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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Patanjali, 417:need now hinder the downflow of spiritual force and wisdom into the brain, for the entire lowerPatanjali, 422:as to the true nature of the one Self. Through force of habit, however, the mind will reflect otherPatanjali, 425:and usefulness as a channel for spiritual force are of importance. It should be remembered that onProblems, 23:their wishes or through undue pressure and force. Russia has still much to do for the immenseProblems, 78:is today a dictatorship, using threat, fear and force to gain its ends. Many of its leaders areProblems, 81:has not only put into human hands a potent force which will inevitably bring in a new and betterProblems, 94:today find themselves; they know that the use of force produces results which are not trulyProblems, 119:relations and prove to them the potency of the force of an educated and alive public opinionProblems, 131:it may emerge as a regenerating and spiritual force. The challenge of its environment is great andProblems, 144:make the right approach and saving men by the force of His example and by the expression of theProblems, 150:To the mental principle was added - again by the force of invocation and responsive evocation -Problems, 153:man is not the miserable sinner which the clergy force him to believe. All this is unreal but theProblems, 161:action and the medium of all relationships. The force of the mind in producing telepathic rapportProblems, 174:men and women of goodwill active in the world to force the issue. This is the factor of importance.Psychology1, xix:channel and instrument through which spiritual force may flow unimpeded. I mean the attaining of anPsychology1, xxiv:body may be responsive to one type of ray force, whilst the personality as a whole may vibrate inPsychology1, 6:of man came into incarnation along a line of force emanation from one or other of these threePsychology1, 7:in their turn produce the forty-nine types of force which express themselves through all the formsPsychology1, 10:and knowingly enter into the realms of spiritual force and take thence that which they need andPsychology1, 10:there may be a subsequent wise distribution of force within a chosen area. Those who knowPsychology1, 11:the focusing and interplay of the seven types of force, just as every human being is also a meetingPsychology1, 19:rays are therefore embodiments of seven types of force which demonstrate to us the seven qualitiesPsychology1, 20:These seven rays are the seven streams of force issuing from a central energy after (in point ofPsychology1, 21:psychological lives, qualified by seven types of force, are appearing through the medium of thePsychology1, 21:a material form and to incarnate. A vortex of force is set up as a preliminary step and we thenPsychology1, 25:quality as are any of the sons of men. This ray force, with the second ray, is a true and vitalPsychology1, 27:qualified emanations from the central vortex of force are composed of untold myriads of energyPsychology1, 44:substance, and divided into seven streams of force. The radius of the influence of these sevenPsychology1, 48:initiation. The Monad is Life, the sustaining force, a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotionPsychology1, 59:within the brain, to the seven centers of force, and to the seven major glands which determine thePsychology1, 63:power within the human family works out as the force of destruction, but in the last analysis it isPsychology1, 65:The six qualities enumerated above express the force of this ray as it makes its presence felt inPsychology1, 67:continue with the building. Let him apply the force which will produce the shining living stonePsychology1, 68:of the Lord of the third ray indicate His use of force and His real nature. They are as follows:Psychology1, 73:of much of the energy. The effect of ray force, working through imperfect forms, must be distortedPsychology1, 73:adequate or intelligent use of its destructive force. First ray personalities are oft destructive,Psychology1, 74:and through that attractive magnetic force the new forms will come into being which will permit ofPsychology1, 83:which he has as yet failed to comprehend. The force and the effect of the seventh ray influencePsychology1, 85:Worker The Builder of the Square The Orienting Force [86] The Fiery Unifier The Key to the MysteryPsychology1, 87:as well. Move not from there. [87] Send out thy force to do thy will and gather back thy forces.Psychology1, 99:soul is admitted, and when the mechanism of the force centers is [100] studied, we shall make rapidPsychology1, 105:the higher types of men in the use of the soul force and soul powers, and in the trained control ofPsychology1, 115:a focal point for the transmission of spiritual force to a needy and waiting world. But it isPsychology1, 121:The Being Who is the expression [121] and active force of the entire vegetable kingdom is to bePsychology1, 121:upon the outer form, qualified by a particular force and life. There is, for instance, a definitePsychology1, 121:as an illustration of an externalization of ray force, and as an indication of the value of thePsychology1, 126:and not grow less as the years slip by. The force of invocations will be known later. EveryPsychology1, 131:a paralleling stimulation of the centers of force in the body), that the light body appears.Psychology1, 150:surmised. Energy (in contradistinction to force, and using the word to express the emanating centerPsychology1, 151:embodiments of the will, energy, and magnetic force which