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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Discipleship1, 487:to achieve the good way that all the forces of your nature have been expended in the work ofDiscipleship1, 488:you for your strengthening. Let the restorative forces of light and love do their work in you andDiscipleship1, 500:no outlet adequate to the intensity of the forces brought together, produces a whirlpool ofDiscipleship1, 500:the rule which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated in any particular mental body.Discipleship1, 501:to those who possess your combination of ray forces. Your astral body is on the first Ray of WillDiscipleship1, 501:your attention to the lack of balance which the forces in your nature could produce; this calls forDiscipleship1, 514:the May Full Moon. Your soul is mobilizing its forces in order to effect this release and so enableDiscipleship1, 524:body. This constitutes a terrific combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility ofDiscipleship1, 524:you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces in order to break the sixth ray hold whichDiscipleship1, 536:are one. Then say the Great Invocation: Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. LetDiscipleship1, 546:Upon this you can depend, for it is one of the forces influencing substance itself. Therefore,Discipleship1, 549:center; it is not your task to struggle with the forces of life in the market place of life - if IDiscipleship1, 552:to be a "point of contact" for the healing forces of the planet. In the other, you train yourselfDiscipleship1, 557:spiritual man. Then that lower aggregation of forces begins to wear down; its vibration weakensDiscipleship1, 581:results will reach fruition if you focus your forces within a second ray vibratory center, for thisDiscipleship1, 583:rich combination of energies and aggregation of forces, presenting a definite opportunity and alsoDiscipleship1, 624:this cycle. It is one work, my brother, and all forces are expressions of the energy of love andDiscipleship1, 625:of ordered life, the majesty of ordered forces; the glory of the intelligent "arrangement" of theDiscipleship1, 633:You are, therefore, a composite aggregate of forces, as follows: The soul ray - first Ray of WillDiscipleship1, 664:center and of the pineal gland. These higher forces are brought in and utilized in the meditationDiscipleship1, 670:with joy that the Hierarchy of spiritual forces stands. NOTE: This disciple is still presumablyDiscipleship1, 690:All. They are active focal points for the Forces of Light in the three worlds of human endeavor andDiscipleship1, 695:so strong as to withstand all disintegrating forces, then it may be possible later to increase theDiscipleship1, 700:almost entirely within the realm of energy and forces. The study of occultism is the study ofDiscipleship1, 700:forces. The study of occultism is the study of forces and of their origin and effects. An Ashram isDiscipleship1, 700:to be in process of becoming aware of the forces and energies which condition him as an individual;Discipleship1, 700:(as The Secret Doctrine puts it), a sumtotal of forces and a controlling energy, then he can be aDiscipleship1, 700:of the central energy and the responding forces. From the Master's angle of the group problem,Discipleship1, 700:He, the central energy, must work through the forces. From the angle of the disciple, a forceDiscipleship1, 700:is himself) is brought into relation with other forces; [701] it must, at the same time, becomeDiscipleship1, 701:that an Ashram is, indeed, a very vortex of forces, set in motion by the many types of energyDiscipleship1, 702:their own development. [702] Those transmuted forces which come to the disciple from the Master orDiscipleship1, 706:I refer of course to the leaders of the Forces of Light upon the outer physical plane. ButDiscipleship1, 706:to reach and influence the leaders of the forces of materialism, I would ask you to refrain. It canDiscipleship1, 707:seeking world expression, and the nature of the forces which must be reduced to powerlessness, ifDiscipleship1, 721:energy. Interpret to humanity the new impelling forces which are occupied with the precipitation ofDiscipleship1, 731:which the Masters work comes from Shamballa; the forces with which they work are provided fromDiscipleship1, 731:as the accepted disciples react to the combined forces will it be possible for them to be used inDiscipleship1, 731:with the Plan and with the distribution of the forces which will materialize it. Thus the entireDiscipleship1, 759:that the goal of the occultist is to work with forces. He fails, however, to recognize that thisDiscipleship1, 760:he seldom dispenses energy. He works with forces and they concern the three worlds. It has beenDiscipleship1, 760:that "when the disciple can distribute the four forces and make their seven notes heard, each noteDiscipleship1, 760:the untrained neophyte endeavoring to distribute forces, to direct so-called energies in a specificDiscipleship1, 766:of the lower nature and the development of the forces which function as form "divinelyDiscipleship1, 771:days when the lines of demarcation between the Forces of Materialism and the Forces of Light mustDiscipleship1, 771:between the Forces of Materialism and the Forces of Light must be clearly defined. When theDiscipleship2, XIII:present incarnation, the hidden hindering karmic forces working out and the latent spiritualDiscipleship2, 21:the next intended undertakings, if and when the Forces of Light have driven the forces of evil andDiscipleship2, 21:if and when the Forces of Light have driven the forces of evil and of [22] aggression back to theirDiscipleship2, 34:inner side from the British and American Armed Forces; for this he is eminently well