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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Externalisation, 84:life of the planet. Speaking broadly, these forces and groups are occupied with material values andExternalisation, 84:personality. Behind these many groups stand the forces of ancient origin which are pledged eitherExternalisation, 84:of a tangible and objective civilization, the forces of materialism are apparently far stronger andExternalisation, 84:apparently far stronger and more potent than the forces of the spirit or of the intangible worlds.Externalisation, 85:indicate to you the centers through which the forces of manifestation have to work for the variousExternalisation, 86:be their reaction to the five kinds of inflowing forces. The Shamballa force, for instance, inExternalisation, 87:will have taken place. The Dark or Materialistic Forces correspond in their entirety to theExternalisation, 88:then the focus of the effort of the Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews willExternalisation, 88:handling its problems intelligently. Thus the forces and energies of the creative process areExternalisation, 89:of Third Ray. Magic. Money. V. The materialistic forces. The Matter aspect. Planetary sacralExternalisation, 90:in them those who can respond to the subtler forces and who can - through the strength of theirExternalisation, 91:inflow of energy, and in the case of the Forces of Materialism, you have a relatively temporary -Externalisation, 91:lotus, you will find a close connection with the forces of the five kingdoms in nature; therefore,Externalisation, 93:to you as accurate. The mineral kingdom and the Forces of Materialism do not really coincide today,Externalisation, 93:parallelism in this solar system of changing forces, shifting cycles and constant mutation directedExternalisation, 93:and with lagging steps. The above enumerated forces are, however, part of the temporaryExternalisation, 93:force and "measured" by the outgoing Piscean forces. [94] I would have you note here my use of theExternalisation, 94:I would have you note here my use of the word "forces" and "force," for not idly have I made themExternalisation, 100:peculiar and equally definite relations of forces; they are not the gift of strength, kindness andExternalisation, 104:force has been used and its impact on other forces has been noted and recorded as force impactingExternalisation, 104:with energy and the result of its impact upon forces. This is the scientific aspect of the occultExternalisation, 104:of the occult life. The world is today full of forces in conflict and in wrong relation with eachExternalisation, 104:by the play of the spiritual energy upon the forces in the three worlds, and this will be the taskExternalisation, 104:and are thus counteracting the personality forces in yourselves and in those around you. The desireExternalisation, 104:at this time is to fill the world of striving forces with points of spiritual energy, and toExternalisation, 109:These involve the impact upon our planet of Forces and Energies which will be instrumental inExternalisation, 111:within the center itself and also stimulated by Forces emanating from the hierarchical center andExternalisation, 111:and to give you some idea of the nature of the Forces invoked and of the esoteric meaning whichExternalisation, 113:Wisdom with Their knowledge and Their command of forces could have interfered, but in so doing TheyExternalisation, 115:disaster. We need to bear in mind also that the forces of destruction or death are two-fold: first,Externalisation, 115:and progress; and secondly, the reactionary forces and the conservative attitudes which adhere toExternalisation, 122:of the race knew how to control and master the forces of nature and of the elements, but none of itExternalisation, 122:between the two groups (the one expressing the forces of materialism and the other the energy ofExternalisation, 122:of Form and the Lords of Being, or between the Forces of Matter and the Great White Lodge. AExternalisation, 123:but the issues at the time were clear. The Forces of Light triumphed because the Hierarchy wasExternalisation, 123:control the subhuman kingdoms and the elemental forces of the planet. These are two angles whichExternalisation, 126:themselves on one side or other of the embattled forces. A mere handful of men, the directExternalisation, 126:conflict, are now on earth, directing the forces of light or of darkness and bringing into being aExternalisation, 128:was stated that the battle was [128] between the Forces of Darkness (the so-called "Black Lodge ofExternalisation, 128:(the so-called "Black Lodge of Adepts") and the Forces of Light (the so-called Great White Lodge,Externalisation, 128:to make such a clear distinction between the forces engaged, nor is it properly admissible. NoExternalisation, 128:to the category of those who are swayed by the Forces of Light and who, therefore, respond normallyExternalisation, 128:and ideals make possible the activity of the forces of materialism. I would have you note thatExternalisation, 129:your form of ideology, upon the side of the Forces of Light and all other people and theirExternalisation, 129:which you may not agree, upon the side of the Forces of Darkness. The issue is, in the lastExternalisation, 136:crystallize and become static, the reactionary forces on every hand - these are universal qualitiesExternalisation, 136:and beneficent spirit also in all countries. The Forces of Light find their adherents and theirExternalisation, 136:in expression than others. So also do the Forces of Materialism. And in between these two greatExternalisation, 138:Up to date and in spite of appearances, the Forces of Light are victorious and are definitelyExternalisation, 138:last, in 1914. It indicates a triumph for the Forces of Light