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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCE

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Soul, 59:are active, and four dormant, so only three force centers are fully developed and four as yetSoul, 59:and lies hid in all gross bodies; by the force and action of which spirit the particles of bodiesSoul, 61:of transmitting what is called gravitational force between one piece of matter and another, and forSoul, 63:on the very same principle, the origination of force." - Barrett, Sir William, On the Threshold ofSoul, 67:pictures for us the activity of this vital force, of the 'livingness' animating matter and showsSoul, 67:and the energy functioning through it. "The Life Force. Let us suppose that in the first instanceSoul, 67:We may conceive the ultimate purpose of the life force to be the achievement of complete andSoul, 68:the light of the tools or weapons which the life force creates to assist it in the accomplishmentSoul, 68:been insulated in a piece of matter. "The life force is far from being all-powerful. It is limitedSoul, 69:of an etheric body, the medium of a vital force, of energy or life, is not the vague dream of aSoul, 69:of energy, or prana. This life principle is the force aspect of the soul, and through the medium ofSoul, 71:Glands to the vital body, with its centers of force, studied and understood. Hocking in thisSoul, 71:account of the Eastern teaching as to the force centers. One is a consideration as to the nature ofSoul, 75:namely, on the one hand, the vital force of the physiologists, and on the other hand the spirit orSoul, 78:we study the modern scientists' teaching as to force, as to energy, as to the atom, and we findSoul, 79:of today. We speak and think in terms of force. Stahl summed up the teaching in the followingSoul, 81:it represents the nature of the soul as directed force; and we may also call it vitalistic, becauseSoul, 81:and we may also call it vitalistic, because this force, which gives the body form and engenders theSoul, 84:the mind, the soul, the spirit. The ultimate force which lies at the root of macrocosmic power ofSoul, 84:appears to be an expression of the life force, and we begin to approach the truth as formulated inSoul, 85:brain and spinal cord were coordinators of vital force, whilst Strato placed it in the forepart ofSoul, 97:that we call energy, everything that we call force. It is the Prana that is manifesting as motion;Soul, 97:of the body, as the nerve currents, as thought force. From thought, down to the lowest physicalSoul, 97:force. From thought, down to the lowest physical force, everything is but the manifestation ofSoul, 97:the manifestation of Prana. The sumtotal of all force in the universe, mental or physical whenSoul, 97:Prana is the universal principle of energy or force, and that all energy or force is derived fromSoul, 97:of energy or force, and that all energy or force is derived from that principle, or, rather, [98]Soul, 98:it as the active principle of life - Vital Force, if you please. It is found in all forms of life,Soul, 98:which principle is the essence of all motion, force or energy, whether manifested in gravitation,Soul, 98:to the lowest. It may be called the soul of Force and Energy in all their forms, and that principleSoul, 99:called in connection with the human form, is the force latent in matter itself; it is the integralSoul, 109:Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force Chapter VI Seven Centers of Force In theSoul, 109:Centers of Force Chapter VI Seven Centers of Force In the previous chapter we have seen that,Soul, 110:René, Man and His Becoming, pp. 44, 45. The life force has seven main points of contact with theSoul, 110:body, called the seven centers. These seven force centers transmit the life force, and are theSoul, 110:These seven force centers transmit the life force, and are the agents of the soul. They maintainSoul, 110:Gita, pp. 37, 40, 107. The Indian name of a force center is "chakra." The location of the sevenSoul, 110:"chakra." The location of the seven centers of force (with their complete Indian names) are asSoul, 111:been written and more could be said, about these force centers or chakras, but the following willSoul, 111:will serve as an introductory summary. The force centers carry pranic energy for every part of theSoul, 111:sympathetic and peripheral. From the force centers the vital or pranic energy is distributed alongSoul, 112:who uses the Indian word lotus for chakra or force center, makes an interesting comment in thisSoul, 113:Rama, Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 45-46. The force centers are situated up the spinal column and inSoul, 115:Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force As the foregoing quotation refers to theSoul, 115:cannot be too severely condemned. These force centers are not merely situated up the spinal columnSoul, 115:life intention. They are largely directed by the force pouring into and issuing from the headSoul, 119:Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force These centers vary in activity according to theSoul, 119:then, to the development of the man these force centers become alive and dominant, and according toSoul, 120:of the East with regard to the seven centers of force or chakras. When we compare the EasternSoul, 120:with regard to locality. The seven centers of force are to