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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Astrology, 364:of the subjective realities or powers. Six forces meet in Gemini and, for this reason, the doubleAstrology, 372:the future in spite of temporary misuse of the forces. Necessarily and simultaneously, thisAstrology, 374:a more spiritual civilization; and whereby the forces of hate, of cruelty, of materialism and ofAstrology, 374:found) before the sweeping onslaught of the Forces of Light. Astrology, 374:increased as it is by the incoming Shamballa forces, produce the floodlight of illumination ofAstrology, 377:true purpose and ideal set before our planetary forces by the all-creating Will becomes distortedAstrology, 378:of the lower nature of humanity, embodied in the forces of aggression, and the purposeful progressAstrology, 382:speaking, a very complex aggregation of forces, being related not only to Aries with its cosmicAstrology, 388:I speak of subjective energies, I refer to the forces pouring from the soul (on soul levels) intoAstrology, 401:of the success of the task which the Uranian forces undertook. Achievement is attained. Mars is inAstrology, 403:of humanity to these multiple energies and forces. These forces, pouring out from cosmic sources,Astrology, 403:to these multiple energies and forces. These forces, pouring out from cosmic sources, find theirAstrology, 403:man incited to progress by the nature of the forces of divine attraction and have noted theAstrology, 409:about the present confusion. This confusion of forces in the solar system is notably affecting ourAstrology, 411:it might be said that the three major groups of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemicAstrology, 411:Coherency and affect the soul. Planetary forces impinge upon and pass through humanity and areAstrology, 412:of a vast and incomprehensible aggregation of forces and energies which stands to them as the OneAstrology, 413:question of conscious response to subjective forces, expressing themselves as ideas and vastAstrology, 414:and conditioned by, the interplay of the three forces. It is their full expression and the resultAstrology, 414:the monad, it is the "sound which geometrically forces itself into the vision of the beholder" - aAstrology, 416:peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations,Astrology, 424:of Lives and Their emanating streams of forces and energies and in the major determining lifeAstrology, 437:related to the fourth. It is this triplicity of forces which, playing on Triangle Three, attractsAstrology, 443:which is the primary quality of the energies and forces coming forth from the great Lives in whichAstrology, 448:- this in combination with other influences and forces. In the Aquarian Age, Venus will again haveAstrology, 449:kingdoms. With these triangles of supernal forces I shall not deal because conscious response toAstrology, 458:will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energies and, therefore, unavoidable.Astrology, 459:and are regarded esoterically as embodying forces. Every triangle is, therefore, the expression ofAstrology, 459:of one fundamental energy and of two secondary forces. This is a basic statement of importance andAstrology, 460:impelling energy. [460] A synthesis of two forces, the emanating and the receptive. A qualified,Astrology, 461:types of energy (or rather one energy and two forces) proceed then with the following activities:Astrology, 462:into itself both the higher energy and the lower forces. This point is called the soul aspect ofAstrology, 466:the Centers We might consequently state that the forces of: Cancer - Capricorn - Saturn (which areAstrology, 473:influence. They will produce that focusing of forces which - given a man's particular equipment atAstrology, 475:influences for the effects of the conditioning forces of the two triangles predominantly active inAstrology, 481:is basic in its implications. Certain of the forces with which we are dealing govern [482] humanityAstrology, 484:astrology is entirely concerned with the forces and energies which affect the consciousness aspectAstrology, 487:divinity and hence the [487] emphasis upon the forces pouring through Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces.Astrology, 496:recipient of zodiacal and other extra-systemic forces and I have pointed to the first [497] dimAstrology, 509:are the exoteric symbols for certain esoteric forces. As evolution proceeds, the planets will notAstrology, 515:enter and each ray governs or transmits its forces through one or other of the seven centers; theAstrology, 515:Occultism is the Science of Energies and of the forces upon which they make their impact; this,Astrology, 515:of the occultist is the world of energy, of forces, of their origin, their point of impact and theAstrology, 519:in this century if humanity so wills it, if the Forces of Light eventually triumph and if the newAstrology, 520:now being spread abroad by the opponents of the Forces of Light will be neutralized by the fixedAstrology, 520:solar plexus to the planetary heart center. The forces of cupidity, aggression, glamor and greedAstrology, 522:found asylum in Great Britain. Likewise, if the Forces of Light triumph because of the cooperationAstrology, 523:unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort ofAstrology, 525:of the soul which is the second ray of love. The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of theAstrology, 525:aim of the individual disciple is to handle the forces which play through him in such a