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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Externalisation, 204:in their multitudes under totalitarian rule. The Forces of Light are found in every land but are atExternalisation, 212:of demarcation between the activities of the Forces of Light and the forces of materialisticExternalisation, 212:the activities of the Forces of Light and the forces of materialistic aggression. The place whichExternalisation, 214:In past communications I have oft spoken of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Materialism,Externalisation, 214:I have oft spoken of the Forces of Light and the Forces of Materialism, meaning by these terms theExternalisation, 214:that they dare not move in any way against the forces of aggression, and secondly, an intrinsicallyExternalisation, 215:again to define them. The ancient entrenched forces of aggression, of material acquisition and pureExternalisation, 215:and legal possessions or the will of anyone. The forces of spiritual purpose, embodied in the willExternalisation, 215:time, because the latter would give time for the Forces of Materialism to consolidate their gainsExternalisation, 215:intention of those who are conditioned by the Forces of Light. The force of mass negativity, asExternalisation, 216:brotherhood, who respond to the influence of the Forces of Light and of the spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 216:who will eventually profit by the victory of the Forces of Light but who refuse to share in theExternalisation, 216:group is definitely hindering the work of the Forces of Light. These three world attitudes are toExternalisation, 218:and dying for, if need be? Do you stand with the Forces of Light or with the Forces of Materialism?Externalisation, 218:you stand with the Forces of Light or with the Forces of Materialism? What are you doing to aid theExternalisation, 218:of individual futility - that weapon which the Forces of Materialism are using now so potently toExternalisation, 220:on the part of those who are fighting under the Forces of Light, and will lead to an eventual rightExternalisation, 220:been swept into a bewildered activity under the Forces of Materialism, leading finally to a revoltExternalisation, 221:emotional or mental - on to the side of the Forces of Light. As you do so, you must preserve anExternalisation, 221:against this transference of emphasis that the Forces of Materialism are today fighting. For thisExternalisation, 221:disciples, working in collaboration with all the forces for good in the world today, doing theirExternalisation, 222:aura of our planet are certain great spiritual Forces and Entities, awaiting the opportunity toExternalisation, 222:on Him; occultists invoke everywhere the Forces of Light and call for the appearance of thatExternalisation, 223:world of energy and the objective world of forces and a thing of power, of impelling and guidingExternalisation, 223:the thought-form to the waiting extra-planetary Forces and can make Their work possible andExternalisation, 224:positive relationship which is holding back the Forces of Light and the actual presence of theExternalisation, 224:that the few have of the nature of the waiting Forces of intervention is being negated by theExternalisation, 226:of the planetary Life from the thralldom of the Forces of Materialism. If you are to do your shareExternalisation, 226:yourself clearly as ranged on the side of the Forces of Light; you are, therefore, not neutral inExternalisation, 226:taking right action in the conflict against the forces of materialism you preserve ever a spirit ofExternalisation, 226:their potency. When meditating and invoking the Forces of Light, endeavor to forget entirely allExternalisation, 230:of the existent divisions between the Forces of Light (focused through the allied nations) and theExternalisation, 230:(focused through the allied nations) and the Forces of Aggression (focused through Germany). TheyExternalisation, 230:and brought to functioning activity by the Forces of Light, through cooperation, coordination andExternalisation, 231:this time, the point of positive attack by the Forces of Evil. It is not possible for us as yet toExternalisation, 231:glamor in other lands; it will come when the forces acting through the medium of a band ofExternalisation, 232:law of nature and that there is no death. The forces of death are abroad today, but it is the deathExternalisation, 233:no risks: With what do you propose to fight the forces of aggression, of treachery, evil andExternalisation, 233:for peace, and then patiently wait for the forces of good to fight your battle and for God to doExternalisation, 233:speaking, but then the reply comes forth: The Forces of Light will strengthen your arms and turnExternalisation, 233:and sacrifice when the ultimate triumph of the Forces of Light comes to pass? Are you going to takeExternalisation, 235:open the door to the world domination of the Forces of Materialism and Aggression. It is upon thisExternalisation, 235:and Aggression. It is upon this that these evil forces count when they face the greatest neutral ofExternalisation, 235:the claims of civilization, are absorbed by the forces which impose the German demand for livingExternalisation, 236:with force, which is the only method which the forces of aggression can understand. Externalisation, 236:Section II - The General World Picture Today the forces of evil have swept over France, Belgium,Externalisation, 236:- all represented in that small fortress of the Forces of Light which is the British Isles. BehindExternalisation, 239:expressing as they do the ideals for which the Forces of Light have ever stood. I would remind youExternalisation, 239:remind you of two things: First, that these Forces were defeated in the earlier phase of theExternalisation, 239:were not prepared for the onslaught of the