be found in the same region where theSoul, 120:where the glands are located, and each center of force might well be (and according to IndianSoul, 120:even more striking than the first, is that the force centers which are awake conform to the glandsSoul, 122:the correctness of the Oriental theory as to the force centers. The condition of the glands andSoul, 122:is dependent upon the type and quality of soul force vibrating through them. In the undevelopedSoul, 122:In the undeveloped person it is simply the life force, prana, which is active and registers. ThisSoul, 123:Soul and its Mechanism - The Seven Centers of Force He quotes Mrs. Besant also in the followingSoul, 124:into increased activity, and the emphasis of the force pouring through the body shifts to theSoul, 128:of the etheric and dense bodies. It is the soul force playing upon and functioning through theSoul, 130:are entirely dependent upon the qualities of force flowing through his centers. So says the East.Soul, 135:Soul, p. 187. Poise. Right control of the life force and hence direct action by the soul upon theSoul, 139:a man is what he is, and acts as he does. The force of inspiration, the highest power of them all,Soul, 139:claimed by this group is the transference of the force below the diaphragm to the centers above.Soul, 139:people live "below the diaphragm" and the life force is centered in the purely animal and sensorySoul, 139:and the emotional life are dominant, and all the force flowing into and through the sacral centerSoul, 139:As man evolves, however, the direction of the force changes. We have seen that the force is dual,Soul, 139:of the force changes. We have seen that the force is dual, being partially life force and partiallySoul, 139:that the force is dual, being partially life force and partially soul force, one expressing itselfSoul, 139:being partially life force and partially soul force, one expressing itself through the blood andSoul, 139:the other through the nervous system. The life force aspect continues to carry forward its functionSoul, 140:organs and structures of the body, but the soul force, hitherto relatively quiescent, begins toSoul, 140:quiescent, begins to turn upwards. The soul force in the center at the base of the spine is carriedSoul, 140:itself, through the power of its magnetism, the force latent at the base of the spine. Thus isSoul, 140:complete blending of spiritual energy and the force in matter itself through the attractive energySoul, 140:specific center or by conscious action on the force of matter. The soul energy of the sacral centerSoul, 150:same, we can actually isolate ourselves from the force of gravitation,' he declared. In actualSoul, 150:of electro-magnetism in His own body, and from a force springing from the strength of HisSoul, 152:- the purpose of spirit and the attractive force of the soul - are intelligently applied to theSoul, 157:of the Oriental theory? Many people from force of circumstances and strained economic conditionsSoul, 157:life of celibacy. Owing to these conditions the force is raised to the center which is its goal,Telepathyslightest need and with the least expenditure of force - get en rapport with each other. They areTelepathy, 2:into activity by these impulses, or streams of force, emanating from some originating source orTelepathy, 2:energy. It is composed of myriads of threads of force or tiny streams of energy, held in relationTelepathy, 5:where it can become an attractive center of force and draw to itself similar types of ideas andTelepathy, 10:time and thought to the recognition of types of force. They need to realize that emotion, andTelepathy, 10:will only be understood when the nature of force, of emanations and radiations, and of energyTelepathy, 10:centers and are sensitive to certain types of force and closed to others. Again, some people, evenTelepathy, 22:the inner planes gathered around a personalized force, the Master; he cannot work in true rapportTelepathy, 25:energy is active substance. These two types of force are of a vitality, potency and substance soTelepathy, 25:subtle and fine that they can work through and "force into activity" the pranic fluids whichTelepathy, 25:as forces with the power to motivate: 1. The force of love with its negative quality which AttractsTelepathy, 26:the soul sweep through all like a regenerating force. 2. The force of mind. This is theTelepathy, 26:through all like a regenerating force. 2. The force of mind. This is the illuminating energy whichTelepathy, 27:person. 3. The energy of prana, or the etheric force of the vital body. This energy, by an act ofTelepathy, 27:of energy, blended and fused into one stream of force. It becomes actively responsive to the idea,Telepathy, 28:center, when transmitting. This swings etheric force into activity when engaged in telepathic work,Telepathy, 29:content. If a ray of light is met by an outgoing force from the receiver's mind or a powerfullyTelepathy, 39:of a group, or of an individual in a group, to force an issue, to bring so much mental pressure toTelepathy, 45:as you may realize it) the entire impressing force of the Buddhas of Activity Who are to ShamballaTelepathy, 45:God as it demonstrates itself as the attractive force which impulses the Plan inspired by theTelepathy, 53:characteristic of the entire world of force. One point you all need to grasp is that the
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