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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Psychology2, 530:center" becomes vibrant, potent and active: its forces can then penetrate throughout the entirePsychology2, 530:to physical creation is not so dominant and the forces begin to be gathered up into the solarPsychology2, 531:conscious desire life. They blend there with the forces of the solar plexus itself and graduallyPsychology2, 533:system. Thus energies, influences, potencies and forces pour into and pass through the physicalPsychology2, 533:and used by the interior and the exterior forces, you have the beginning of the mystical and occultPsychology2, 533:found anchored in the heart. The turning of the forces (found below the diaphragm) into the solarPsychology2, 540:exclusive use, and by the consequent inflow of forces from the astral plane, to which the solarPsychology2, 540:results. The man is, therefore, a victim of forces which would otherwise produce a gatheringPsychology2, 540:but - in the case we are considering - these forces are all concentrated in that central area ofPsychology2, 540:this, there is set up a tremendous whirlpool of forces which not only produces physicalPsychology2, 540:is dealing at the time. So potent are the forces generated by the over use of the solar plexusPsychology2, 540:and through the consequent flowing in of astral forces of every kind - thus augmenting thePsychology2, 540:eventually complete control of the life. The forces below the diaphragm and those above becomePsychology2, 542:3. In the period of transference wherein the forces of the body are in a state of abnormal flux andPsychology2, 542:for the present world upheaval and chaos. The forces flowing through the masses of averagePsychology2, 545:upon the physical vehicle by the shift of the forces is usually unduly great and so produces thesePsychology2, 545:They are the inevitable result of the clash of forces - those of the awakened energies which are inPsychology2, 545:activity, thereby releasing all kinds of astral forces into the consciousness of man - fear, desirePsychology2, 545:turmoil consequently evoked by these clashing forces which are [546] Mounting from below into thePsychology2, 548:lower. A fluid period intervenes in which the forces swing back and forth between the two centers,Psychology2, 550:reactions. Today, the mass transference of the forces of the sacral center into that of the solarPsychology2, 552:It is, for the masses, the major recipient of forces, both from below the diaphragm, from above,Psychology2, 554:plexus can be so over-vitalized that all the forces of the personality can be turned downwards andPsychology2, 554:man. When this suspension takes place, all the forces of the body which have been "elevated" arePsychology2, 554:focalization of the lower and the higher bodily forces is not yet located there. Beyond producingPsychology2, 555:Mystics b. Unfoldment of the Psychic Powers The forces which are responsible for the awakening ofPsychology2, 576:here touch upon the paralleling activity of the forces which are working to prevent thePsychology2, 577:selfish purpose. As I have before stated, the Forces of Light work with the soul, hidden in everyPsychology2, 577:of the kingdom of God on earth. The dark forces work with the form side of expression and with thePsychology2, 577:since that time and the three modes whereby the forces of darkness seek to control humanity arePsychology2, 577:sharing and synthesis. However, the hold of the forces which are working against the livingPsychology2, 577:steady waning of the undesired control. The dark forces are ruled on the physical plane by a groupPsychology2, 578:greatly lessen the control of the so-called evil forces. If these evil forces cannot induce thePsychology2, 578:of the so-called evil forces. If these evil forces cannot induce the disciples everywhere, in groupPsychology2, 578:and often does, protect His disciple. The dark forces work also through the intensification orPsychology2, 579:group activity of man. The effort by the dark forces to stimulate the lower psychic powers seemsPsychology2, 581:This could not take place if the "drift" of the forces, flowing into the human mechanism was in thePsychology2, 581:to that stage wherein the play of the forces is physical-etheric-astral. This is the stage ofPsychology2, 582:few - a very few - are beginning to shift their forces into the ajna center and to develop mentalPsychology2, 587:psychic emphasis and start the flow of the forces to the upper part of the body. These three rulesPsychology2, 589:of previous lives and because the flow of the forces normally focuses in the solar plexus, thePsychology2, 589:that service is a scientific method whereby the forces which awaken, stimulate and control thePsychology2, 592:a covering sheath of a different force. These forces are bound together in a cross-sectionalPsychology2, 593:to bring about the free play of all the incoming forces so that there is no impediment offered atPsychology2, 594:head center. As evolution proceeds and the life forces flow ever more freely along the "nadis" andPsychology2, 594:central channel of the "nadi" and all the other forces can flow unimpeded around it. It is whilstPsychology2, 594:It is whilst this process is going on and the forces within the "nadis" are being blended and thusPsychology2, 594:of force up and down these two "pathways of the forces" and thus out into the "nadis", utilizingPsychology2, 595:of breathing exercises definitely moves the forces flowing through the "nadis" and reorganizes themPsychology2, 595:of breaking down the walls separating four forces from the fifth energy, and hastens the burning