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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Autobiography, 266:concerned with the subtler world of energies and forces which all outer forms veil and hide. TheyAutobiography, 266:been upon subjective but nevertheless material forces (hidden within the human being), andAutobiography, 266:into the subtler worlds of his personality forces. He becomes aware of the energies with which heAutobiography, 276:knowledge, and understanding of the higher forces, direct and first-hand knowledge of the spiritualAutobiography, 278:with the immediate task. 7. The Energies and Forces, which are the very substance of creation, haveAutobiography, 278:on our planet is nothing but an aggregation of forces, producing forms, and that all is movementAutobiography, 278:He begins by learning the nature of the forces which make him what he is, as a man; he then learnsAutobiography, 278:energy, that of the soul, to control these forces. He studies the nature of the spirit, soul andAutobiography, 292:stand against the nations who were fighting the Forces of Light; that was in no way a politicalAutobiography, 299:of truly spiritual and constructive forces that their active expression always results in severalAutobiography, 300:it fall away from its spiritual destiny these forces become unavailable. The attempt in this eventAutobiography, 300:the opportunity of so utilizing the spiritual forces available in the Arcane School, as a result ofBethlehem, 9:experience we can establish them as governing forces in our lives; and through their expression weBethlehem, 20:than two thousand years its potencies and [20] forces will play upon the race and will establishBethlehem, 49:as the Deity expressing Himself through the forces of nature. As time elapsed, this distant GodBethlehem, 50:the universe; and the essential nature of mind forces it always in some degree to traverse thisBethlehem, 110:silly tempting, but the gathering up of the forces of the threefold lower man - physical, emotionalBethlehem, 112:mysterious 'figures,' 'figures' remember, not 'forces' at work everywhere. Everything is alive andBethlehem, 118:Maya refers to the world of physical forces in which we dwell, and with this the first temptationBethlehem, 119:of the soul is thrown into it, this miasma of forces is gradually dissipated. This work constitutesBethlehem, 119:Christ was confronted by maya, with physical forces of such strength that the devil could takeBethlehem, 120:have the developed sense of divinity, then the forces of divine life will pour through us andBethlehem, 126:nature, and we have found that neither the forces of the physical nature nor the glamors which theBethlehem, 212:Garden; it was this sense of travail with world forces which enabled Christ to join the company ofBethlehem, 224:to God was established, and the inner spiritual forces could pass out without hindrance intoDestinyfor us to know something about the energies and forces which are producing the presentDestiny, 4:in no way infringes upon man's free will; these forces have both their higher and their lowerDestiny, 4:are coming into play at this time. Certain forces are becoming increasingly active whilst othersDestiny, 4:steadily becoming quiescent. It is these active forces which we will now consider. Destiny, 4:like to pause here and point out that these forces come into play either cyclically or throughDestiny, 5:acting as focal points for certain first ray forces. Those energies which are today being invokedDestiny, 6:The demand from our innumerable planetary forces has not hitherto been adequate to invoke it andDestiny, 7:produce the turmoil [7] and chaos, the warring forces and the beneficent influences. They,Destiny, 7:with energies; they are concerned with resultant forces. I would remind you here that these effectsDestiny, 10:the ancient Atlantean control by the spiritual forces is still in the future but the Aquarian AgeDestiny, 11:duality, the reactionary and the progressive forces which are seeking to govern human thought, toDestiny, 11:chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces, of the persecution of minorities, of hatredsDestiny, 12:of its designs. A closer study of the [12] forces which are producing the outer turmoil may serveDestiny, 12:loveliness. Let us, therefore, consider these forces and their originating centers, and thusDestiny, 14:because it should be remembered that these ray forces express themselves as potently in otherDestiny, 18:in motion the building and rehabilitating forces of the second ray energy. The Shamballa energyDestiny, 20:and distressingly developed reactions to the forces of hate and separation. Only a few, here andDestiny, 26:use of the Great Invocation whereby these forces and energies - so sorely needed - can be invoked. Destiny, 28:emerging from the realms of subjectivity, those forces and potencies which are directly changingDestiny, 30:rays or who are bewildered by the impact of forces generated by those rays, are those who mustDestiny, 33:the turmoil incident upon the clashing of the forces of the sixth and the seventh rays. As one rayDestiny, 33:have, therefore, a meeting of many conflicting forces and the world Arjuna is faced with aDestiny, 33:material domination and spiritual control. The forces playing upon the planet at this time are ofDestiny, 35:civilization and from the influence of the forces and energies which are responsible for theDestiny, 