manner thatAstrology, 525:of its leaders usually; they marshal the nations forces, focus the national intent (if intuitiveAstrology, 525:wrong doing), they sought to cooperate with the Forces of Light [526] and endeavored to salvageAstrology, 527:rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interestsAstrology, 528:from the energy angle and the quality of the ray forces which are seeking expression, plus aAstrology, 532:All this is dependent upon the triumph of the Forces of Light and the consequent victory of thoseAstrology, 532:of those who stand for human freedom. If the forces of materialism and cruelty triumph and selfishAstrology, 539:and brings about the precipitation of inner forces, an increased activity of the lower mind and anAstrology, 539:their planetary rulers and the ray forces which these transmit will clarify the world issues in anAstrology, 540:of aspiration (either towards good or evil). The forces of this ray work out on the seventh orAstrology, 540:organized and directed activity the world of forces upon the outer sphere of manifestation, andAstrology, 540:of all who take their stand upon the side of the Forces of Light. This takes various forms as farAstrology, 541:being increasingly felt; the destruction of the forces of evil is going on even though at greatAstrology, 541:is going on even though at great cost to the Forces of Light; simultaneously there is a regroupingAstrology, 541:and hand over their immediate future to the forces of evil and of death. These work for the deathAstrology, 542:under this major interplay and through the forces transmitted by Uranus, via the eleventh house,Astrology, 543:issue is dependent upon the final triumph of the Forces of Light (working through the AlliedAstrology, 543:the Allied nations) or on the control of the forces of materialism. Germany represented materialismAstrology, 543:prompts the Hierarchy to renewed effort. The Forces of Light recognize and work for the spiritualAstrology, 544:selfishness of mankind. In like manner, the Forces of Light can be evoked in tremendous potency butAstrology, 548:speaking) of the "escape from opposing forces at the midway point between the source and the goal."Astrology, 555:concern humanity in its relation to the solar forces and not just to the planetary forces. He isAstrology, 555:the solar forces and not just to the planetary forces. He is becoming sensitive to a larger whole.Astrology, 564:is in Gemini, for instance, is subjected to the forces flowing through the Cross as whole, unlessAstrology, 570:Crucified Christ The Great Invocation Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. LetAstrology, 580:in the need to triumph (the enemies of the Forces of Light are adept at that). Victory for theAstrology, 580:fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focusing of energy andAstrology, 586:energy and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil. This, I realize, is a relatively newAstrology, 588:the elimination of the influence of the dark forces from our planet must come the active, consciousAstrology, 606:all the energies of the Heart of God and all the forces which have produced the manifested universeAstrology, 608:of that vast aggregation of intelligent Forces and this immense concatenation of stupendous, divineAstrology, 609:and preserved by its "Intention." Because these Forces are, we are; because They persist, weAstrology, 610:planets indicate the transmitting agents of the Forces, passed through the transformation processAstrology, 626:of matter," as H. P. B. expresses it, and forces matter to achieve the purification which will leadAstrology, 636:was to be sought in and expected from the occult forces emanating from the constellations. (S.D.Astrology, 636:knowledge of the Initiate of those immaterial Forces and spiritual Entities that affect matter andAstrology, 642:(S.D. Vol. II, 221, Note) 5. "For Pythagoras the forces were Spiritual Entities, Gods, independentAstrology, 645:of groups, representing a triplicity of forces and herein lies a hint. In the others, the higherAstrology, 646:Builders graft the divine and the beneficent forces on to the gross material nature of theAstrology, 651:like a human being, is the expression of two ray forces - the personality and the egoic. That twoAstrology, 656:Bear and our planetary prototype and one of the forces of the Pleiades...In this relation, atAstrology, 659:Bear) and our planetary Prototype and one of the forces of the Pleiades...The Seven Sisters areAstrology, 660:(C.F. 699) Cosmic Avatars "...represent embodied forces from the following cosmic centers: Sirius,Astrology, 665:solar Logos. The origin of the feud between the forces of light and of darkness...can be tracedAutobiography, X:receive the impact of many types of destructive forces so rampant in this time of world turmoil andAutobiography, 29:as I look back - one of the basic, conditioning forces in my life. She gave me a keynote for livingAutobiography, 188:a fight between the reactionary, conservative forces in the Society and the new liberal forcesAutobiography, 188:forces in the Society and the new liberal forces which were working to see the original principlesAutobiography, 213:itself. This work as it deals with elemental forces is dangerous and even the pure in heart needAutobiography, 229:that this evoked a corresponding uprising of the forces of evil which culminated in the World War;Autobiography, 265:be laid upon the right handling of energies and forces, upon wisdom as the result of applied
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