streams through Them from the seven solarPsychology1, 155:has done has been to bring his seven centers of force, located in the etheric body, into aPsychology1, 155:responsive to the above three types of synthetic force. On the path of discipleship, and until thePsychology1, 156:to respond to the second type of synthetic force. After he has taken the highest initiationPsychology1, 156:that contact with the highest type of synthetic force may mean, I cannot tell you. The planetaryPsychology1, 158:Along these three streams of qualified life-force the creative agencies of God make their presencePsychology1, 161:mystic or introvert? He is [161] one whose soul force, ray or quality is too strong for thePsychology1, 169:the primary ray becomes and remains the dominant force. But there is still another influence to bePsychology1, 170:out, for the reason that these two types of ray force, that of power-will and that of love-wisdom,Psychology1, 170:this time. All the workers along other lines of force - whether manifesting objectively or activePsychology1, 171:with activities along the seven major lines of force - their place in the scheme determined byPsychology1, 178:task of producing a new synthesis, and thus the force of all the workers along those lines isPsychology1, 191:systems, and actuated by a triple stream of force. Every one of the rays is the recipient andPsychology1, 192:the solar system, and with extra-systemic [192] force also. Is this not of vital, practical import?Psychology1, 194:to ourselves a world of vibrating points of force which constitute in the aggregate all forms ofPsychology1, 195:and that the occultist moves in the worlds of force, but these are also the worlds of quality andPsychology1, 195:eventually work in a dual yet unified world of force, and be the creative will which guides, blendsPsychology1, 201:and love, a destructive and disintegrating force would result. When however the threePsychology1, 202:the great Quest on this ray would be by sheer force of will. Such a man would, as it were, take thePsychology1, 241:necessity for a vegetarian diet, and which gives force and truth to this injunction. It is thePsychology1, 246:it is the activity of Uranus and the inpouring force of Jupiter that bring about the reorganizationPsychology1, 252:share the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels with a spinal column and aPsychology1, 262:through which a new and energizing spiritual force is flowing, and these are the planetaryPsychology1, 264:the work is done; they fuse the life-giving force; the dead are raised, and the work of buildingPsychology1, 264:be uttered forth within a chamber of life-giving force and not of death. Through death to life,Psychology1, 282:mechanism, responding to an impersonal force. But it will also produce the growth of brotherly lovePsychology1, 285:with its transforming power and regenerating force, and apart from the cyclic return of the seventhPsychology1, 288:man into activity through the medium of certain force centers in the etheric body. These, for ourPsychology1, 290:negative feminine aspect. Connected with these force vortices are two physical plane organs, thePsychology1, 299:that energy we call "life" and the aggregate of force units through which that energy expressesPsychology1, 302:is simply a question of time, for evolution will force the recognition at some distant date. ThePsychology1, 314:world, and constitute a channel for the Christ force and life. It is indeed and in truth from gloryPsychology1, 315:units and are in themselves expressions of force. [316] A ray is but a name for a particular forcePsychology1, 316:[316] A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon thePsychology1, 316:with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which itPsychology1, 325:at all, except in so far as is needed to force it to adhere to group or soul purpose. These serversPsychology1, 334:do well to recognize the potency of this ray force, and trust to the Law to make all things good.Psychology1, 344:Who sits on high, pours all His life and force throughout the field of conflict. He sees the endPsychology1, 346:is the same in detail as that of the word "force", if you eliminate the number five. For humanity,Psychology1, 346:and transmuted, "only the four remains and force has gone." Note the detail of the numbering: F 0 RPsychology1, 346:and the objective. It is apparent that force in the first group ends in separativeness, for five isPsychology1, 346:the number of initiation, is hidden midway in force, but the climaxing figures indicate activityPsychology1, 349:Brothers Who block the door from whence the force emerges", and "the disappearance of that radiantPsychology1, 359:and when service to the race is the determining force, then we shall see the true white magic.Psychology1, 359:themselves through harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speakPsychology1, 370:"the etheric web" dividing off the various force centers in the human body, and protecting the headPsychology1, 371:and this has been the result of the incoming ray force with its power to apply knowledge to thePsychology1, 372:as yet, be comprehended. Until the incoming ray force and all that attends its entry has producedPsychology1, 374:be found in this basic truth. The bringing in of force and the offering of a channel are allPsychology1, 386:ray personality, whilst her fourth ray egoic force is responsible for her effort to standardize andPsychology1, 386:one dominant angle the transmitters of first ray force. A hint is here given. It is for this reason
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