human being, or actingPatanjali, 216:to be influenced by the pull of any attractive force. The astral body becomes quiescent andPatanjali, 218:by the etheric body. The etheric body is the force or vital body and it permeates every part of thePatanjali, 218:physical body. According to the nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to thePatanjali, 218:etheric body, according to the activity of that force in the etheric body, according to thePatanjali, 220:astral body. This will be purely kamic or desire force and will affect primarily the centers belowPatanjali, 220:diaphragm. From the universal mind or manasic force. This will be largely thought force and will goPatanjali, 220:or manasic force. This will be largely thought force and will go to the throat center. From the egoPatanjali, 220:the head and heart centers. Most people receive force only from the physical and astral planes, butPatanjali, 220:and astral planes, but disciples receive force also from the mental and egoic levels. Patanjali, 222:fire and blending it with the downpouring egoic force must also be left for direct teaching by aPatanjali, 222:physical parts of the body to generate a type of force which is a mixture of etheric force andPatanjali, 222:a type of force which is a mixture of etheric force and dense physical energy, to enable him to doPatanjali, 227:man is that of the second aspect, the Christ force, or buddhi. The object of evolution in the humanPatanjali, 227:in the human family is to bring this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestationPatanjali, 234:upon the power of the elephant, will awaken that force or light. 25. Perfectly concentratedPatanjali, 263:to draw down, when needed, the power and the force of the soul, is one which will be eventuallyPatanjali, 272:Aspect. 8. Synthesizing Energy. 8. Attractive Force. 8. Matter. 9. First Aspect. 9. Second Aspect.Patanjali, 277:in the akasha produced by the inflow of solar force via the planets. Those forms or pictures whichPatanjali, 277:which are produced by the inflow of cosmic force from one or other of the signs of the zodiac, thatPatanjali, 280:that thought sets in motion certain currents of force. These currents of force gradually sweep intoPatanjali, 280:certain currents of force. These currents of force gradually sweep into shape forms whichPatanjali, 280:mind off" them. It is the nature of the thought force or current which is perceived throughPatanjali, 281:vital body and its functions as the attractive force holding the dense physical vehicle in shape.Patanjali, 282:are to be found in the terms: Energy spirit life Force soul light Matter form substance ThePatanjali, 282:outstanding characteristic of the soul (or of force) is light. It brings into visibility that whichPatanjali, 282:(Secret Doctrine I, 80.) When the soul (or force) withdraws itself out of the matter aspect (thePatanjali, 289:upon the power of the elephant, will awaken that force or light. This sutra has given rise to muchPatanjali, 290:of concentrated power, of the great moving force, which once aroused, carries all before it. It isPatanjali, 290:into heaven. By meditation upon this "elephant force," the power of the third aspect, the energy ofPatanjali, 290:that of Vishnu, the second aspect, the Christ force. This produces the perfect at-one-ment, orPatanjali, 299:picture of how all lives are driven by the force of their desires on the wheel of rebirth. VyasaPatanjali, 303:constellations which (with ours) form the seven force centers of which the seven great spiritualPatanjali, 305:the organ of vitality, of prana or physical sun force, in the body. [306] There are other glandsPatanjali, 308:understanding of his emotional body and of the force center through which it functions upon thePatanjali, 328:the whole body is that sum total of nervous force, called by the Hindu, prana. It is controlled byPatanjali, 330:a man becomes polarized there, then the nervous force or energy found in the top of the headPatanjali, 333:irradiated by the vibrant centers of electrical force distributed throughout the body. Patanjali, 347:of the adept to offset the attractive [347] force of the planet and to leave the earth. It is thePatanjali, 347:sovereignty, and it is that driving irresistible force found in every adept which bring about thePatanjali, 347:alike. It necessarily demonstrates with greatest force on that plane in the three worlds whichPatanjali, 347:the mental plane. All the elements obey this force of will as used by the yogin. Creative power -Patanjali, 349:to convey this idea of compact cohering force, i.e., the diamond, and the thunderbolt. The humanPatanjali, 350:conveying as it does the idea of electrical force. All that we can know of God or of man is thePatanjali, 350:the quality of his energy as it demonstrates in force and activity, hence in the Secret Doctrine,Patanjali, 367:Reality is seen to be the great central life force, remaining unchanged and unmoved at the centerPatanjali, 369:to the true nature of the one Self. 27. Through force of habit, however, the mind will reflectPatanjali, 383:incarnation until eventually the driving force of the evolutionary process brings a man, stage byPatanjali, 384:posture or attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation andPatanjali, 384:posture of attitude, right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation andPatanjali, 395:and impel him to action, those longings which force him into varied activities are something whichPatanjali, 403:them. Through the bringing in of spiritual force, he will also realize the point in evolution atPatanjali, 410:aware of the tendency of the mind to respond to force currents, produced by thought or desire; hePatanjali, 410:desire; he therefore watches every emanation of force issuing from him, and controls every thoughtPatanjali, 416:The higher Self. The divine Manasaputra. Force. The Son of God. The Agnishvattva. The Dweller in
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