ofPsychology2, 596:distribution of energy. The focusing of the forces in the centers. The burning of the separatingPsychology2, 599:to the physical plane. He draws all his life forces upward so that the physical body and life onPsychology2, 599:on the physical plane suffers. Technically, the forces of the solar plexus are not drawn upwardPsychology2, 599:of the astral consciousness and sent to feed the forces of the astral body. They reverse, [600]Psychology2, 603:the way from a relatively usual fanaticism which forces its possessor to see only one point of viewPsychology2, 605:of the Plan - such is the vision. There the life forces of the mystical physical nature, of hisPsychology2, 605:nature, of his astral body and of his soul (two forces and one energy) unite and there they producePsychology2, 609:opening the various energies of the soul and the forces of the personality can be synthesized andPsychology2, 612:be balance and right direction of all the life forces and a right development (following rayPsychology2, 612:Through this right rearrangement of the life forces in the body and their consequent "enlightenmentPsychology2, 623:are to be attributed to the play of these new forces. Much of the untimely and over-emphasizedPsychology2, 623:of the spine. The distinction between these two forces and their expression at this time is subtlePsychology2, 630:Hierarchy is struggling hard with the so-called "forces of evil," and the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 630:other instrument. What do we mean by the phrase "forces of evil?" Not the armies of unrighteousnessPsychology2, 630:allegiances and its unchecked loyalties. The forces of evil are, in the last analysis, only thePsychology2, 647:is either a potent way of setting certain great forces in motion or it is not. The testimony of thePsychology2, 649:daily use of the Great Invocation: [649] Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind LetPsychology2, 651:too to gauge the extent and the power of the forces working in opposition. It would be useless toPsychology2, 651:It would be useless to refer thus to these forces, if there were no chance of success and thePsychology2, 652:is contingent upon the availability of the forces which stand for progressive righteousness and thePsychology2, 668:The function of the New Group is to balance the forces leading to disintegration and destruction byPsychology2, 668:and destruction by embodying in itself the forces of integration and construction. The New GroupPsychology2, 669:work is intended: To produce a balancing of the forces present in the world today and responsiblePsychology2, 674:They are at work balancing world forces, and fostering the growth of that group of men who standPsychology2, 685:to be presented. These twenty-three spiritual forces are banded together to act as a group channelPsychology2, 686:increase the receptivity of humanity to the new forces which can be released to perform theirPsychology2, 687:providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through the body of humanityPsychology2, 689:the three objectives. By what name these Living Forces are called is entirely immaterial. They canPsychology2, 690:the entire waiting Hierarchy and the attentive Forces. The New Group of World Servers, composed atPsychology2, 691:be opened, and the inflow of the new spiritual forces can take place. Such is the Group objectivePsychology2, 691:not to wrestle with the powers of evil and the forces of darkness, but to awaken an interest in andPsychology2, 691:but to awaken an interest in and mobilize the forces of light and the resources of men of goodPsychology2, 693:the "will to good" that is the objective of the Forces Who can aid at this time. This realizationPsychology2, 697:come into contact with certain greater Lives and Forces of Light, such as the Christ and thePsychology2, 698:aspiring group, the over-shadowing beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of thesePsychology2, 698:These must be considered and are as follows: The Forces of Light and the Spirit of Peace, embodiedPsychology2, 699:the Buddha focuses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focuses in Himself thePsychology2, 705:that - once awakened - they would use the new forces at their disposal with a measure of wisdom andPsychology2, 720:out into the world of humanity. How to keep the forces which had been set in motion since 1914Psychology2, 720:since 1914 within certain definite limits. These forces are many in number and it is possible toPsychology2, 720:minds. It is not possible to enlarge upon these forces, nor may we interpret them. We can simplyPsychology2, 720:Today - The Great Approaches The cumulative forces of the great Piscean Age - powerful, fundamentalPsychology2, 720:and, at this time, destructive. To these forces the unenlightened masses react; for them they arePsychology2, 720:ordinary levels of consciousness. The incoming forces of the Aquarian Age. These are having a widePsychology2, 721:be in error, but the power to respond to the new forces is there, and the effect upon the mind andPsychology2, 721:of emotional reaction. Influential and potent forces pouring in at this time from the great starsPsychology2, 721:product, gold, and that enigma, money. Venusian forces of great potency are also playing upon ourPsychology2, 721:will supersede Mars as a basic influence. The forces of the planetary entity who is beginning toPsychology2, 722:the tasks before the Council is to balance these forces in such a manner that they do not upsetPsychology2, 723:with which he has been entrusted. [723] Certain forces which we (in our ignorance and lack of
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