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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Magic, 55:Eastern and Western investigators. Control the forces of his own nature and learn something of theMagic, 55:of his own nature and learn something of the forces with which he is surrounded. Enable him so toMagic, 56:become so strong and poised in spirit that he forces recognition of his fitness to be recognized asMagic, 61:recollectedness, the indrawing of his [61] forces, prior to sending them concentratedly to hisMagic, 62:are they being subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seek to aid inMagic, 67:comprehend in what way a soul can "scatter its forces" on the higher planes. What is the criterionMagic, 80:which counteracts the higher downflow, and forces the lower fire back into seclusion. Only when theMagic, 89:is organizing itself for effort, reorienting its forces, and preparing for a fresh and powerfulMagic, 94:focused energies of the soul and the reoriented forces of the personality. This is pictured asMagic, 95:the sushumna. When the negative and positive forces of the body, which express themselves via theMagic, 95:and pingala nerve routes, are equilibrized, the forces can ascend and descend by the centralMagic, 96:and incidentally he will find that the forces he uses on the physical plane will employ the centralMagic, 99:and vitalizes; he transmits the spiritual forces of the universe, and all harmful emanations andMagic, 99:and all harmful emanations and all destructive forces find in the human kingdom a barrier. Evil andMagic, 102:and Words of Power and the manipulation of those forces which bring the subjective reality intoMagic, 102:egocentric attitude. It is the demonstration of forces concentrated for self-enforcement,Magic, 103:spirit. So, free passage can be given to the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energiesMagic, 109:the Personality. [109] He withdraws his forces from soul enterprises in the spiritual Kingdom, andMagic, 115:In secondary principles, which all opposing forces are at present emphasizing, the use of the lowerMagic, 115:law of the plane of unity. The term "opposing forces" is used rightly if you employ it only in aMagic, 121:The man breathes deeply. He concentrates his forces, and drives the thought-form from him. TheMagic, 126:in magic and the potent entity wielding these forces must be the soul, the spiritual man, and thisMagic, 129:the necessity for the uniting of their forces and for cooperation in their efforts, and the needMagic, 134:that comes from self-acquired knowledge. The forces that have been set in motion by the thinkers -Magic, 136:may come the ultimate transference of the forces of reconstruction to other channels, theMagic, 150:aspirant. Next we read "he concentrates his forces." Here we have the stage indicated which can beMagic, 150:of the breath. It is a holding of all the forces of the life steadily in the place of silence, andMagic, 150:moment following upon inhalation wherein all the forces of the body have (through the medium of theMagic, 151:of interlude whenever he concentrates his forces on the plane of soul life, and then again by anMagic, 152:the individual soul works as it centers its forces for manifestation in the three worlds of humanMagic, 165:Within his etheric body, he senses active forces. Sometimes he can localize them, and in any caseMagic, 187:he is strong, purified and controlled, these forces will serve but to stimulate undesirableMagic, 187:than force one's way unprepared into lines of forces before one can handle either them or theirMagic, 190:to bring about the rearrangement of the forces flowing through these vortices, and to learn toMagic, 191:rightly, we are verily and indeed working with forces, subjecting energies to our needs,Magic, 202:Perhaps he is swayed strongly by his physical forces and lives consequently the life of an animal.Magic, 202:the positive controlling factor and the soul forces supersede those of [203] the bodies. ThisMagic, 203:the solar plexus center (carrying the powerful forces of the astral plane) there should be imposedMagic, 203:to sum up his energy assets; he can tabulate the forces which he feels control his life, and thusMagic, 203:a reasonable and truthful understanding of the forces which require to be subordinated and thoseMagic, 204:of the race. He bends all his powers and the forces of his nature to Their service. This incentiveMagic, 212:lower responsive to and sensitively aware of the forces emanating from the soul as the soulMagic, 213:result of the vibratory interaction between the forces of the soul, working through the pinealMagic, 213:soul, working through the pineal gland, and the forces of the personality, working through theMagic, 213:the pituitary body. These negative and positive forces interact, and when potent enough produce theMagic, 219:of the Astral Plane RULE SEVEN The dual forces on the plane (whereon the vital power must beMagic, 219:minority as yet, and most people respond to the forces and vibrations emanating from the plane ofMagic, 220:given in a few short phrases: The plane of dual forces. The plane of the two paths. The planeMagic, 221:and hold steady in the midst of its vibrating forces, that moment he is ready for initiation.Magic, 221:disorder, for it is the meeting ground of forces. Because the forces in the aspirant's [222] ownMagic, 221:it