forces of evil; on the physical plane, their positionExternalisation, 240:[240] nothing to further the efforts of the Forces of Light and of the men of goodwill throughoutExternalisation, 240:possible, but it is not deemed desirable by the Forces of spiritual knowledge. They are thereforeExternalisation, 240:praying and leaving the work to other men, forces or God, is the easy way, satisfying the emotionalExternalisation, 241:initial necessity to overthrow the entrenched forces of aggression as they function today throughExternalisation, 243:without exception, and are exploited by the evil forces and evaded by the well-meaning but weakExternalisation, 243:eyes of the people who seek to work under the Forces of Light must be lifted from the world ofExternalisation, 244:If he is fighting already upon the side of the Forces of Light and of the Allies, he knows hisExternalisation, 245:fear only those who seek to kill the soul. The forces of aggression are slowly and ruthlesslyExternalisation, 245:of goodwill to take up arms on the side of the Forces of Light. I would commend this to yourExternalisation, 245:you will then range yourself on the side of the Forces of Light, and will uphold the hands of thoseExternalisation, 246:passive onlooker is not that of the agent of the Forces of Light or of a lover of humanity. YouExternalisation, 247:I now call upon all of you to stand with the Forces of Light. These are difficult and terribleExternalisation, 248:shouldering of your due share in arresting the forces of aggression from any further advance. ThisExternalisation, 248:to end war through the tangible victory of the Forces of Light. Ponder on these words. The goodwillExternalisation, 248:in order that they may form the nucleus of the Forces of Reconstruction when the Forces of LightExternalisation, 248:nucleus of the Forces of Reconstruction when the Forces of Light have won the victory over theExternalisation, 248:Forces of Light have won the victory over the forces of aggression. This is the first point which IExternalisation, 248:phrases which can (if rightly used) invoke the Forces of the Divine Will on to the side of theExternalisation, 249:of the Divine Will on to the side of the [249] Forces of Light. It is not easy to give an adequateExternalisation, 250:of humanity and the immediate defeat of the forces of aggression. But I would reiterate that theExternalisation, 250:to cooperate to the fullest extent with the Forces of Light. This will serve practically to focusExternalisation, 250:faith, for it blends into a magnetic unity the forces of the divine Will-to-Good, the Love whichExternalisation, 250:three divine centers can pour and upon which the Forces of Light can draw. The saying of thisExternalisation, 250:of existent fact; it sets in motion agencies and forces hitherto quiescent, and these can changeExternalisation, 252:working out upon the physical plane of forces and energies which have long been generated. PeopleExternalisation, 252:of natural law are concerned purely with the forces - subterranean, superficial and aerial - of ourExternalisation, 254:these embody and ensile the materialistic forces of the planet in a manner utterly new inExternalisation, 255:through their stupidities. There are today great forces of evil seeking expression in the world;Externalisation, 256:two other races seek abjectly to copy or aid the forces of aggression, focused at this time throughExternalisation, 256:The General World Picture At the same time, the forces of good are seeking to offset thisExternalisation, 256:strengthen the hands of the workers with the Forces of Light. The faith of many has kept the doorExternalisation, 257:upon the physical plane that the inner spiritual forces will be enabled to work also more activelyExternalisation, 257:drive them into active, selfless service to the Forces of Light. They do nothing to bring theExternalisation, 257:will come and the world will be saved; the Forces of Light will find potent expression and theExternalisation, 257:of Light will find potent expression and the forces of aggression will go down to defeat. Given,Externalisation, 257:of humanity. It does not lie on the side of the forces of light, life and love; it is not to beExternalisation, 257:focus upon the physical plane that has given the forces of aggression so much success up to theExternalisation, 257:so much success up to the present time. These forces, through their very potency, have fused andExternalisation, 257:great and specific aspects of material forces (connected with the seven types of energy in theirExternalisation, 258:a Lodge of Masons.) They are the custodians of forces which control them and over which theyExternalisation, 258:to you all. These men embody and personify the forces of aggression and rule by fear not only theExternalisation, 258:for them. When those who are on the side of the Forces of Light and of non-aggression can see theirExternalisation, 258:of you. This spirit is growing among the allied forces, though the falling away of France wasExternalisation, 259:humanity fails to unite under the banner of the Forces of Light against the forces of materialExternalisation, 259:the banner of the Forces of Light against the forces of material aggression and selfishness, thenExternalisation, 259:may be evoked for the aiding of the spiritual forces, and certain ancient prophecies hint at these,Externalisation, 260:civilization; I refer also to the constructive forces which have guided mankind into the increasingExternalisation, 262:- in unison with the [262] highest spiritual forces which claim your allegiance, no matter underExternalisation, 262:obsessed, by selfishness and evil - by forces of destruction. Is it possible to evoke at this timeExternalisation, 262:as channels for these new and unknown spiritual Forces. There are divine attributes, divine
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