and in it lies the hope of theExternalisation, 139:Groups who are adhering to the principles of the Forces of Light, who are bending every effort toExternalisation, 141:on which your interests lie - the side of the Forces of Light. Parallel this with an understandingExternalisation, 141:the dynamic activities of those through whom the Forces of materialism are working. At the sameExternalisation, 144:The Great Invocation - Stanza One Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all mankind. LetExternalisation, 146:served to stimulate the selfish purposes of the forces of materialism. I would ask you: How manyExternalisation, 148:the use of invocation as it applies to elemental forces and subhuman agents, with the consequentExternalisation, 148:of contact and subsequent control of the forces of earth, water, fire and air. This is one of theExternalisation, 149:spiritual values. The control of the natural forces and the evocation of the desired materialExternalisation, 149:of being himself controlled and motivated by the forces of materialism, letting in - as thisExternalisation, 149:resultant activity of the Hierarchy and of those Forces, Energies and Beings Who are not controlledExternalisation, 150:as well as Shamballa and certain great [150] Forces which are interplanetary or solar, and alsoExternalisation, 150:the task of invoking these higher spiritual forces, thus reinforcing the efforts of the Great WhiteExternalisation, 150:and control of the substantial and elemental forces of the manifested world, but the invocationExternalisation, 153:into higher realms of spiritual awareness. The Forces which are contacted by the use of this GreatExternalisation, 155:the New Age and its coming civilization. These Forces - spiritual and potent in nature - exist inExternalisation, 155:in nature - exist in two categories: solar Forces which are interplanetary and cosmic Forces whichExternalisation, 155:solar Forces which are interplanetary and cosmic Forces which enter into our solar system viaExternalisation, 157:exhalation. It involves the recognition of the forces contacted and their purpose. Right expressionExternalisation, 157:of Exhalation. This is the sending forth of the forces contacted by an act of the will in orderExternalisation, 158:immediately possible. The first phase, Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind,Externalisation, 158:the second plane of divine manifestation. These Forces include the Lord of the World and theExternalisation, 158:recognition of the Monad becomes possible; then Forces and Energies, personified for us in theseExternalisation, 159:a blending with the Shamballa center, where the Forces of Light are found as embodied Presences andExternalisation, 160:of Light - as well as being reinforced by the Forces of Light - then the Spirit of Peace can beExternalisation, 160:in His turn is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram andExternalisation, 161:Picture It might, therefore, be noted that the Forces of Light express Themselves through theExternalisation, 162:established the first major link with the Forces of Light. The Christ, through His ability toExternalisation, 162:The Buddha, the embodiment or agent of the Forces of Light can then be contacted and that whichExternalisation, 163:- Section II - The General World Picture Let the Forces of Light bring Illumination to MankindExternalisation, 164:potency: I am the Light of the World - The Forces of Light. Phrase 1. - 2nd Aspect. My peace I giveExternalisation, 171:Sea and air and land are arrayed against the Forces of Light; they are the agents of materialExternalisation, 171:and can be used potently against the spiritual Forces. The forces of the air are, however,Externalisation, 171:used potently against the spiritual Forces. The forces of the air are, however, increasingly on ourExternalisation, 171:fighting for that which is against the material forces. The World Crisis was, as you know,Externalisation, 171:to arrest defeat and the overwhelming of the Forces of Light? Here I refer not to the outerExternalisation, 172:Themselves; Their hands are full, combating the forces of materialism. These forces are active inExternalisation, 172:full, combating the forces of materialism. These forces are active in every country; the HierarchyExternalisation, 172:does not isolate Germany, even though these forces have chosen that sad land for their major pointExternalisation, 173:concept but a potent Individual, wielding forces hitherto unfamiliar to our planet. Great ForcesExternalisation, 173:forces hitherto unfamiliar to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can functionExternalisation, 174:of January, thus making two great appeals to the Forces of Peace and Light, so that they may helpExternalisation, 178:certain nations took sides against the forces of aggression; immediately, other nations, biased byExternalisation, 178:humanity through the destruction of the evil forces. These had determined to prove that might wasExternalisation, 178:to prove that might was right. Therefore, the forces fighting for progress and civilization had toExternalisation, 179:on the side of spiritual progress, the spiritual forces of the planet had no alternative but toExternalisation, 179:but to take their stand with the spiritual forces and join the struggle for the liberation ofExternalisation, 183:founded on right human relations. These two forces - materialism and spirituality - face eachExternalisation, 185:still others may believe in the spiritual forces of the planet; others may regard it as theExternalisation, 204:to decide once and for all with which of the two forces, battling together, they will take theirExternalisation, 204:take their stand on the side of the constructive forces which are fighting for the democratic
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