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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Psychology2, 305:of the various lotuses, chakras or vortices of force which have come into increased motion. At thisPsychology2, 305:comes into dynamic action and the whole inner force-body becomes related in all its parts andPsychology2, 3o8:the three elementals of the lower nature, the force of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (thePsychology2, 309:The stage wherein it assimilates the force latent in the dense physical form - the energy of atomicPsychology2, 309:values takes place, then the etheric or vital force is brought into conflict with the lowest aspectPsychology2, 311:maya, as far as humanity is concerned. Much force was released and exhausted, and much energy alsoPsychology2, 314:is a type of energy, functioning in a field of force, thus producing an activity of some kind. ThatPsychology2, 316:over-sensitivity in the vehicles, the rush of force through from the soul, via the centers,Psychology2, 317:of the attractive or the repulsive aspect of force, and it is with this that we shall concernPsychology2, 322:which is to be an instrument of a higher force. The intuition. The source of inspiration, thePsychology2, 329:all the forces of the consciousness in order to force the issue and thus emerge into manifestation.Psychology2, 336:reflected that of the great centers of force, with their inter-connecting lines of energy. Step byPsychology2, 338:bringing to bear upon those objectives all the force and power of an integrated functioning person.Psychology2, 340:unfoldment. Man is therefore (from the angle of force expression) a mass of conflicting energiesPsychology2, 352:life and spheres of action, and is a destroying force in his home, business or in the nation. AllPsychology2, 363:of at-one-ment. This is essentially a healing force which brings all forms to an ultimatePsychology2, 365:high potency. It is the integrated personality force, brought into relation with soul energy, whichPsychology2, 370:and astral - must receive a balanced quota of force. The mind must receive its share ofPsychology2, 379:two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. It is found at a certain stage in everyPsychology2, 379:together and eventually form one expressive force. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energyPsychology2, 379:brought into relationship; one potent vortex of force is then set up which eventually becomes soPsychology2, 380:related to each other, produce one active force center, through which the Monad can work, using thePsychology2, 385:of the central part of the center or lotus of force. The teaching given in the oriental andPsychology2, 390:of the egoic lotus. From these vortexes of force to the lower or concrete mind - that in which thePsychology2, 395:is working out the divine Idea, the points of force and focal points of energy which act as powerPsychology2, 409:influence or as true spiritual power and force. In every case, [410] however, comprehension of thePsychology2, 412:work through seven focal points or centers of force in the etheric body. These centers of energyPsychology2, 413:attention to the relation between the centers of force in the etheric body, the processes ofPsychology2, 413:of the oriental teaching about the centers of force through which the subjective aspects of man -Psychology2, 434:the outer man. The nadis (lines or threads of force) underlie every nerve in the human body and thePsychology2, 435:life of man. It also possesses centers of force which are counterparts of those to be found in thePsychology2, 439:the lighted area of consciousness, The play and force and recognitions of the immediately consciousPsychology2, 444:ray personality and sixth ray astral body will force him to do so, and his first ray body and brainPsychology2, 452:spiritual entity, the soul. We use the word "force" to connote the activity of the form nature inPsychology2, 452:be defined as the effect which energy has upon force. It is the effect which soul has upon form,Psychology2, 464:turning towards meditation. Sometimes it is the force of economic circumstances which forces a manPsychology2, 469:the sensed plan can be developed, let him force himself to bring it through into physicalPsychology2, 471:the three worlds or the three major results of force activity. These serve to bewilder the man andPsychology2, 472:self-hypnotism. Through this induced belief, we force ourselves into a state of mind whichPsychology2, 473:Maya is vital in character and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of the humanPsychology2, 473:has served to reveal the three worlds of lower force to him. This revelation, in the early stages,Psychology2, 479:of the centers. Thus an understanding of the force system of the patient will take place. ThePsychology2, 505:with, and a founding upon, certain lines of force which have, to date, determined the [506]Psychology2, 516:they are being turned definitely inward through force of circumstances and in such a powerfulPsychology2, 516:endeavor, as if they were opposing currents of force: The movement, tending towards thePsychology2, 516:a silent, hitherto unexpressed and unoriented force, and yet a potency in the planetary life. [517]Psychology2, 517:the pull of the mass consciousness, and by the force of the political, economic and social life ofPsychology2, 517:into a dual manifesting expression. The incoming force will then be stabilized and its note clearlyPsychology2, 519:effect or the relation of the seven centers of force, which are to be found in the human body, inPsychology2, 520:yet known and taught anent the centers and their force