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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Meditation, 176:beings, poor foolish things, to tamper with the forces of involution until they themselves areMeditation, 176:especially in the contacting of the elemental forces. Why especially the latter? Because theseMeditation, 176:forces. Why especially the latter? Because these forces at all times find a response in one of theMeditation, 177:and builders. The Dark Brotherhood work with the forces of involution and bend to their will theMeditation, 178:is not understood by the devas, but impulses, forces, vibrations can be set up by the use ofMeditation, 181:of those who are on the side of the constructive forces of the system, or who can constructivelyMeditation, 181:bending them into line with the disintegrating forces that are themselves part of the greatMeditation, 181:vitality due to vampirism, a sucking out of the forces of one or another of his bodies, an abnormalMeditation, 192:what you ignorantly term the powers of evil) tap forces connected with dark intelligence’s in highMeditation, 192:so, it is possible to tap the still greater forces of light and good and to make application ofMeditation, 194:deva kingdom, provides a meeting ground for the forces of life. These effects upon the differentMeditation, 196:for that purpose. The controlling of the forces of nature so that physical plane occurrences may beMeditation, 196:who employ it into line with certain of Nature's forces. It is that directed action, followed inMeditation, 204:of matter, and its adaptation to the interacting forces of supply and demand... Blind faith isMeditation, 221:Love and Wisdom is the synthesis of all the life forces, so in the three worlds the seventh rayMeditation, 227:exoterically have to do with the form. The forces or qualities which those colors conceal and hideMeditation, 232:bodies under definite rules of refinement. These forces in terms of spiritual development, and notMeditation, 233:will be dominating simultaneously. These rays, forces, influences, or [234] coordinations ofMeditation, 234:the frequent meeting and interplay of the forces and colors, and their constant action andMeditation, 235:The correspondence will be found perfect. These forces, or virtues, or influences (I reiterateMeditation, 235:refined they provide better mediums for incoming forces, and the quality of any particular force, -Meditation, 235:student in meditation. Early in evolution these forces played through and on the bodies of a manMeditation, 235:of Godlike attribute, comes response to those forces and a facilitating of their action. TheMeditation, 235:The student of meditation ponders on those forces or qualities, he seeks to extract their essence,Meditation, 235:in his vehicle as a medium for those forces; he studies the rate of his rhythmic vibration, and heMeditation, 246:funnel for the transmission of the healing forces of the higher self and of the Master. BesidesMeditation, 257:to the center of his being, and it is this that forces him to take the path of return to theMeditation, 352:of the higher kinds and their rulers they are forces of nature more than ethereal men and women.Meditation, 353:of the solar system who are the intelligent forces of nature, and who control the evolutionaryMeditation, 354:Kumaras. Kundalini The power of Life: one of the forces of nature. It is a power known only toPatanjali, 10:in the spiritual life and along them certain forces or energies are released. a. EmotionalPatanjali, 47:and is no longer under control of the forces and energies of the lower nature. There is given inPatanjali, 60:physical plane with the object of awakening the forces which are latent within him and therebyPatanjali, 62:safely undertaken. The disciple has to pass the forces used in his work through his body. ThePatanjali, 78:yoga; this is the application of the law to the forces of nature and the scientific utilization ofPatanjali, 78:nature and the scientific utilization of those forces by the man. It involves the passing ofPatanjali, 89:great aspects: Forms, The constituents of form, Forces, Groups, Energy. Man must understand thePatanjali, 89:in other words, at a knowledge of the varying forces; the nature of these forces is determined byPatanjali, 89:of the varying forces; the nature of these forces is determined by the rhythm, the activity and thePatanjali, 89:the sheath or sheaths. This knowledge concerns forces. Later he discovers analogous forms withPatanjali, 90:of that which concerns all forms, controls all forces and is the motive power of all groups. ThisPatanjali, 95:the sound which created it, or the aggregate of forces which produced the external shape; everyPatanjali, 95:produced the external shape; every aggregate of forces has [96] its own sound, produced by theirPatanjali, 96:words or sounds and thus calls in certain forces which produce (through their interplay) a form ofPatanjali, 122:and the throat. Raja Yoga synthesizes all the forces of the body in the head and from therePatanjali, 144:of force, and the entering of that world wherein forces are actively set in motion which result inPatanjali, 159:lured into the great illusion. It is this which forces man for long aeons to identify himself withPatanjali, 182:of the vital airs, the breath and the forces or shaktis of the body. It leads in reality to thePatanjali, 182:or the etheric body so that the life current or forces, emanating from the ego or spiritual man onPatanjali, 216:Arjuna stands midway between the two opposing forces of good and