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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Psychology1, 110:specific action when brought into touch with the forces of his environment. Aspirants shouldPsychology1, 120:We shall comprehend better the nature of the forces which constitute one or another of thesePsychology1, 123:vibration and superior knowledge unite their forces with those of humanity, for the progression ofPsychology1, 129:and magnetism. Hence an understanding of the forces which stream forth from the divine creativePsychology1, 135:and their Answers A close study of these ray forces in relation to the creative work and thePsychology1, 135:to its environment. To the subjective world of forces which we call the etheric world. All forms inPsychology1, 135:with the inflow of mental energy and with the forces emanating from the fifth plane of mind (higherPsychology1, 142:forth along one line or other of the seven ray forces. The nature of his soul is qualified orPsychology1, 149:learn to enter into that world of subjective forces which is the true world wherein all occultistsPsychology1, 150:the emanating center which differentiates into forces) is not what idle speculation has portrayedPsychology1, 151:of the solar system are interdependent; all the forces and energies are in constant flux andPsychology1, 152:systems. Actuated by a triple stream of life forces coming from: Solar systems outside our own. OurPsychology1, 152:that every planet is a focal point through which forces and energies circulate and flowPsychology1, 154:It is not possible for us to study these forces and qualities in detail, especially in connectionPsychology1, 155:is one who comprehends the nature of the 19 forces as they express themselves through the medium ofPsychology1, 155:a responsive condition to the higher spiritual forces; as he progresses he will find that he willPsychology1, 159:constitutes the aggregate of the active building forces, and the Great Architect, with HisPsychology1, 159:and employs his hands and all his natural forces to perfect his concept. The division of aspectsPsychology1, 159:perfect his concept. The division of aspects and forces is unreal, except for the purpose ofPsychology1, 159:septenates, and the diversified enumeration of forces [160] which are seen as emanating from thePsychology1, 160:will work to produce that balancing of the ray forces which will make the man able to expressPsychology1, 163:order. Ceremonial observances. Control over forces of nature. Jupiter. Bright. Clear. Blue. It willPsychology1, 186:Darjeeling and in Tokyo there is a mustering of forces. [187] I challenge the thinkers of the worldPsychology1, 192:the major propositions which govern the building forces of the universe is of real practicalPsychology1, 195:to remember that occultism may be the study of forces, and that the occultist moves in the worldsPsychology1, 206:ever urging to action. These contrasting forces in the nature make life one perpetual warfare andPsychology1, 207:thus gaining equilibrium amongst the warring forces of the nature. The lower and extremelyPsychology1, 211:and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces. From many of the above remarks it may havePsychology1, 216:never forget that, in the close interrelation of forces in our solar system, no one of the sevenPsychology1, 216:our solar system, no one of the seven possible forces is without effect. All of them function,Psychology1, 217:are also the three rays along a major line of forces, 2-4-6. When we come to a more detailedPsychology1, 228:expression. It holds in [228] solution all the forces and those chemicals and minerals which arePsychology1, 239:and interlocking of the planetary and the solar forces every kingdom comes under the influence ofPsychology1, 245:planetary influences to be felt, and hidden forces likewise play upon our planetary life, but thesePsychology1, 247:processes of assimilation and in the building forces that transmute the assimilated minerals, thePsychology1, 248:the kingdoms, increasing the interplay of forces and the interchange of energies, and thusPsychology1, 262:began, which is the transmitting of the ray forces cyclically. Though the six-pointed star is, atPsychology1, 263:the light of day. These are the five life-giving forces that raise the human consciousness toPsychology1, 264:their efforts until they blend the five great forces of the Lord of Magic. When thus they work asPsychology1, 265:But the five great [265] Lords unite their forces. In fellowship sublime, they work to raise thePsychology1, 266:by the rays), certain of these influences and forces are more dominant at one time than at another,Psychology1, 266:of the united and concerted plan of the building forces, working in complete harmony, butPsychology1, 278:pouring into the old, and the impact of the new forces upon humanity, awaken in man a desire forPsychology1, 317:from the period of that terrific balancing of forces in Atlantis (the [318] fourth race) to thePsychology1, 318:have the great period of the balancing of the forces for our humanity. The effect of the otherPsychology1, 319:etheric race. The heart or vital center. Life forces coordinated. 