35:is much more complex. In ancient days the forces were largely controlled by the Lords ofDestiny, 35:and the prejudiced esotericist call "the black forces"); the forces of spirituality plus theDestiny, 35:esotericist call "the black forces"); the forces of spirituality plus the thought of a handful ofDestiny, 36:the people in the Plan and in the nature of the forces which are controlling evolution and theirDestiny, 37:plastic and receptive to the powerful forces directed by the two contributing groups - theDestiny, 37:human beings are still materially focused, the forces which work on the side of matter find a lineDestiny, 39: with the Buddha Who is one of the Forces linking Shamballa and the Hierarchy. Destiny, 39:of the sixth ray and the control by the forces of separateness (which are ever the outstandingDestiny, 44:movement - there can be let loose upon the world forces and entities of a most undesirableDestiny, 45:negative, of the uncontrolled and of material forces. This development, however, the forces ofDestiny, 45:material forces. This development, however, the forces of materiality will prevent if possibleDestiny, 45:to either the sixth or the seventh ray forces) being in opposition to and antagonistic to eachDestiny, 54:of this and because of the enforced work, some forces are present and active in Russia which needDestiny, 54:by the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. These forces working in Russia are concerned with theDestiny, 54:as it conditions the objective. The "black forces," so called, are nowhere rampant in Russia anyDestiny, 54:definitely submitted to the control of the black forces. You will note that of the major nationsDestiny, 61:a seventh ray personality - thus reversing the forces which are expressing themselves [62] throughDestiny, 66:and therefore useful cooperation with the Forces of Light. I will give you here the presentDestiny, 72:brilliance and their scientific bias. The forces of crystallization pour through Paris which isDestiny, 76:note of France has not been a selfless one. The forces of the soul are working, but France is asDestiny, 77:controlled by the following energies and forces, and a study of the consequent interrelationsDestiny, 79:and the ancient feud between materialism and the Forces of Light be finally resolved for thisDestiny, 85:A study of the interplay of these energies and forces will account adequately for Great Britain andDestiny, 86:to the objective. The following conditioning forces make the story of Italy sufficiently clear:Destiny, 93:will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energies and as, therefore, to a certainDestiny, 97:in Great Britain during the war. Also, if the Forces of Light triumph because of the cooperation ofDestiny, 97:unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by the cooperative effort ofDestiny, 99:Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of theDestiny, 100:aim of the individual disciple is to handle the forces which play through him in such a manner thatDestiny, 100:its leaders usually; they marshal the nation's forces, focus the national intent (if intuitiveDestiny, 100:were and are today seeking to cooperate with the Forces of Light and are endeavoring to salvageDestiny, 102:rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interestsDestiny, 103:from the energy angle and the quality of the ray forces which are seeking expression, plus aDestiny, 107:White Brotherhood and the Lodge of Materialistic Forces - are both of them seeking to divert theseDestiny, 107:sitting in bewilderment between the two opposing forces or camps, recognizing his relationship bothDestiny, 108:is only a reflection of an inner conflict) the forces of these two groups, working with theDestiny, 109:It is the new ways of working and the new forces and objectives which the disciple of this presentDestiny, 116:coming into relation with other energies and forces, producing through their meeting and frequentDestiny, 117:be achieved through the intensification of the forces, functioning through the etheric body,Destiny, 119:through the etheric body and pouring its forces unimpeded through the centers in that body, willDestiny, 126:the eyes of those who are no longer held by the forces of the three worlds, but it might serve aDestiny, 128:balanced by the cyclic intervention of other ray forces or otherwise the situation would be muchDestiny, 129:energy to which they normally aspire and the forces upon which astral energy plays will then be theDestiny, 129:plays will then be the etheric and physical forces. Higher energies may intermittently control, butDestiny, 130:energies which they have released to play upon forces under the laws of their being. The sixth rayDestiny, 142:still needs the intensified application of these forces so as to stimulate even the "lowest of theDestiny, 143:name of "harmony through conflict" and the forces of that planet which stage opportunity for theDestiny, 144:Representatives, constitute a body of directing Forces in collaboration with the Lord of the WorldDiscipleship1, 16:together - no matter what eventuates or what forces may seek to separate you. I ask my disciples toDiscipleship1, 19:of Masters - is in direct conflict with the forces of evil. It should, however, be borne in mindDiscipleship1, 19:It should, however, be borne in mind that those forces also constitute a hierarchy of entities,
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