emanations and the activity of the vital orPsychology2, 521:center and to use it as a transferring center of force for energies which must be carried fromPsychology2, 523:of spiritual energy from that reservoir of force we call the soul to the man on the physical plane.Psychology2, 524:place a definite heightening and intensifying of force. The light of the centers is brighter andPsychology2, 530:not been three earlier "uprisings of the latent force of will". These uprisings serve to clear thePsychology2, 532:the centers, of using them as channels for force (at first unconsciously and later with increasingPsychology2, 535:attention of the man's consciousness and life force is focused (even if unconsciously) to thatPsychology2, 539:column. [539] The raising of the kundalini force - if brought about ignorantly and prematurely -Psychology2, 540:separated by this vibrant and potent central force center. Cleavage, astralism, delusions,Psychology2, 544:are making one of the major transferences of force, it should be pointed out that in the earlierPsychology2, 546:where esoteric methods are being employed to force the process, to hasten and facilitate thePsychology2, 547:by what might be regarded as "explosions of force". These are generated by a man or by a group ofPsychology2, 550:the slow removal on a racial scale of the sacral force to the solar plexus there is eventuating aPsychology2, 552:basic premise of the existence of the centers of force is not yet recognized. It is interesting toPsychology2, 552:bulk of humanity is, at this time, transferring force to that center. It is, for the masses, thePsychology2, 553:that power and according to the direction of the force sent forth throughout the body by thePsychology2, 554:undue activity by the imposition of personality force, and its energy deflected downwards in aPsychology2, 555:of the centers are many. The primary one is the force of evolution itself, plus the inherent orPsychology2, 578:group glamor to negative their efforts and force those with whom the disciples work to believePsychology2, 580:they are scattered a corresponding desire to force that very separation upon them. Under the law,Psychology2, 589:must be given as to the nature of the centers of force so that the Aryan psychic has somePsychology2, 591:of the higher centers The transference of force from one center to another. This treatise isPsychology2, 591:in their millions and are minute channels of force which underlie the entire nervous system of man.Psychology2, 591:intricate "receiver" of energy and "director" of force. Each [592] of these tiny lines of energyPsychology2, 592:in nature and resemble five strands or fibers of force, closely knit together within a coveringPsychology2, 592:together within a covering sheath of a different force. These forces are bound together in aPsychology2, 592:the true form or substance. Where the lines of force cross and recross, as they repeat in thePsychology2, 592:is brought into being: Where the lines of force cross 21 times, a major center is found. Of thesePsychology2, 592:and the general direction of the lines of force will then be seen. The great sweep of the energiesPsychology2, 594:the enclosing sheath of the tiny channels of force eventually dissolve (under the impact of soulPsychology2, 594:eventually dissolve (under the impact of soul force) and so disappear and thus the "nadis" of thePsychology2, 594:personality. He is soul and personality. Soul force can now flow unimpeded through the centralPsychology2, 594:channel. There can now be the free flow of force up and down these two "pathways of the forces" andPsychology2, 595:period wherein there is the free flow of soul force through the central channel in the "nadis".Psychology2, 600:is in the astral body, when the downflow of soul force is there also and when the heart center isPsychology2, 607:center. Where there is this inflow of creative force and where there is no real use made of thePsychology2, 607:of an integration which is brought about by the force of that ambition. This frequently succeeds inPsychology2, 610:First ray people will register the inflow of force and power with facility and will discover thatPsychology2, 618:know how to shut off these directed streams of force and how to deflect them and - when they arePsychology2, 620:the guiding inspiration, the loving protecting force and the source of instruction and of teaching.Psychology2, 622:for this basic center is connected with the life-force and, as you know, the "blood is the life".Psychology2, 623:with the manifestation of the seventh ray. This force, as far as the individual is concerned, willPsychology2, 623:unwavering, emotional emphasis - and the will force of the untrained magical worker who isPsychology2, 633:violence has hitherto been met by armed force. Such [634] is the case today. The masses fight andPsychology2, 653:to peace. This must be done, not by the armed force of some powerful group, but by the wisePsychology2, 655:the violent propaganda, and the organized force which are characteristic of the old order. TheirPsychology2, 656:will be achieved, not by propaganda backed by force, but by example, backed by sacrifice and love.Psychology2, 662:how enlightened they may be, to necessitate force in some form or another and to call for drasticPsychology2, 665:forth from the center of spiritual light and force in the world and, at the same time, they must bePsychology2, 671:depression in order to impose (if need be, by force) those systems of governments and of controlPsychology2, 671:be told what to do, and be led, blindly or by force to that state and form of civilization which
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