equipped,Discipleship2, 36:world. Its 'impulsive energies' and its inciting forces are directed towards the expansion of theDiscipleship2, 40:create a channel of approach for new spiritual forces and energies which - directed by theDiscipleship2, 43:a disciple brings about a refocusing of all the forces of the personality and the soul (in unison);Discipleship2, 50:units for special service in organizing the life forces, processes and forms for the new techniqueDiscipleship2, 55:the relation of the Solar Angel to the lunar forces, of the Sun and the Moon and their work inDiscipleship2, 59:about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces the building of the antahkarana, and leadsDiscipleship2, 59:to the after effects of the conflict between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. GreatDiscipleship2, 59:the conflict between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. Great decisions have to be madeDiscipleship2, 61:it can adequately respond to the new and potent forces which could and will pour through it intoDiscipleship2, 66:in reaching the physical plane. The retreating forces of evil which are endeavoring to make a lastDiscipleship2, 71:are crashed areas of released energy, causing forces to be freed which again can and will be usedDiscipleship2, 72:today due to a fear psychosis. Command your forces, stand in the Light, and the suspended mentalDiscipleship2, 81:force is beneficently potent and the destructive forces which have prevailed during the last fewDiscipleship2, 82:will clear away some (though not all) of those forces which have held back the proposed expansionDiscipleship2, 132:in motion; we live in a veritable sea of moving forces, qualified in countless ways, conditioned byDiscipleship2, 132:have, for aeons, been using the energies and forces found in the three worlds for personality endsDiscipleship2, 133:be used for service. That is the energy of the Forces of Light, originating in the Ashram andDiscipleship2, 148:draws to its inevitable close and the Forces of Light triumph over the forces of evil, the time ofDiscipleship2, 148:close and the Forces of Light triumph over the forces of evil, the time of restoration opens up.Discipleship2, 150:where evil dwells. The sealing up of the evil forces, released during this war, will take placeDiscipleship2, 150:But the reduction to impotency of the loosed forces of evil which took advantage of the worldDiscipleship2, 152:initiate is eternally occupied with energies and forces which he directs and manipulates inDiscipleship2, 159:seals that door; it is not the Hierarchy which forces evil back into the place from whence itDiscipleship2, 161:means of which the energies and the fructifying forces can reach mankind. This they bring about by:Discipleship2, 162:at the disposal of Shamballa, plus energies and forces generated by the Hierarchy. Extra-planetaryDiscipleship2, 162:generated by the Hierarchy. Extra-planetary forces can now be utilized on Earth, owing to theDiscipleship2, 163:produced a pronounced cleavage between the forces of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavageDiscipleship2, 163:cleavage between the forces of evil and the Forces of Light; this cleavage resulted in the worldDiscipleship2, 163:an essential unity. A concentration of spiritual forces in and through the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 163:of the over-shadowing spiritual resources. These forces have affected the spiritual and theDiscipleship2, Here t:the first one, beginning with the line, "Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind," inDiscipleship2, 181:this pure energy of love as it blends with the forces of the disciple's own ray; that, in turn,Discipleship2, 194:the channel of energy relating forms and their forces to their originating sources and that acrossDiscipleship2, 220:fact that through the medium of all the fighting forces of the world (naval, military and air) muchDiscipleship2, 220:of the first ray. Therefore, through the Forces of Light, liberation into freedom will come and itDiscipleship2, 229:substance, passing out of the control of the Forces of Materialism into the control of the ForcesDiscipleship2, 229:Forces of Materialism into the control of the Forces of Light. Then say the following invocativeDiscipleship2, 229:potent energy of Thine be in the hands of the Forces of Light." [230] Then visualize the work to beDiscipleship2, 253:many of the intermediate stages, the opposing forces, the obstructions and the rapidly arousingDiscipleship2, 255:the impact of the new incoming solar and cosmic forces? Will the past work of the Hierarchy stand?Discipleship2, 275:of service - he precipitates the energies and forces which that service demands. From these fewDiscipleship2, 298:Age, so rapidly approaching. Only now have those forces been permitted entrance into our planetaryDiscipleship2, 311:those ray conditions and those new energies and forces for which the humanity of any particularDiscipleship2, 353:and by those who work constantly against the Forces of Light. Today, this distortion can be seenDiscipleship2, 453:life of service wherein he withdraws all his forces into a "well of silence" - a well, full of theDiscipleship2, 460:the astral polarization of all your personality forces; the entire focus of your life is upon theDiscipleship2, 495:this you can depend because it is one of the forces influencing substance itself. Therefore,Discipleship2, 513:complicates your life theme because all these forces are concentrated in the lower nature. ThisDiscipleship2, 517:all of you. This A.A.B. has recognized. Several forces - inherent in your own nature or engineeredDiscipleship2, 538:combination of radiations, energies and arranged forces - can repel the good or attract the bad,
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