is the meeting ground of forces. Because the forces in the aspirant's [222] own body are equallyMagic, 222:occult planetary Hierarchy, and the sum total of forces present is stupendous. All play upon,Magic, 225:and the result of a certain selfish use of the forces of matter. Heat and cold, as we understandMagic, 225:of liberation lies in the balancing of the forces and the equilibrising of the pairs of opposites.Magic, 225:opposites are discerned, when a man balances the forces of his own nature, when he has found theMagic, 225:become the Path, then he can work with the world forces, can preserve the balance and theMagic, 228:It is first of all the plane of dual forces. The first thing the aspirant becomes aware of isMagic, 228:to feel himself as "pendant 'twixt the two great forces", and, once the dualities are grasped, itMagic, 229:to his selfish will. [229] Thus the dual forces play their part until they are seen as two greatMagic, 230:within his head, where the paths of the bodily forces and the spiritual inflowing tides meet, canMagic, 230:and vibration. The sensing of the dual forces and the clear discrimination of the two paths leadsMagic, 231:deals not alone with his own nature but with the forces of that vale also, recognizing its dualMagic, 231:with courage (and often with clear vision) the forces arrayed against him. They involve not onlyMagic, 231:which he naturally reacts, but also involve the forces of illusion arrayed against the group ofMagic, 231:in conscious contact at times with their soul forces and for them there is no defeat nor turningMagic, 231:all the above enumerated factors, plus the black forces arrayed against the Elder Brothers, canMagic, 232:the white magicians of our planet and can wield forces, cooperate with the plan, command theMagic, 237:losing their power and the battle between the forces of matter and the force of the soul isMagic, 237:situation, and when the man has mastered the forces opposed to him, he is ready for the secondMagic, 240:(until he learns his lesson) to work in the forces of matter, and with the forms which hold allMagic, 240:suggestion he draws a veil over the world and forces men to walk in the great illusion. It isMagic, 241:prison" who are subject to the activities of the forces of evil and only for a term. The firstMagic, 244:flow or (to put it in simple words) to turn the forces of the outgoing energy in any direction heMagic, 246:of all that that term conveys, he focuses his forces in the vital body and becomes a focal pointMagic, 252:the perfect master. He gradually coordinates his forces so that power to be these things inMagic, 260:grasps the magnitude of the Plan and surveys the forces arrayed against him may be overcome by theMagic, 261:and will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serve to stabilize theMagic, 266:as he learns, through experience, to center his forces on the mental plane and from thereMagic, 275:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Man is immersed in forces which are to him as the waters of space areMagic, 275:kingdom with expressions of the same seven forces, and as man awakens to a recognition of the sevenMagic, 276:Cosmically speaking, if right direction of the forces of the human kingdom is now achieved, thereMagic, 276:the head center of humanity and their forces constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane areMagic, 276:humanity and their forces constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane are a large band ofMagic, 281:or influences. There is first the group of forces which concerns purely the form side, that are theMagic, 281:stage of the Probationary Path. These are the forces inherent in matter itself; they deal with theMagic, 281:and might be listed as follows: 1. Physical forces. These are due to the life of the cells whichMagic, 282:and free from all mental reactions. Those forces or emanations, which are the response of the cellsMagic, 283:might be described as the quality of the cell forces operating entirely on the physical plane whichMagic, 283:Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays 2. Vital forces. These are often regarded by the materialistsMagic, 285:instrument of divine Life, and the custodian of forces, to be held and used for the other and lowerMagic, 285:centers are of the glands) is the medium of many forces and energies - some purely physical, othersMagic, 287:great clearing house of desire and of the astral forces, and also the main center of theMagic, 288:the lower psychism, gathers together all lower forces and redirects them under the impulse of theMagic, 288:interplay with the soul. First Ray: - Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the HighMagic, 289:pass upward to the Place of Power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspectsMagic, 289:Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The vital forces, which are simply the passing through theMagic, 289:the transmission of solar energies, of planetary forces, and of extra-solar or cosmic impulses,Magic, 289:impulses, esoterically called "breaths". These forces and energies of the cosmic rays are,Magic, 290:clogged then the circulating rays, energies and forces can find an easy medium and can circulateMagic, 290:those they seek to heal and of the nature of the forces they wish to employ. All they can do is to
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