evil and searches for the rightPatanjali, 217:come to pranayama; the controlling of the vital forces of the body. Prana is not breath, [218]Patanjali, 220:dangers incident to the control of the bodily forces. The ideas and teaching conveyed fall intoPatanjali, 223:give him the ability to tap certain types of forces, energies, or shaktis, to utilize themPatanjali, 224:is no impediment to the outgoing or incoming forces. When motionless control is reached, the yogiPatanjali, 224:at will any of the seven great planetary forces. It should be borne in mind that the idealPatanjali, 254:to speak" and thus become one of the teaching forces of the world. All knowledge, consciouslyPatanjali, 271:side of all manifestation and deals with those forces which in every form constitute thePatanjali, 277:plane under the influence of the planetary forces. These are in two great groups. Those forms orPatanjali, 279:that is the thoughts which start into motion the forces of substance and eventually produce thePatanjali, 279:act of the will and the manipulation of certain forces whereby he can instantly see what he wantsPatanjali, 283:[283] A gathering together of the life or vital forces of the body into the physical plane nervePatanjali, 305:they therefore command the building of vital forces and take the entire man under control. ThePatanjali, 308:Through it literally [308] must be passed the forces of the lower nature. It gathers up the forcesPatanjali, 308:forces of the lower nature. It gathers up the forces of the body below the diaphragm and directsPatanjali, 315:the connection is made between man and the solar forces." It is this light which causes the "facePatanjali, 347:The magician as he controls the elemental forces of nature, utilizes this power and it is the basisPatanjali, 348:the power of the Word to drive the building forces of nature into coherent activity so that formsPatanjali, 380:of the angels, and to manipulate the building forces of nature, and they employ herbs and incensesPatanjali, 412:of the lower nature, swell the tide of material forces which seeks to hold the soul prisoner, andProblems, 9:relation between nations and business and the forces of labor. Before the world can be a safer,Problems, 13:prevented several nations from siding with the Forces of Light; they preserved a selfish neutralityProblems, 29:Church controls. From the angle of the spiritual Forces of Light, the immediate world processProblems, 31:the good of all peoples? Will they overcome the forces arrayed against them through firm convictionProblems, 85:the rest of mankind, are subject to the unerring forces of evolution and are struggling towards aProblems, 96:to end it and, therefore, the spiritual forces of the world are on the side of the Negro. Problems, 99:Jewish bodies and bear Jewish names, they join forces with men and women gathered out of allProblems, 102:that these persecutions end. The spiritual forces of the world and the spiritual leaders ofProblems, 130:be found among the reactionary and conservative forces which are so powerfully at work resistingProblems, 135:to have lost and which are the sum total of the forces which drive humanity on towards spiritualProblems, 136:over humanity. Through what agency will these forces of the spirit work for the restoration of theProblems, 154:courage and cheer, optimism and joy, for the forces of evil have been greatly weakened and theProblems, 170:masses and the determination of the reactionary forces and of the monied interests to preserve theProblems, 170:crisis. The battle between the old, entrenched forces and the emerging, new idealism constitutesProblems, 171:educational systems, instead of their use by the forces of war and their conversion into armies,Problems, 173:of labor everywhere which feeds the turmoil and forces unnecessary suffering upon the public; it isProblems, 178:the work to be done is so stupendous and the forces arrayed against them are so great that their -Psychology1, xxii:The Secret Doctrine, that they are the building Forces and the sum total of all that is in thePsychology1, 7:the divine qualities. Forty-nine groups of forces to which all forms respond and which constitutePsychology1, 8:own sound, and in so doing sets in motion those forces which must work in unison with it, thePsychology1, 24:must not be accused of personalizing these great forces. I speak in terms of entity, of pure Being,Psychology1, 54:soul drives the body nature into activity, and forces it forward along the path of development, andPsychology1, 58:upon the solar system and the interplanetary forces. We might sum it all up in relation to man asPsychology1, 62:the life impulses of a human being - his vital forces, his desire impulses, and his mental energiesPsychology1, 75:It might be added that the work of the black forces wells up from below, whilst the work of thePsychology1, 75:in the thoughts of man. The energies and forces receive their secret names, reveal their innerPsychology1, 81:Seek you not peace? Why stand between the forces of the night and day? Why thus unmoved and calm,Psychology1, 87:out thy force to do thy will and gather back thy forces. Use well the power of thought. Sit still.Psychology1, 89:the Mahachohan. It controls [89] the elemental forces and the involutionary process and the formPsychology1, 91:been reabsorbed into the general reservoir of forces and atoms. Of the countless millions of humanPsychology1, 110:way that he should go, and will comprehend the forces in his own nature which will lead to specific
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