1st race. The base of spine. ThePsychology1, 321:But in the midst of this complexity of rays and forces, the third and fifth rays hold paramountPsychology1, 323:man makes "the best of his circumstances." He forces himself to live as far as possiblePsychology1, 325:as a group They are learning how to adapt the forces of nature, the energies of the rays and thePsychology1, 330:angle of the personality, belong to the world of forces, but are awakened souls whose consciousnessPsychology1, 332:twelve months. Those that constitute the ray forces do not come from the twelve constellations ofPsychology1, 333:a tabulation and an understanding of the ray forces. This will lead to a science of psychology of aPsychology1, 335:like a human being, is the expression of two ray forces, - the personality and the egoic. That twoPsychology1, 341:power to discriminate between energies and forces, a slowly developing sense of values (which sensePsychology1, 345:each other in the light, and later blend their forces, the goal will be achieved. "In the fourthPsychology1, 345:and the middle four will begin to unite their forces. In the sixth race, the dust of battle diesPsychology1, 345:would do well to note), when the lines of forces are adjusted and there is free interplay ofPsychology1, 346:when the fourth initiation is taken: "When the forces of the four, three times repeated, become thePsychology1, 348:involved) their emerging characteristics and ray forces. By the proving therefore of the humanPsychology1, 353:race. Of this, man's control of the electrical forces of the physical plane is an outstandingPsychology1, 355:an effort to enable man to control the physical forces of the planet. One rather striking instancePsychology1, 355:striking instance of the similarity of the ray forces should be here noted. In Lemurian times, thePsychology1, 355:culture. It is the cyclic effect of the same ray forces, playing upon humanity again. ThePsychology1, 355:Nevertheless, the physical reaction to the ray forces produces a higher form of hatha yoga orPsychology1, 357:We come now to a consideration of the forces which are prevailing at the present time and hencePsychology1, 359:black magic). The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into controlPsychology1, 363:ceremonies are but the evidence of a custody of forces and energies, then the idea is constructivePsychology1, 364:by their power to: [364] Harness the forces of the planet to the service of the race. Send forthPsychology1, 370:in man's mechanism by the activity of certain forces found in that mysterious fire which we callPsychology1, 376:in our particular race, they produce a fusion of forces which imposes a certain rhythm, a definitePsychology1, 377:to incarnate proved too strong for the opposing forces of matter. Nothing then could stop thePsychology1, 386:and because of the enforced magical work, some forces are present and active in Russia which needPsychology1, 386:only the soul or subjective aspect. The black forces, so called, are nowhere rampant in Russia anyPsychology1, 394:you have the tendency of the Jew to manipulate forces and energies, and to "pull strings" in orderPsychology1, 403:field of Kurukshetra, between the two opposing forces, and, owing to the smoke of the battle, findsPsychology1, 405:discipleship. Man therefore is an aggregate of forces which dominate him serially and together;Psychology1, 405:For ages he is wielded by one or other of these forces, and is simply what they make him. As hePsychology1, 466:Keys to the Seven Ray Methods FIRST RAY "Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the HighPsychology1, 417:pass upward to the Place of power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspectsPsychology1, 430:like a human being, is the expression of two ray forces, - the personality and the egoic. That twoPsychology2of the words used, we are dealing with forces and energies. These, as they cyclically run theirPsychology2, 4:In dealing, however, with these energies and forces, it is impossible to express their appearance,Psychology2, 7:total of separative tendencies, of uncontrolled forces and of disunited energies, which slowly andPsychology2, 7:Angel, is the sum total of those energies and forces which are unified, blended and controlled byPsychology2, 8:The personality is a triple combination of forces, impressing and absolutely controlling the fourthPsychology2, 8:Christian Science has laid the emphasis. These forces constitute the lower man. The solar angel isPsychology2, 12:of the soul and of the soul alone, - the forces of intelligent love and of spiritual will. ThesePsychology2, 13:practice. They are those who are in touch with forces which they are not yet able to handle andPsychology2, 13:the ideal and with the Plan. They are aware of forces and energies utterly unknown to the majority.Psychology2, 17:arena of the battlefield. Midway between the two forces he stands, a conscious tiny point ofPsychology2, 24:the prisoner of the form nature. The entire forces of the life are concentrated in the physicalPsychology2, 37:forth to combat. He saw existence as two warring forces, and fought them both. Loaded with thePsychology2, 40:furtherance of the Plan; The use of destructive forces in order to prepare the way for thePsychology2, 41:in order to reveal beauty and truth; The use of forces intelligently for the furtherance of thePsychology2, 44:inner silence which broods over the disciple and forces him to attend to his own work and business,Psychology2, 45:- the center and the meeting place of many forces. These forces meet and blend. They focus in thePsychology2, 45:and the meeting place of many forces. These forces meet and blend. They focus in the head of himPsychology2, 46:stands within the center of the whirling forces. For ages long, thus has he stood, the center ofPsychology2, 60:those who know no better) Black Magicians, Evil Forces and Devils. Divinity (using the word in itsPsychology2, 66:then awakens into activity, and finally all the forces are gathered together into one fused and
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